When the goddess Isis' husband is killed she knows her son is next. Isis sends her son to the mortal world and he becomes a king to the ancient Egyptians.

Five thousand years later, Isis turns to the descendant of her son, Caprie Millard, for help in ending the a war the gods have yet to begin. will Caprie save all of Egypt and stop an evil god from taking over.


5. daughter of a Pharaoh

Amazement filled Caprie's mind, she no longer stood on the edge of the cliff, instead she stood directly on a tiled pavement. Instead of the boot cut jeans and tank top she had been wearing before, Caprie seemed to be wearing some sort of sari. The material was clearly silk, it was barley noticeable against her skin, like she was wearing a cloud. It was a beautiful silvery colour, it was also completely see through! Isis stepped up to her side, gave her an overlook and smiled.

"I must say you look amazing dear." Isis grinned ear to ear, meanwhile Caprie was freaking out. Everyone could see her naked, hell she might as well take of all her clothes and strut around. The scowl that Caprie sent Isis had the goddess in a laughing fit. 

"I have no idea why you are smiling! I have been taken to another world by some Egyptian goddess, and on top of that everyone can see right through my dress, I might as well have no clothes on!" Caprie raved. Isis stopped laughing yet couldn't contain the smirk. Instead of explaining like Caprie wanted, Isis simply began to walk towards a large building. Caprie followed her in a small jog, noticing how everyone seemed to be staring at her chest. Well the males were anyway, that just made Caprie move faster. 

"First of all Caprie," Isis said as Caprie caught up, "This is Ancient Egypt not another world, secondly, what you are wearing is what the daughter of the Pharaoh would wear. Before you say how you are not a daughter of the Pharaoh let me explain, in your world you are the descendant of Pharaoh Horus, who happens to be my son. I have told Horus that you will be coming for a few days and he has agreed to act as your father and pretend he has been raising you in the palace, as have his three wives and seven children." Isis explained. Caprie wasn't really sure what to say to any of that, so she kept her mouth shut and walked on. She hadn't expected to stay in Ancient Egypt, then again she hadn't really expected to meet a goddess either, so it seemed that fate wasn't letting her in on anything. This was all just so crazy, like escaped mental patient crazy. If she were back in her time Caprie would say, the fan is broken from all the shit that has hit it.

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