Broken Toys

Can a childhood occurrence ruin a person's life forever? What can a simple event do to a damage a child's view on life and people? Eight year-old Elizabeth has a normal childhood until those seven days of March 1994 damage her life forever.


3. Broken Friendship

I continued to stare at the table. Swallowing hard, I forced my head up to lock gazes with Danniella. I blinked the tears away furiously and focused my eyes on her face as I snapped back to 2012. She smiled sadly, which is more than I could.

"What are you thinking?" Danniella's voice cut through the silence and made me flinch.

I told her, with a voice filled with more misery than I intended, "I am thinking that if I kept silent, my mum could have survived. If I just stood there, if I stayed in bed my mum could have lived and everything would have been fine. My childhood could have been like any other normal child's, I could have grown up knowing that everything is good with the world. I ruined everything because of my careless thinking."

Danniella shook her head and said, "you were not to know that, you weren't to know that the men were just threatening your mum. Don't blame yourself, you were only eight. Only a child." Her words were true but I still blamed myself; she didn't know the whole story yet.

"Shall I continue?" I asked.



Wednesday 15th March 1994

Catherine, my best friend, and I were walking home from school. It was only a short distance and there were no roads to cross, so our parents allowed us to make it by ourselves. My daddy no longer saw any point to life without mummy so he didn't really care.

I was telling Catherine that I didn't want my daddy to die too when a car came round the corner very fast. We didn't see it coming, and it skidded round and smacked into Catherine, who was stood closest to the road.

I screamed and the car slammed on its brakes, but Catherine fell down. Her head hit the concrete, her body lifeless.

Another fast car was approaching the first red car, this second car was blue and not expecting the red car to be in the way. The blue car smashed into the back of the red one sending the red car lurching forwards closer to Catherine and me.

Sirens scream through the air and cold hands come to pick me up from behind. The last thing I remember before I leave consciousness is one ambulance man saying "no, this one's dead".

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