When the goddess Isis' husband is killed she knows her son is next. Isis sends her son to the mortal world and he becomes a king to the ancient Egyptians.

Five thousand years later, Isis turns to the descendant of her son, Caprie Millard, for help in ending the a war the gods have yet to begin. will Caprie save all of Egypt and stop an evil god from taking over.


2. Egypt

Caprie looked out over the cliffs, she had that feeling she had been getting for days , like someone was watching her every move. The sun cast glittering rays out over the water, beams of light lit up Caprie's face. Her hair was still damp from where she had gone swimming. Caprie looked over at her bag again, she had needed this time to adjust, she had moved from America a week ago after her parents had died in a car accident. Whilst living in Egypt was fun it was nothing like home for Caprie, at home she had friends, an ex boyfriend who she had once cared about, still did. A soft sigh escaped her as she picked up her bag and headed for the house, at least her aunt, whom she adored, lived by the beach so that she could go swimming. 

"Caprie, is that you?" Caprie's aunt Mae called as the door slammed shut, who else would it be?

"yes, Auntie Mae." Caprie called back as she made her way up the stairs to her new room. It was quite large because Mae was a wealthy author in Egypt, it reminded Caprie of her home in the states. A she lay down on the white canopy bed, the only place she felt she wasn't being watched, her mind drifted to home. Caprie ended up falling asleep thinking about how things would be if her mother and father had never died. 

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