When the goddess Isis' husband is killed she knows her son is next. Isis sends her son to the mortal world and he becomes a king to the ancient Egyptians.

Five thousand years later, Isis turns to the descendant of her son, Caprie Millard, for help in ending the a war the gods have yet to begin. will Caprie save all of Egypt and stop an evil god from taking over.


4. Crazy

Caprie stared at the ground where she had fallen, and almost died yesterday. It was impossible. The ground had crumbled at least five feet, but that just couldn't be. Looking up from the beach the cliff was supported from beneath, it was a sheer drop. The cliff edge should not have been able to fall like that with rock supporting it up. Ok, Caprie though, I must be going crazy. Caprie thought over what had happened last night, when she had fallen it felt as though some invisible hand had pushed her. That was impossible as well wasn't it. No-one had been behind her, no-one could have pushed her over the edge. Yet looking at the cliff face it didn't seem to have collapsed, and it surly couldn't have. 

"Caprie, I didn't think you would come back here." A voice said from behind Caprie and she spun around. All she came to face was the woman whom had been there last night when Caprie had fallen. Caprie gasped in relief, it wasn't some mad man who was here to kill her, or at least she didn't think it was. The woman didn't seem to have any kind of indication that she was mental, of course they never do do they?

"Yeah well I like it here." Caprie said as she shrugged casually, as if that were a reasonable answer. Well, to her it was. Caprie was never one to be put off anything, no matter how smart it would be for her to. She was resilient and never gave up, features of a goddess, Isis noticed. 

"You are strong, there are few who could ever return to the place they almost lost their life." Isis commented. Again Caprie simply shrugged as though it were no big deal. A small smile played on her lips, like she found the idea of being scared of this place amused her. 

"I guess. Hey I never got your name last night, or your friend's" Caprie mentioned. The fact that she had never gotten their names had annoyed her all night, surly it was rude not to know the names of the people that saved her life. Oh well, she would find out now.

"You are right, I am Isis and my friend is Anubis, I'm sure the names mean something to you." Isis said with a smirk playing on her lips. 

"Isis and Anubis, you mean like the god and goddess. Yeah I know all about them." Caprie said again shrugging her shoulders as she nodded her head. This was Egypt, who didn't know all about the ancient gods and goddesses here? It was part of their history, part of Caprie's family's history. Isis' smirked turned into a full on smile as she nodded her consent.

"Exactly like the god and goddess. Actually, that is exactly who we are, I am the goddess Isis and my friend, is the god Anubis." What was that that Caprie had thought about this woman not being crazy, well she took it back. Caprie took a step away from Isis, trying to think of a way out of this. "I know it seems crazy Caprie, but I promise you I speak nothing but the truth." Isis assured Caprie. Caprie settled down a little but still didn't quite believe what she was being told. At best this was just some joke, at worst this woman really was crazy and wanted to kill Caprie because crazy people do that kind of thing. 

"Why the hell should I believe you, you're right this does sound crazy. No, scratch that it sounds like you need to check yourself into a damn mental ward." Caprie snapped, seeing no way out of this. Hoping the killing would be fast and painless. Isis sighed dramatically, then she held out her hand as if to take Caprie's.

"If you don't believe me then let me prove it, I will show you that what I say is true, I will also show you your destiny." Isis said gently. Admittedly Caprie was curious. She had heard a lot of things in her time, half of them crazy but this was the only person who sounded truly convicted. Deciding she was crazy to even think about it, Caprie stepped forward and took Isis' hand. A flash of bright light surrounded them, and when Caprie opened her eyes, she knew she was no longer in modern Egypt. 

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