Daddy Won't Know

Krissy Evans is a good girl. She always has been. Until she is convinced to come to her first end of the year party. Her image soon changes when she is thrown together with Colton Flynn in 7 Minutes In Heaven. The two have never met until the party. But they meet again later in life. As a total surprise to them both, Krissy's dad and Colton's mom are engaged. How will they cope with being step-siblings? Find out in Daddy Won't Know.


16. "Just out and about"


   Colton and I spent a couple hours at the shooting range. I felt bad spending alot of time there, practicing because Colton wasn't doing anything. He just sat there watching me and encouraging me.

   One of the employees offered him a range and bow but he didn't take it. He said he was fine watching me and if that's what he wanted then that was fine with me.

   I just shot my last arrow before I put my bow down and found my way back to Colton.

   “Your great out there, Baby Girl!” he encouraged as he pulled me to his side.

   “Thanks but I still have a lot of work to do,” I said, walking out to the car with him.

   The car ride home felt shorter than the last, even when we stopped to grab lunch on the way. Again, Colton wouldn't let me pay which I felt bad about but it was impossible to change that boy's mind.

   We walked in the front door of the house laughing and goofing off. We didn't realise that anyone was home, that my Dad and Alison were in the lounge.

   “Hey, you two,” Alison chirrped, “Where have you been?”

   The two of them were looking at us as if they were almost disappointed. Oh no! Did they know? Did they catch us? I started to panic.

   Colton tensed beside me. I could tell he was thinking the same thing I was.

   “Just out,” Colton said.

   “And about,” I added.

   Wow. Why was I blathering? I was a really bad liar.

   “Yeah and where's that?” Dad insisted.

   “Just out, jeez, Dad. Get off my back,” I grumbled and started to storm off up the stairs pulling Colton with me.

   “Krissy!” Dad called.

   “What?” I called back.

   “Come here, please,” he ordered.

   Colton looked at me with a questioningly expression.

   “You think they know?” he asked in a whisper.

   I sighed and shrugged.

   “I don't know but they can't. And I'm a terrible liar,” I whispered back.

   I walked back into the lounge. Alison and my Dad both had shocked expressions.

   “Yes?” I asked calmly trying to act as normal as I could. Wow, lying really put me under pressure.

   “You didn't answer my question-” I cut him off.

   “Look, if your going to bust us then do it already,” I bursted out. That was it. I cracked. It was over.

   “What do you mean? I was just going to tell you some great news. Why are you acting so strange? What are you hiding?” he asked, more shocked than ever.

   Behind me I could feel Colton trace an 'x' on my back. I knew what he meant. He didn't want me to tell the truth and I wasn't planning on it.

   “What's the news?” I asked, avoiding the question.

   “I'll tell you once you tell me what's going on,” he said.


   “Krissy,” he said in a warning tone. He knew I was about to lie.

   I sighed and nodded.

   “I was doing archery,” I said. It just came naturally. No need to lie, because archery was another thing I was hiding from him.

   “Yeah? That's great, Hunny!” Alison encouraged. She looked more realxed now.

   “No it's not. Krissy you know I don't like you doing that,” Dad groaned.

   Colton stepped forward from behind me.

   “I took her there, Tom. I thought it'd be a fun activity for the day,” Colton stepped in the conversation.

   “Oh, I see. Well there's no problem with that then, is there?” my Dad said, smiling at the two of us.

   “Really? No problem?” I asked shocked.

   “Of course not. You two were just having fun,” he said reassuringly.

   Okay who was that and what did he do with my Dad!?

   Wow, if all it took was Colton's presence in whatever I wanted to do, then I could get alot more freedom from my Dad. I think my Dad let it go becuase he was trying to encourage sibling bonding time.

   “Okay I told you. Now what's the news,” I asked unsure.

   I didn't know if I wanted to hear the answer. Because last time my Dad had news, it ruined everything.

   “Well your birthday is coming up next week,” he started.

   “Right! I forgot,” I winced.

   “You forgot your own birthday was coming up?” he asked, suprised.

   “Yeah I guess I just had a lot going on,” I atmitted.

   “Oh, Tom. Just tell her already!” Alison insisted, excitedly.

   Dad nodded.

   “Daniel's coming home for your birthday,” he said, finally.

   When I realised that he was serious a huge smile spread across my face. I was so excited, I started jumping up and down and clapping my hands like a child on Christmas morning.

   “He's really coming!?” I squealed.

   “Yeah, he should be here late tomorrow,” Dad explained.

   I jumped into my Dad's arms pulling him into a hug. I hadn't seen Daniel since he left for law school a few years ago. He's in trainning to become a lawyer and with his skill I know he'd be great at it.

   My Dad hugged me back tightly and kissed the top of my head. That was the first time in the past month that I'd been close to my Dad.

   “Thank you for calling him,” I thanked him.

   “I didn't, Alison did. She planned the whole thing,” Dad atmitted.

   Over my Dad's shoulder I could see Alison smiling lovingly at the two of us.

   “Thank you, Alison,” I said.

   “No probelm, Sweetheart,” she said, opening up her arms to me.

   With little hesitiaion I acceptd her invitation and walked into her arms as well. I thought I miss judged Alison from the start. I guess that I just assumed that she would be a stereotypical step-mother that would try and ruin my life. I was wrong. Way wrong.

   When I pulled away from here my excitement kicked back in. I kept smiling like an idiot.

   I grabbed Colton's hand again and lead him upstairs. When our parents were out of sight he stopped me against the wall.

   "I thought we had almost been caught, Miss. Evans," he grinned wickedly, wrapping his arms round my waist.

   "I believe your right, Mr. Flynn," I smirked and snaked my arms round his neck.

   "Your a very sneaky girl. But you need to work on you lying."

   "I'm learning from the best."

   "Yes you are."

   I smiled then pulled him down for a kiss. His touch never failed to amaze me. Again, he made me feel dizzy.

   When he pulled away he looked at me quizingly.

   “What was that for?” he asked.

   “Does there need to be a reason?”

   He smiled and I pulled him back down but he stopped my by placing a finger against my lips.

   “There's just one thing I need to know,” he said.

   I raised an eyebrow at him.

   “Who's Daniel?” he asked.

   “My brother,” I smiled happily.

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