Daddy Won't Know

Krissy Evans is a good girl. She always has been. Until she is convinced to come to her first end of the year party. Her image soon changes when she is thrown together with Colton Flynn in 7 Minutes In Heaven. The two have never met until the party. But they meet again later in life. As a total surprise to them both, Krissy's dad and Colton's mom are engaged. How will they cope with being step-siblings? Find out in Daddy Won't Know.


13. The Seance


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   "Do we have to?" I asked nervously.

   I hated doing these. They actually scares the sh!t out of me. Rhi had always loved them, she said they were thrilling. She always pulled me into them at sleepovers we had. I didn't really see spending my time trying to contact the dead, or even evil spirits, fun or thrilling in any way.

   "Why, Baby Girl," Colton asked, "Scared?"

   I didn't want to attmit it so i just stayed silent.

   "You know, I didn't see you as the type to get all worked up about these things. I figured you would've gone along and said something like 'whatever, it's pointess and stupid though', but your actually scared, aren't you?" he said, suprised.

   "I'm not scarred!" I protested. My voice came out edgy, I wasn't fooling anyone so far.

   "Oh yeah? Prove it," Brent challenged.

   "Fine, let's do this thing," I said more confidently. Could I pull this off?

   Rhi nodded her head and clapped her hands in excitment.

   Brent got up and opened up Colton's closet, digging through it until her pulled out an old, worn out ouija board.

   "We're not using that too, are we?" I asked in a shaky tone.

   "Yup," Brent confirmed, popping the 'P'. "Does that bother you?"

   "No, just curious. That's all," I said.

   Rhi got up and turned out the lets then her and Brent started to light some old fasioned candels, they had found earlier.

   When the lights went out I cringed and instinctly, scooted over closer to Colton. He grabbed my waist and liffted me over, onto his lap.

   "You okay, Baby Girl?" he asked, concerned.

   "Yeah just fine," I tried to hold off the nervous tone threatening to come out.

   He pulled me tightly against his chest, with his arms securly around me.

   "It's not real, Krissy," Colton whispered in my ear, sending extra shivers over my body.

   His presence really was comforting. He always made my body react diffrently. Either I felt like I could melt or I got a serious case of shivers.

   I nodded. Of course I knew it was real. But really it didn't make any of it less scary.

   "You like doing these?" I asked, he didn't really look like he wsa into all this.

    He shook his head. "Nah, not really."

   "Then why did you agree to do this?" I questioned.

   "Why not? I mean look at you. Your all over me again. So far I'm having a great time," he purred and gave me a wink.

   "Your right, this is kinda distracting. But we could have had a nice quiet night you know. No friends and better, no ghosts," I said.

   "Damn! Your right! I know what we're doing tomorrow night then. Besides, you are the one that wanted them both to stay," he pointed out.

   "I didn't want them to stay. I was doing Rhi a favour," I sighed.

   Rhi had finished lighting the last candel and the room now had an earie glow to it. I shuddered again against Colton's chest. I couldn't help it.

   I examined the ouija board in front of me, up close. It had all the letters of the alphabet centered across the board in old, jaged numbers. On the bottom on each side of the board were the words: 'Yes' and 'No'. Written on the top of the board were the two words: 'Hello' and 'Goodbye'. And finally, which freaked me out the most was a skull placed just above the letters of the board. I didn't mean if it was for decoration or symbolized something: 'Death'

   “Okay so first we'll call on the ghosts and then use the board to contact them,” Rhi explained, excitedly.

   Colton pushed me off his lap and gently placed me beside him. I swallowed down a whimper and grabbed a hold of Colton's hand, holding as if my life depened on it.

   On the other side of me, Brent offered me his hand. I took it and soon we were all holding hands in a circle. I closed my eyes as Rhi instructed.

   “We call on you spirits to come forward and show yourselves to us. Share with us your untold stories and your greatest secrets,” Rhi spoke loudly, I could hear trying not to laugh. Beside her Brent was chuckling at her words.

   Brent realeased my hand. I assumed we were to open our eyes but I was dreading the thought. Colton's hand also loosened on mine but I gripped it tighter, holding onto him for dear life. He squeezed my hand as if to assure me he wouldn't let go. I relaxed a bit.

   When I opened my eyes I saw that nothing was diffrent. Everyone, everything was the same. I was fine. For now.

   Rhi didn't waste any time. She placed her hand on the ouija board pointer. Brent did the same. Colton took my free hand and placed it on the pointer aswell as his own.

