Broken Toys

Can a childhood occurrence ruin a person's life forever? What can a simple event do to a damage a child's view on life and people? Eight year-old Elizabeth has a normal childhood until those seven days of March 1994 damage her life forever.


6. Broken Spirits


Saturday 18th March 1994

I knew I needed to do something other than cry. I stayed in my bedroom. My playmobil toys were scattered across my floor, just how I left them on Friday. They helped me to forget things. They helped me to get into my own dream world. I played for hours earlier that day. Auntie Chloe didn't disturb me because she knew how much I loved my playmobil.

At around 7 o'clock I heard footsteps out on the hall. I thought it was my auntie so I ignored them.

The door creaked open very slowly. I turned my head towards the door, but I saw nothing. No one was there. I shook my head gently and lifted one of my playmobil people to change its position. Just as the legs snapped straight, the door flew open.

I jerked my head round still clutching the toy in my hand. A person was stood there. No, not quite a solid person, more of a faded ghostly figure hovering a few centimetres above the floor. It was a woman, and she seemed vaguely familiar to me. I realised who it was when a man came and joined her. It was my parents.

I jumped to my feet and was about to cry out in surprise, until my mummy opened her mouth.

She said, with a slight echo in her voice, "you killed me."

I gulped and shook my head sharply, but my daddy joined in and said, "if you hadn't have screamed, mummy might still be alive".

It was true, but I protested and stuttered, " I...I didn't mean to... I... p...promise." Tears began to dribble down my cheeks.

"Don't lie Elizabeth. You killed your own mother. You MURDERER!!" My daddy shouted at me, I hated it when he shouted.

I screamed back at him and slammed the door in his ghostly face.

My auntie came up the stairs and pushed the door open, "Lizzy?"

I sniffed and slumped back to the floor, saying nothing. She left when I didn't respond to her talking to me.

I heard another set of much lighter footsteps and was about to scream at the owner until I saw Catherine float into my room.

I stared at her for a while until she whispered, "I was by the road. You didn't save me. You could have pulled me away so I didn't die. But you did NOTHING! All you have ever done for anybody is NOTHING! You are a useless friend and I am glad I died to get away from you!"

Tears were streaming down my face now. I didn't shout at her, or scream I simply said "leave me alone."

She did. She left me again. This time with a sense of guilt hanging on my shoulders.

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