Daddy Won't Know

Krissy Evans is a good girl. She always has been. Until she is convinced to come to her first end of the year party. Her image soon changes when she is thrown together with Colton Flynn in 7 Minutes In Heaven. The two have never met until the party. But they meet again later in life. As a total surprise to them both, Krissy's dad and Colton's mom are engaged. How will they cope with being step-siblings? Find out in Daddy Won't Know.


10. Swings and Kisses (For Riva)

    *This chapter is dedicated to my brillant editor, and best friend, Riva! Thanks again for being you!*


   We were in Colton's truck, on our way to the park. Everything was perfect at the moment aside from feeling guilty about lying.

   "So how am I even going to play baseball with my broken arm?" I asked.

   "I almost forgot. You haven't been wearing your sling. Why'd you take it off?" he said, concerned.

   "It's uncomfortable and I see no use for it," I explained.

   "Krissy, that's not good. You need to be wearing it so you'll heal properly. Do you have it with you?" he asked.

   "Yeah but I don't want to put it on," I whined.

   "Please, Baby Girl," he pleaded.

   I shook my head.

   "Fine," he said and stopped at a red light.

   I smirked in victory.

   When the light turned green and the cars a head of us turned, Colton didn't. Car horns honked at us from behind.

   "Go, Colton," I panicked.

   "Not until you promise to put your sling back on," he said.

   "No," I stated.

   He shrugged and leaned back in his seat with his arms behind his head. Car horns were sounding from behind us. They grew louder and people started yelling out windows but Colton didn't seem to care.



   "Yes, yes I promise. Just drive!" I insisted.

   The car jerked forward and made the turn. I sighed in relief that we didn't get hit or beaten.

   It was to my surprise when we pulled into a McDonalds' drive thru.

   "What are we doing here?" I asked.

   "You said you wanted a picnic," he reminded.

   "Yeah but I meant real food," I said.

   He laughed. "And what would you call this?"   

   "Junk," I explained.

   "Well junk it is then. Unless you packed any food?" he suggested.

   I sighed. "I forgot. Nothing says romantic picnic like fast food!"

   He laughed and continued to order.


   Once we pulled into the park, Colton came around the side of the truck and opened the door for me. When I was about to hop out, he put his hand out to stop me.

   "Where's the sling?" he ordered.

   I sighed and pulled out my black sling from my tote back. He took it from me and helped me put it on properly, strapping it around my waist and across my shoulder.

   Then he helped me down from the truck. He handed me the McDonalds bags to hold while he went back to the trunk, pulling out a baseball bat, glove, helmet and ball.

   "And so our day begins!" he smiled and kissed the top of my head.

   First, we decided to eat. We found empty bleachers and sprawled across it together. With only one hand I could use, Colton had to feed me. Well I could have managed but I liked it when he fed me.

   I was cuddled up into his chest as he fed me a fry. I giggled and kissed him on the cheek. We had been eating and talking for over an hour and I think Colton was anxious to play some ball.

   "Race you to the diamond!" I yelled and hopped down from the bleachers, running to the dirt circle.

   "Hey! No fair!" I heard him yell after me. I had left him with all the equipment.

   I could hear him gaining on me. I heard him drop the equipment he must have been carrying when I felt two strong arms wrap around me.

   I laughed and tried to break free. Instead, Colton threw me over his shoulder, carefully not to hurt my arm. I giggled like an idiot and hit his back and kicked my legs.

   "Colton! Put me down!" I laughed.

   "And what's the fun in that?" he chuckled and pretended to throw me.

   "No!" I gasped and wrapped my arms around his waist from behind. "Don't drop me!"

   "I would never. Plus I'm enjoying this too much, Baby Girl. Your all over me," he teased.

   I was glad he couldn't see me because now I was blushing.

   Finally he placed me down carefully. When I turned around to face him, he planted a helmet on my head.

   "Batter up!" he hollered.

   I giggled as Colton brought me the bat and tried to teach me how to swing, with one arm of course.


   After a failed attempt of teaching me to play baseball, Colton and I headed over to the swings.

   It was twilight and the air was just starting to cool down.

   I gripped a chain of the swing and hoisted myself up. I tried to swing forward and back but it was difficult.

   "Need a push?" Colton offered from behind me.

   "No, I can do it," I insisted.   

   "Okay, if you say so," he smirked.

   I tried to pump my legs but I couldn't get anywhere without my other arm. I struggled around on the swing as Colton watched me, amused.

   "You’re so stubborn," he rolled his eyes.

   Soon I felt myself being lifted as the swing was pushed forward. I could feel Colton pushing me from behind.

   He let the swing fly and gave me a couple of pushes before I was able to pump with my legs on my own.

   Colton took the swing beside me and soon enough we were, what I use to call as a kid, double dating.

   "Let's make a bet," I challenged.

   "You have my attention," he mused.

   "If I can jump off the swing farther than you, I get to keep my sling off," I announced.

   "Are you trying to break your other arm?" he said, amused.

   "Afraid you'll lose?" I teased.

   "Nope. What would I get out of it?" he challenged.

   "Whatever you want," I said.

   "Okay, your on," he announced.

   "Okay on the count of three," I explained.

   He nodded.




   I let go of the chain and flung myself through the air. Beside me, Colton did the same.

   I tried to land on my feet but that failed as soon as my feet hit the ground and I tumbled forward. I braced myself for a hit, but it never came. I had a soft landing.

   I opened my eyes to see Colton lying under me. My head on his chest. I laughed as I looked up at him.

   "Well this is nice," he chuckled.

   "Looks like you won," I said in defeat.

   "Shocking," he said sarcastically.

   "Well, what do you want?" I looked into his blue eyes.

   He sat himself up on his elbows so his face was close to mine and he crashed his lips to mine.

   My eyes widened in shock but soon fluttered shut in pleasure.

   Once he pulled away he rested his forehead to mine, silent. He started into my eyes for a bit before he leaned into me again.

   Just as he was about to kiss me again, his cell phone rang and interrupted us. Colton groaned and took out his phone. He looked at the caller ID but didn't answer it. Instead he gently pushed me off him.

   "Who is it?" I asked.

   "My dad," he answered.


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