   “You are free to speak spirits. Tell us who you are,” Rhi spoke, trying hard to hold back a smile.

   How could they be laughing at this? How could they be so calm. I was terrified and was probably going to have nightmeres, and they took this all as a joke!?

   No one spoke after Rhi. It was silent for too long. The anticipation was painful. My hand was sweating against Colton's but either he didn't notice or didn't care.

   Then, without any warning, the ouija pointer, that we all had a hold of, started to shift under my hold. I gasped. It was starting to move.

   Slowly the pointer headed in the direction the the top left corner of the board. It landed on: 'Hello'. I cringed.

   I wanted nothing more then to jump up and run out of that room, screaming. The only thing that was keeping me in place was Colton's grip on our interlaced fingers.

   Across from me, Rhi smiled down, knowingly at the board.

   “Hello, spirit. Reveal yourself,” Rhi demended.

   The pointer started to move again. I whimpered.

   This time it glided down the board until it landed on: 'No'.

   “And why not?” Rhi asked aloud, sounding amused.

   The pointer didn't move. Not for a bit anyway. Not until a couple minutes when it shifted up the board. At first I thought it was heading to the letters to spell a name but I was wrong when glided past the letters and landed on the skull. My heart spead up, beating hard in my chest.

   “What are you trying to say, spirit? That your dead?” Rhi chuckled. “Yes we know that already.”

   With a jerk the pointer jolted up to: 'No'.

   “That means death, not dead. As in future tense not past,” Colton spoke up.

   The pointer turned around to face: 'Yes'

   “Is that what you mean, spirit? That someone's going to die?” Rhi asked.

   The pointer moved back a little then thrusted at the: Yes again.

   No one spoke. Not that they believe any of it but even they should be at least a little creeped out now.

   “Well is it someone we know?” Rhi asked.

   The pointed moved back and thrusted at the: 'Yes'.

   “Is it one of us, spirit?” she demanded.

   For the third time the pointed thrusted at the: 'Yes'.

   I could hear blood pumping in my ears. Infact, that's all I could hear as I stared down at the board.

   Again, the room was silent. No one moved. No one spoke.

   The pointed made it's last move up the board. This time it went to the left, landing on: 'Goodbye'.

   And that was it. I pulled my hand away fromt the pointer and cradeled it as if I had been burned. I stood up, pulling out of Colton's hold on my other hand and started shaking.

    Brent laughed.

   “I knew you were scared. What, you really believe all that?” he chuckled.

    I gave him my best death glare and ran for the light swicth, candels went out as I zipped by them.

   “Just as I thought,” Brent rolled his eyes.

   “Shut up, Brent!” Colton growled, sending him a threating glare.

   I grabbed the doorknob and tugged the door open only to be greeted by a very long, dark hallway. I froze. No way I was going out there!

   Colton joined me at the door and pulled me close against his chest.

   “Calm down, Krissy. It't not real, none of it,” he cooed.

   “That doesn't make it any less scary,” I sobbed.

   “I know,” he held me tight. “Shhh. Calm down. Focous on your breathing.”

   I did as he said and focoused on my breathing. I counted my breaths and as I did, tried to slow them down.

   Across the room, Rhi looked shocked.

   “No one has ever clamed her down that fast before. Not when she starts to seriously panik,” she said, directed to Colton.

   Colton didn't looked very suprised. Instead, he turned to face Brent.

   “You should probably go. Fun's over. Could you take her home?” he nodded at Rhi.

   He smiled slightly and nodded.

   It was close to 3:00am. So both Rhi and Brent snuck out the windown so they wouldn't wake Dad and Alison.

   Colton looked out the window and tossed the ouija board to Brent.

   “Here, man. Keep it,” he insisted.

   “Tell Krissy im sorry. I'll see you two around,” he said.

   With that, the two of them ran the corner towards Brent's parked car.

   I plopped down on Colton's bed and curled up into a ball. Colton turned out the light and I whimered.

   “Calm down, Baby Girl. I'm here,” he said from across the room.

   I heard him walk closer to the edge of the bed. He stripped down to just his boxers. The bed dipped and soon I felt hisa arms wrap around me. He pulled me against him and I burried my face into his chest so all I could see was him. No ghosts. I could smell his scent. What he always smelled like. Mint and earth. The best smell. I silently fell asleep to Colton stroking the small of my back.


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