When the goddess Isis' husband is killed she knows her son is next. Isis sends her son to the mortal world and he becomes a king to the ancient Egyptians.

Five thousand years later, Isis turns to the descendant of her son, Caprie Millard, for help in ending the a war the gods have yet to begin. will Caprie save all of Egypt and stop an evil god from taking over.


3. saving the half god

Anubis observed Isis spying on the human girl, this was intriguing, and odd. Isis hadn't been to the human world since the death of Osiris, and the disappearance of her son Horus. Yet here she was watching as a young human girl sat staring out over a cliffs edge, the proximity of the edge was worrying but neither Anubis nor Isis moved. Isis moved slowly to get a better look at the girl and the human's head turned to look back, she had obviously heard something but how could she? Humans couldn't see, hear nor feel a god or goddess unless they showed themselves. Yet this girl had know when Isis had moved, had known she was being watched. Now was the time for Anubis to intervene. 

"Why is it that you have to hide from the girl Isis, surly she can not see you." Anubis said and Isis jumped guiltily. The girl turned her head towards where Anubis was also hidden amongst the bushes and trees. It was not that he was afraid of being seen, only that he wanted to talk to Isis and couldn't if he was nowhere near her. 

"Anubis! Will you please keep your voice down?" Isis whispered harshly, obviously frightened of being caught. Anubis raised an eyebrow at her but saw her point when the girl of the cliff edge called out.

"Who's there, come out here." It was a command, her voice was strong. Anubis instantly became curious, she had heard them and she would probably be able to see them. Interesting to say the least. It was also interesting how authoritative she sounded, much like one of the gods. 

"She can hear us?" Anubis questioned in a whisper and Isis's face flamed hot with rage. Not so pleased that Anubis had given her hiding up.

"Yes she can, and she can see us so shut up and stay hidden or get out of here!" Isis whispered back demandingly, surly too quiet of even the human to hear. Neither of them spoke again for a moment and then they heard the mortal girl sigh, obviously giving up. It was only a moment later that they heard a high pitch scream. Anubis was the first to react, he ran to the cliff edge where he found the girl holding on for ear life. 

"Hold on, we are going to pull you up." Anubis told her and got down on the ground, he grabbed her hands that were hanging onto the edge with a force that would probably dent it. Anubis pulled with all the strength he had, (and that was a lot considering he was a god) and pulled the girl up and into his arms. He sat there for a moment, just holding her and keeping her safe, the oddest feeling of protection swept through him. Isis waited until he let the girl go, she then walked over and help her up. 

"Are you ok." Isis asked worriedly, she had almost seen the girl die. 

"I'm fine, thank you for saving me." The girl said, adding the last part to Anubis who looked as worried as Isis did.

"What's your name." Anubis enquired as he looked her up and down, she looked very familiar.

"Caprie, my name is Caprie." Caprie answered as she looked Anubis up and down as well. He was simply stunning, Caprie blushed furiously and looked down at the ground, effectively hiding her red cheeks with her hair. "Thank you again for saving me but I... um... I should get going, my aunt will worry." Caprie stammered and then she turned and fled towards a house that stood about two miles off in the distance. Anubis watched as she went and then turned to Isis, he was expecting an explanation.

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