Broken Toys

Can a childhood occurrence ruin a person's life forever? What can a simple event do to a damage a child's view on life and people? Eight year-old Elizabeth has a normal childhood until those seven days of March 1994 damage her life forever.


7. Broken Death


Sunday 19th March 1994

My book fell from the shelf. I was sitting the other side of the room, and a book fell off the bookcase. A chill settled on my skin and I scanned the room, looking for my parents or Catherine. The whole shelf suddenly clattered to the floor, scattering books all over the purple carpet. I stood there staring at it as if I could force it to fix itself by just gazing at it. With a creak and a groan, the entire bookcase came crashing to the floor.

I flinched and shouted, "stop it! Please, I haven't done anything! Just leave me alone!"

"Never." My parents and Catherine floated out from behind the fallen case and pile of books. As they spoke, my wardrobe tilted forward onto its front legs.

I stepped back until the back of my knees were pressed against the sharp edge of my bed. I moved back a little more when they floated closer. I moved a bit too much and fell backwards onto the bed.

Auntie Chloe suddenly appeared in the door frame, frowning at the fallen bookcase and books scattered across my bedroom floor. She looked at me with an expression of disgust mixed with confusion.

Sighing heavily, she said, "look Lizzy, sweetie, I know you've had a hard time this week, but this is ridiculous." She indicated the shelf and swept her arms around the room at the books.

Just as she did so, the wardrobe leant dangerously forward. It was leaning further and further away from stability. I widened my eyes and shook my head violently at Catherine who was about to push the wardrobe over. Gravity overtook and the wardrobe crashed to the floor with a loud bang and several mini crashes and creaks from the inside.

It was a very long minute before my aunt spoke, "you see? This is just ridiculous!"

I shouted out in defence: "but it wasn't me! How could I when I was sat over here?! And you know the wardrobe is heavy! It's not me, it's mother, father and Catherine!"

"Zoe, Dan and Catherine are dead! Don't be so stupid! This is just mental!" With that, she swept into the hallway, slamming the door behind her.



I looked up at Danniella. She hadn't said a word since I snapped at her earlier.

I swallowed and asked, "have you ever seen a ghost?"

"No" she said with a little sadness in her voice.

I nodded and replied, "then you won't understand the pain they cause."

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