When the goddess Isis' husband is killed she knows her son is next. Isis sends her son to the mortal world and he becomes a king to the ancient Egyptians.

Five thousand years later, Isis turns to the descendant of her son, Caprie Millard, for help in ending the a war the gods have yet to begin. will Caprie save all of Egypt and stop an evil god from taking over.


1. Sending away

Isis paced the room, her son laughing happily in his basket at the sight of his mother. Osiris was dead, Seth had killed him and now Horus was in danger. Isis looked down at the baby, he was a happy little thing. There seemed to be nothing that could take away his joy, even his own peril. Isis knew she had to do something, Seth had killed Osiris because he wanted to be the god of the living but now that title fell to Horus by birth right, nothing would stop Seth from killing the baby. An idea struck Isis, if Horus were a mortal there would be no reason for Seth to kill him. Isis picked up her baby and headed to the portal for the human world, her heart broke with every step. The portal glowed a glittery blue, Isis stepped through after placing a kiss to her son's forehead. The portal took them to the court room of the Pharaoh and his wife, Horus may have to live as a human but he did not have to be a commoner. The Pharaoh fell to his knees at the sight of the goddess, when his wife went to do the same Isis stopped her. 

"Wait my dear queen, i have come here to entrust something very sacred to me to you, here is Horus, he is the son of Osiris and Isis, i wish for you to care for the child and have him as your own." Isis said handing over the baby, the queen took him and one look had her in a mother-like state. A single tear traced it's way down Isis' cheek. 

"May i ask why you would give your child to me great goddess?" The queen asked tentatively, she held the child safely in her arms, still smiling like Isis had the day her son was born. Isis nodded adoringly at the baby.  

"Many, many years from now my son shall have a descendant, a child who will be very important to the gods. However that cannot happen if my child is with the gods. Take care of Horus for me." That was all she said before she went back to the world of the gods, leaving her child behind and praying he would be safe. 

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