It's not the first time we have met

1 field trip to an island, 1 accident, 4 students, 2 girls, 2 boys, no other survivors, this is where the story begins. 4 very different students are on a field trip with all their other classmates in the grade. But the bus falls and only 4 students survive. This accident causes them to bond. These students barely knew each other before, and if they did, they were not on good terms. But they are forced to depend on each other. The surviving are Alexandra Pierce (the school nerd), Kristy James (the school tomboy), Jeffery Johnson (the player and popular dude), and Jason Peters (the school bad boy and popular dude too)


1. The accident



Kristy James POV

I heard the cheerleaders scream as our bus tilts sideways. We were falling and we all knew it. The bus flipped sometime in the middle of the fall and I hit my head. Finally we reached the bottom. When I looked around everyone was laying on the ground. Unmoving and silent. I’m not super scared, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t scared at all. I had to get out of here. So I got up and tried to find the door. It was a bit busted so I used my legs to kick it open. I ran out the door as soon as it busted open. I ended up sitting near the bus just in case someone came out. I don’t know how long I sat there but I was starting to feel dizzy, and just at the moment someone came out. It was Jeffrey Johnson. I hate him. I hate him because he goes around pleasing girls then hurts them. He plays them, is more like it. That was my last thought before I blacked out.

Jeffery Johnson POV

When I managed to get out of the bus I saw Kristy sitting outside near the bus. When she saw me relief washed over her face but then it changed into a mixture of pain and anger. I started making my way towards her slowly, but then she fell to the ground and I started running towards her. She had blacked out. Isn’t she usually strong? Then what is this now? I sat down next to her and had her head lie on my lap and her legs sprawled in front of me. I remember the past. It was like this too. It’s crazy I know... But we dated before and I hurt her. I went and cheated on her. That’s how I’m the player I am now. She hasn’t changed at all. I still love her, but I bet she will never forgive me. I wait now, for her to wake up. That is all I can do.

Alexandra Pierce POV

I need to get out of here! My legs are stuck though. I’m going to die aren’t I? No one cares... No one will come for me. I stop wiggling. I hear crunching. Someone is coming towards me. He knelt down to tie his shoe and I saw his face. It was Jason Peters. “Help me please.” I call out to him.

His head snaps upwards and he sees me. His eyes widen and he starts towards me. But he paused when he saw my face. “Alexandra? Is that you?” He said in a confused face.

“Yes, who else could I be?”

“You look different.”

That’s when I realize my fake glasses have been knocked away from me and my hoodie has fallen backwards. No one has seen me like this.

“Oh” I say.

“Hmm... You don’t seem to care, I guess I’ll just leave you here.”

I didn’t answer. I was right. No one cared. He was just going to leave me here. I’m gonna die and no one’s even going to notice. A single tear fall out of my eye. What the? I never cry. Not even when everyone bullies me a bunch. Jason happened to turn around when that tear fell and he came back. He kicked and kicked until everything on top of me was almost gone. All that was left was the chair. It was sorta dented back and that was what was pinning my legs down. He kicked so hard that not only did it cause himself to loose balance, but also the impact caused glass to break and come flying down on me. If being stuck wouldn't kill me then maybe this would.

Jason Peters POV

I turn around to see a tear fall out of Alexandra’s eye. No way. She never cries. Not even when she is being bullied. I kick everything on top of her away. But when it came to the chair I had some problems. I managed to kick it off but not only did I topple over, but glass came smashing down on her. “Jason are you OK?” Alexandra asked me in a tight panicked voice.

“Yeah, you?”

“I think I am OK, but I can’t really see with one eye.” She now sounded scared.

I jump up and get a closer look at her. She didn’t look fine. She had cuts all over her. But not a tear came out of her eye.

“You don’t look OK.” I said to her.

“Really? Well I can’t see myself.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Yes” she admitted.

Oh gosh, this is all my fault. I picked her up princess style and blood started gushing out of the cuts. I carried her until I found the exit. As I got out of the bus with Alex (Alexandra) in my arms I saw Jeffery with Kristy lying on his lap. As I got closer I saw that Kristy was not awake. In my arms I felt Alex slump. She had lost consciousness. “Jason?”


“So, it is you. Great, and who is that in your arms? I never saw her before.”

“Yeah, you have. She’s the girl you and your friends bully everyday.”


“Yeah, it’s Alex.”

“But she’s pretty and has cuts all over her....”

“Yep, she is and does.”

I lay her down on the ground gently while Jeffrey moved Kristy’s head to the ground. But at that moment Kristy stirred and opened her eyes.

“Jason? Jeffrey?”

“Yes?” We said in unison.

“Where are we?”

“In the middle of nowhere.” Jeffrey replied.

I’m surprised none of us are fighting. I mean we were all really close before. But after Jeffery and Kristy’s break up we weren’t close at all. I was Jeffery’s best friend when Kristy was his girlfriend, but we all stopped being together after Jeffery cheated on Kristy.

“OK well I have been sitting here for like forever and no one else has come out and there is no food.” Jeffery said.

“It’s time for us to go hunting.” I replied.

“How do we do that?”

“We are in the middle of the forest. There has to be rabbits of something.”

Just then Alex let out a groan and we all turned to her. She slowly opened her eyes and saw all 3 of us. She got up really fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if she felt dizzy. She had cuts all over her. She started inching away. Then I realized why. Jeffrey, Kristy, and I used to bully her. Jeffery still does. “Alex it’s OK we won’t hurt you now. We need your help please.” I begged her.

She looked at us for a second then nodded.

“Follow me.” She said. Her voice sounding like a song.

