Daddy Won't Know

Krissy Evans is a good girl. She always has been. Until she is convinced to come to her first end of the year party. Her image soon changes when she is thrown together with Colton Flynn in 7 Minutes In Heaven. The two have never met until the party. But they meet again later in life. As a total surprise to them both, Krissy's dad and Colton's mom are engaged. How will they cope with being step-siblings? Find out in Daddy Won't Know.


15. Shooting Range


   A couple weeks had gone by. Colton had made sure that I had worn my sling at all times. I wasn't happy about it but it really did help. When my Dad first saw me wearing it, I had told him that I was being my normal, clumbsy self and tripped down the stairs while he was at work and that Colton took me to the hospital.

   Yesterday, I had tried doing things without the sling and I could use and move my arm just fine. So Colton had told me I didn't have to wear it.

   Colton and I had created a games that allowed us to get to know each other better so we were in his room playing it.

   “So your not into sports, eh?” he asked.

   “Nah, not really. Except one,” I said skaking my head from side to side.

   “Yeah? What's that?” he questioned.

   “Archery,” I stated.

   He looked shocked at me. 

   “Really? You like archery?” he asked, in disbelief.

   “Why do you find that hard to believe?” I asked, annoyed.

   “Well, it's just that I've seen your baseball skills and that kinda makes me worry about your skills thst would include a weapon,” he said, only half teasingly.

   I crossed my arms angrily and gave him my best death glare.

   “Hey, I'm not judging,” he held up his hands defensivly.

   “That's exactly what your doing,” I rolled my eyes at him.

   “Fine, let's go see what your made of then,” he challenged.

   “What do you mean? I don't own any equiptment,” I explained.

   “I know, but there is a shooting range for archery not far from here,” he told me.

   “Shut up! Really!?” I asked excidetly. If he was joking, I was going to kill him.

   “Yup, wanna go?” he said, smiling happily at my excitment.

   “Uh, Yeah!” I said, jumping off his bed and running out the door.

   I ran to my room and changed quickly out of my pajamas into track pants, a green tank top and my favorite, ankel high black leather boots. This was my usual archery out fit.

   I also grabbed my arm guard that I had bought so that I wouldn't hurt my arms when I shot an arrow.

   See, my Dad sent me off so a few sumer camps as a kid and the only thing that go my through the days there was the archery. I was one of the best archers in the camps. I even got a couple of bullseyes on my very first try. When I stopped going to summer camps, I started to look for other places near by where I could shoot. I even tried to buy my own equiptment but my Dad refused to let my buy something 'too dangerous'.

   Colton appeared in my doorway all ready. He looked me over as I pulled my hair back into a high bun.

   “All ready?” he asked.

   “All ready,” I confirmed.

   I shoved some extra money into my back pocket and grabbed Colton by the arm, pulling him excitedly along with me.

   “You won't need that, Baby Girl,” he said, slapping my ass where my money was.

   “Why not?” I asked, confused. Was it free or something.

   “Because I'm buying you a memebership,” he explained.

   “What? No, Colton I can buy my own,” I insisted.

   He pulled me tightly to his side and bent down to give me a peck on the lips. I groaned and snaked my arms around his neck pulling him back down to me, pressing my lips to his.

   He moaned in the back of his throat making my shiver with anticipation. I tangled my fingers in his hair as he wrapped his arms round my waist, crushing me to him. Every inch of our bodies were touching sending my body on fire.

   When he pulled away I let out a small whimper. He smiled and rested his forhead to mine.

   “I'm buying you a membership,” he whispered, sounding as if he'd made up his mind and wasn't going to change it.

   I smiled greatfully and nodded.

   “Fine, but I'm buying us lunch,” I compromised.

   “Your so stubborn,” he sighed and chuckled at me.

   “So I've heard,” I smiled and pulled him down the stairs to the door.

   “You know you could have just said thank you and accepted my gift,” he said chuckling.

   “Thank you, Colton,” I said honestly and leaned into him giving him a quick peck on the lips.

   “Your welcome, Baby Girl,” he said locking up the house and leading me to his truck.


   When we arrived at the shooting range I rushed inside with Colton following not far behind.

   At the front desk was a short red headed girl. As soon as Colton and I walked in she scanned Colton over from head to toe, making me want to rip her head off.

