Broken Toys

Can a childhood occurrence ruin a person's life forever? What can a simple event do to a damage a child's view on life and people? Eight year-old Elizabeth has a normal childhood until those seven days of March 1994 damage her life forever.


5. Broken Lives

Saturday 18th March 1994

As soon as I saw my auntie coming up the path, I burst into tears. She looked so much like my mummy that it was scary.

Daddy had said they were twins, but Auntie Chloe wasn't even crying. She approached me with slight caution and knelt in front of me, so that she was now eye level with me.

She spoke in a soft, gentle voice, "I'm here to look after you Lizzy. Shall we go inside?" I didn't respond.

She took me by my hand and stood up to lead the way inside. Her car was parked in our driveway but she ignored her things and instead of taking me inside, she actually took me round to the back of our house instead.

I was confused, but I didn't mind because I loved it round here. Me and mummy always used to sit out here in the summer sun, and me and daddy played lots of water games when mummy was reading. I loved it, but now it just upset me to think that daddy would never spray me with the Crazy Daisy or mummy would never sit with me and read me a story.

Auntie Chloe walked over to the little garden swing and gently lifted me up to sit next to her. She turned to me and said, "so what do you want to do now?"

I wanted to curl up on my bed with my teddy and cry for my mummy to come home. I kept telling myself that she was out, she would be back soon and daddy was with her. Auntie Chloe was looking after me while they were out, but later on she would go and my mummy and my daddy would return to me. I wanted to forget what I had seen this week. I wanted to go out and play with Catherine at the park. I wanted so much I couldn't have.



"Even being eight there were things that I understood. Things my aunt didn't want me to know, she wanted me to forget and move along like a young child should. She couldn't fool me and I definitely couldn't forget my parents." I gulped back tears and looked up at Danniella who was sat quietly hugging her empty mug.

I looked down at mine, thinking about my aunt Chloe. She was still alive and I did visit her occasionally. It was her fault, but I struggled every time I saw her to forgive her. It was selfish, so terribly selfish and I knew she couldn't help her actions. I mean, I would probably have done the same. But I will always struggle to forgive her for where she sent me.

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