This is the first time I have ever really listened to her. She’s beautiful and her voice is nice. Why hadn’t I ever noticed before? She led us to the back of the bus and started pulling out bags. We helped. After a while we managed to pull out nearly every bag. One by one she started opening them. She took out clothes and food and everything else we might need and got 4 biggest bags. She stuffed each with equal amounts of food and stuffed boy clothes in 2 of the bags and girl clothes in 2 others. She also stuffed some boy clothes in the girl bags to though. She threw us each a bag and smiled. “This should be enough to last us a few days but we need to find somewhere to hide. She started walking towards a large rock. By large I mean gigantic. When we finally get around it I find out it, it’s not really a rock it’s a cave. “Perfect.” She says. She gets us all in the cave and tells us she will be back. The 3 of us just try and find a comfortable place. When she comes back she is holding a lot of wood. She starts a fire. I am amazed. She really is amazing I mean. “Can you guys come help me get wood? If we have to be here long then we should get a lot of extra wood just in case it rains or something.”

We all helped her. After we got a lot of wood she finally told us to stop.

Jeffrey POV

That girl was really amazing. When we finished getting all the wood we were all beat and starving, but she still said she was going to be right back and she left us there. “Kristy?”


“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For cheating.”

She didn’t say anything for a bit then she finally spoke. “It’s OK, I forgive you.”

Jason was gaping at her. I was too. Then out of nowhere she threw a stick at both of us. Mine hit me on the face while Jason’s at his chest. We started throwing sticks at each other. I didn't realize how much I had missed Jason and Kristy until now. Alex finally came back and what she had in her hands surprised us all. She had at least 10 huge fish in her arms. “Let’s eat!” She said happily.

“Whoa, how did you get those!?” Jason asked.

“Skills.” She said.

We cooked the fish and by the time we were done we were all stuffed. She took out a bunch of blankets from her bag and said “Here I got enough for everyone.”

“So, having a nerd around isn’t so bad after all huh?” I said.

But how she reacted was totally different. I mean I was just joking but she inched away from me, pain reflecting in her eyes. Shoot. Me and my big mouth. I knew what she had been through but why did I still say that? I walked closer to her and I realized something. Her cuts had not been tended to! She might get an infection. “Alex! Your cuts!”

“Oh yeah... I forgot about them.”

“How can you forget about them?”

“You get used to pain after you feel it every second of the day.”

Guilt overwhelmed me. I leaned closer to her and whispered “I’m sorry.” As I started leaning back I saw a purple bruise around the bottom of her neck. She pulled away, obviously realizing that I had seen her bruise. My friends and I didn’t do that did we? Who did it?

“Jeffrey!” Kristy called my name.

My eyes snapped to hers. I saw in that second that there was jealousy in her eyes but it disappeared after she realized I was watching her. Maybe I can get Kristy back. I mean I love her still and if she was jealous doesn’t that mean she likes me as well?


“Can you add a little more wood to the fire?” She asked.

“Uh, yeah, sure.” I added 3 logs and then stopped.

The fire blazed a bright red orange and heat came bursting at us. It felt nice actually, but Alexandra seemed to feel otherwise. She shifted uncomfortably.

“Is it too warm?” Jason asked Alexandra.

“No... Just I don’t really like fire.” Alex had replied.

“Oh.” Was all Jason said.

I didn’t notice till now that Jason was very very close to Alex right this minute. I watched from the side as their eyes locked. This was quite amusing since Alex was blushing furiously while Jason was looking at her with a bit of nervousness. From the side there was a nudge and I peeked down. It was Kristy.

“I’m feeling a bit dizzy.” She whispered to me. Her breathing seem to be going a bit faster so I pushed her downwards onto my lap. She tries moving away but I pin her down. “It’s OK” I said to her. She must have been really tired because she let me rest my arms on her. Soon she fell asleep, but her breathing was still a little too fast. “Is she OK?” Alex asked.

I looked up and nodded. Alex on the other hand looked worse then Kristy, but she wasn’t saying anything so I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Jason POV

Alex looked like she was going to faint any second now. Her breathing was getting harder but she didn’t say anything. I’m sorta worried. Just then she stood up to get more firewood. She gasped and fell to the ground. I caught her right before she hit the floor. That was WAY too close. Jeffery looked at her wide eyed. "Is she okay?" He asked. I don't know was my smart reply. I looked down at her in my arms. She probably was enduring pain for a while now. I lay her down on the ground and folded a blanket to make a pillow and rummaged through a bag and found a sleeping bag. I opened it and got her in. She had a fever and it wasn't a small one. I ran to a river not too far away, one that I had found a while ago when we were walking. I grabbed a cloth and wet in the river. When I came back Jeffery had pulled Alex a little closer to the fire to help her sweat the fever out. We needed to work together to get out of here alive and all of us knew it. I quickly put the wet cloth on her forehead hoping to make her fever go down. Just then a single tear fell out of her eye, and for a minute I thought she was awake, but she wasn't. That is when I saw that long scar on her arm. I remember this. I was walking my dog when he started barking. I was wearing a hoodie so no one could see my face. I followed my dog into a alleyway and I saw a beautiful girl. I saw boys from our school running away. On the girl’s arm was a deep cut. Only now did I realize that this was the girl who was suffering. She wasn’t just suffering from our bullying. That night I had taken care of her. When she slept she was having a nightmare. She said “No, daddy, please stop it, please, I’ll be a good girl please!” I assumed she was suffering abuse.  When I tended to her wounds that night I had asked her if the boys had left those bruises. She had shook her head, but she obviously didn’t want to talk about it so I didn’t pry further. Alex had been through so much, yet she had never done a thing to harm others. Even now after everything Jeffery has done to her she chose to help us instead of leaving us with nothing. We probably wouldn’t have gotten so far without her.

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