ᏔειƈΘɱε τΘ ʜعƖƖ

ᏔειƈΘɱε τΘ ʜعƖƖ

     I stepped out of the cave looking around this weird place. Molten lava everywhere. My feet burning from the fire on the floor, my eyes red from staring at everything. 

   As I was walking I heard growling. There were cages on the sides of this place. Each had a strange creature in it. On either sides of the creatures heads had horns. I looked back at the cave I had just came from, looking sad and empty. I approached a large brown chair with its back turned away from me. 

         "Hi I'm-"
I got cut off by a booming voice

      "Danielle Anderson, fifteen years old, went to PrepWood High, died of drug abuse. Yes, I have been waiting for you." It said to me

       "How did you know all that? Where am I?" 
I questioned looking around some more, very confused

        It asked 
     I replied stuttering

       "I'm the Devil and 
      ᏔειƈΘɱε τΘ ʜعƖƖ."  


2. Ⓒⓗⓐⓟⓣⓔⓡ τώΘ

   ᏔειƈΘɱε τΘ ʜعƖƖ
   Ⓒⓗⓐⓟⓣⓔⓡ τώΘ

   "Let's skip to the party." 
He said.

   "Danielle you came!" Izzy said

   "Of course, why wouldn't I?"

   She laughed. Izzy introduced Danielle to everyone. Danielle started to like a guy named Chris. He had black hair and green eyes.

   "What is she doing here!" 
The same nasally voice said.

   "Not you again." 
Danielle said under her  breath.

   "You can't talk to me like how you did at school, PrepWood was my territory!"

   "You're right this WAS your territory, now it's mine!" Danielle said taking a punch bowl. She dumped it all over Stacy.

Stacy ran out of the house. 

Some jocks yelled

   Danielle and Izzy went over to play. There were five girls and five boys total. Issac, Chris, Ezra, Jonathan, Angelo, Izzy, Danielle, Valerie, Talin, and Emma played.  Izzy went first and it landed on  Issac. They kissed and it went on until it was Danielle's turn. She spun the bottle hoping it would land on Chris, it did.

     "Ok time for you to kiss!"
Said Emma

     "Ok then I guess we should kiss." Chris said leaning

     "I guess so to."
Danielle replied

   They kissed right when Stacy came.
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