   “Hi there,” she said flirtingly, twirling a strand of her hair around her finger. Wow. Could she be anymore obvious?

   “Hi,” Colton said in an uninterested tone.

   “Are you new here? I'm sure I would've remembered you before,” she purred. Jelousy started to boil up inside me.

   “Uh, yeah I'm just here to sign up my girlfriend,” he said, hinting that he was clearly taken. I started to relax a little that he really wasn't interested.

   The girl's eyes flickered to me and galred at me.

   “I see. I'll set you up on the amature level, then,” she said rudly as she continued to give me her best death glare.

   Jeez, I sware she looked like she really did want to kill me.

   “Actually...” I looked at her name tag, “Cindy, I'd like the expert level, please,” I requested, confidently.

   “You'll need to take a test for that,” she said cockily.

   “No problem,” I smirked.

   Cindy picked up a walkie-talkie radio and called in an employee to set me up for the test.

   Okay, time to put this bitch in her place.

   I reached up for Colton's shirt and pulled him down to me, smiling. I crashed my lips against his as a moan formed in the back of my throat. I felt him smile against my lips. I wanted more. I trailed my hands down to his perfect ass lightly. I heard him groan in the back of his throat.

   We were inturrupted by someone clearing their throat. I smiled against his lips before pulling away. I looked at a very annoyed Cindy.

   “Someone's on their way to help you right now, just down there” she pointed, angerily.

   I smirked at her.

   “Thanks Candy,” I waved.

   “It's Cindy,” she corrected.

   “Right, forgot,” I said, trying not to laugh.

   Colton and I walked around the corner as instructed. When we were far enough from the front desk Colton burst out laughing.

   “That was so freaking funny! Your killing me, Baby Girl,” he lughed aloud.

   “I know. You've brought out a whole new me I've never seen before,” I said confidently.

   “That's for sure,” he smiled.

   Soon we met up with my instructor. He lead me to a lane and set me up with a bow of my choice and a quivver of arrows. Colton sat back and watched.

   I loaded my first arrow and aimed at the far target. I hadn't done archery in almost two years. Let's hope I can pass.

   I let my first arrow fly. It landed in the outer blue ring. I sighed. At least I hit the paper.

   “Warm up shot,” I said,

   I looked around to see Cindy watching my from afar, smirking at my failure.

   I loaded another arrow, aimed and let it fly. This one didn't even make the paper. Damn! I was really rusty. Talk about being under pressure.

   Behind me Cindy was laughing at me with her arms crossed over her chest.

   I loaded my third arrow. I have to make this one atleast in the yellow ring to pass.

   I aimed then let the arrow fly. It flew through the air until it puntured the paper. Right in the bullseye.

   I smiled widely and jumped in excitment, fist pumping the air. Cindy rolled her eyes and shook her head, irritated. As soon as no one was looking, I flipped her the finger. That certinaly sent her the message.

   Colton ran up to me and hugged me tightly.

   “Great job, Baby Girl. You are a pro,” he congratualted.

   “I told ya,” I smirked.

   “Nice shot, Miss Evans,” my instructor said. “You pass.”


   The instructor left to go set me up with a membership card with the fourm Colton had filled out. Bless him! He knew all the information for me.

   Colton wrapped his arms tightly around my waist rocking me gently.

   “You'll have to give me lessons, Baby Girl,” he teased.

   “Anytime,” I smiled and gave him another peck on the lips.

   “Okay, Superstar. Let's see another famous shot,” he said, still holding me tightly.

   I nodded and loaded another arrow. I aimed for the bullseye again and was just about to let fly when a voice called out.

   “Hey! Only one archer is allowed up to the line! Saftey policy!” Cindy yelled out at us.

   Colton departed himself from me stepping back with his hands up defensivly.

   “My bad,” he called out.

   I smiled and giggled knowingly as I let my arrow fly straight into another bullseye.


A/N: Okay so like I said, I'm trying to make chapters longer and I'm trying to slow the story down a little. Is it working so far please tell me! I need to know what you guys like. If you have an idea that you would like to see in the story please tell me, all ideas are welcome. I feel like this chapter should've been one that I should have sat down and re-written, what are your thoughts?

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