Daddy Won't Know

Krissy Evans is a good girl. She always has been. Until she is convinced to come to her first end of the year party. Her image soon changes when she is thrown together with Colton Flynn in 7 Minutes In Heaven. The two have never met until the party. But they meet again later in life. As a total surprise to them both, Krissy's dad and Colton's mom are engaged. How will they cope with being step-siblings? Find out in Daddy Won't Know.


6. Outside The Window

   I was flopped lazily on my new bed, sleeping peacefully when I herd a noise. A loud bang came from just outside my window. Too scarred to even move, I stared at the window. Nothing happened until I herd it again, bang!

   This time I screamed and ran. I ran out into the hall not knowing where to go. Then I remembered Colton saying his room was one over.

   I ran down the hall and barged into his room, slamming the door behind me, trying up catch my breath.

   "What the...? Krissy? What's wrong?" Colton asked sleepily.

   I think that was the first time he had actually used me name instead of Baby Girl.

   "Someone's trying to break in! Through my window!" I panicked.

    A light turned on and Colton got up out if his bed and walked over to me. His hair was all messy which made him look hot. Plus the fact that he was in nothing but boxers. His perfect abs clearly visible. Worst timing but I tired to hold back a blush.

   "I'll go check it out," he said, as in doubting my story.

   He ran a hand through his tangled, black hair and walked pass me, out the door.

   I followed him down the hall, staying close to his back. When he opened the door to my room, I had to stand on my tippy-toes to see over his shoulder and scan the room. He turned on the light and scanned the room himself. The room was as empty as before.

    "You sure it wasn't the Sand Man?" he mocked me.

   "No, seriously Colton, I-" I was cut off by another bang from the window. I whimpered and dug myself into Colton's back, not on purpose but by instinct.

    He chuckled at me.

   "Why are you laughing!? Someone's breaking an entry!" I panicked again.

   "Your so cute when your scared," he laughed. "That's not a burglar or murderer or whatever. It's just Brent. He's a sometimes but far from scary," he explained.

   "Who's Brent?" I demanded.

   "My friend from down the street. He does this a lot," he said.

    "This?" I asked.

   Colton walked over to the window, opened it and looked down the side of the house.

    "Hey, Colton!" A voice loudly whispered.  

   "You don't have to whisper, Brent. Not that you were exactly quiet but no one's here," Colton said out the window. "Well except for a terrified, Krissy."

   That was the second time he used my name. I walked over and joined Colton by the window.

   "Who?" the voice, Brent, asked.

   I looked out the window and saw a tall guy around mine and Colton's age. He had dirty blond hair and a strong looking build.

   Brent looked up at me and smiled. "Well hello," he said in a low, seducive tone.

   I gave a little wave and shyly said "Hi" back.

   Colton rolled his eyes a Brent. "You got the wrong room again, man. My room is one over," Colton pointed to the right.

   "Oops. Sorry," Brent shrugged.

   "What did you want?" Colton groaned.

   "There's a party down the street. I came to get you," Brent explained.

   "Nuh-uh, I'm not going to any of your suggest parties again and you know exactly why," Colton protested.

   "Aww, come on, man! Please? That was one time!" Brent begged.

   Colton shook his head. "Enjoy the party," he said, closing the window and curtains.

   I stood in the middle of the room with my arms crossed over my chest.

   "See no killer. Unless you want me to check under your bed for you," Colton teased.

   "No, but..." how could I say this? "Could I..." I trailed off.

   "Could you, what?" Colton asked.

   "Maybe...sleep in your room for the rest of the night. I'm still a little freaked out," I asked quietly.

   Colton smiled. It wasn't a teasing, mocking or flirty smile like usual but a genuine smile.

   "Sure, Baby Girl," he comforted.

   We turned the light out in my room and shut the door as we walked down the hall. We walked into his dark room and I curled up into a ball on the very edge of the bed. Colton must have noticed my shaking body when he slid over to me and slipped an arm around my waist, pulling me towards him.

   This was comforting for me. Colton didn't try anything, he just held me in his sleep. I hadn't seen this side of Colton but I liked it. He wasn't flirty, just comforting. It didn't take long for my to fall back asleep safely in his arms.   

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