Daddy Won't Know

Krissy Evans is a good girl. She always has been. Until she is convinced to come to her first end of the year party. Her image soon changes when she is thrown together with Colton Flynn in 7 Minutes In Heaven. The two have never met until the party. But they meet again later in life. As a total surprise to them both, Krissy's dad and Colton's mom are engaged. How will they cope with being step-siblings? Find out in Daddy Won't Know.


14. "I Promise"


   I woke to the sound of some sort of an alarm. I didn't have an alarm clock. I rolled around trying to block out the sound with my pillow. The sound was still ringing in my ears. Then I remembered where I was. I had slept in Colton's room for the third time. It has started becoming a habit I guess. So far I hadn't spent a night in my own room, well not the whole night anyway.

   “Colton,” I groaned. I had to have been his alarm.

   When the rining didn't stop, I became more irratated.

   “Colton, please turn it off,” I said louder.

   Again, the ringing continued to the point where I wasn't even tired anymore. So much for sleeping in. I truned over on my side to yell at Colton for ignoring me but no one was there. Where did he go?

   “Colton?” I asked, looking around the room.

   He was no where in sight. On the bedside table was a ringing cellphone. So it hadn't been an alarm. I didn't want to answer it, it wasn't my phone. It had to have been Colton's.

   Who'd be calling this early in the morning? Then I looked at the time. Holy crap! It was almost 1:00pm! I had really slept in. I guess that's where Colton went, to start his day. He didn't even bother to wake me up?

   I stared down at his phone. Should I answer it? The caller ID said: Unknown Number. I didn't have any right to answer his phone. But what if it was some girl he'd hit on somewhere, then what? Jelousy started to fourm up inside me as I started to asume the worst. My jelousy won over my good side.

   I answered his phone, putting it up to my ear.

   “Hello?” I answered.

   “Who is this?” a deep male voice damaneded on the other end.

   I let out a sigh of relief that it wan't a girl's voice.

   “Krissy...?” I responded without thinking, although it was more of a question, Crap! I shouldn't have given out my name.

   “And where's Colton, Krissy?” he asked.

   I paniked. I new I shouldn't have answered his phone. Now I was debating on whether or not I should hang up.

   “I get it. He's right next to you isn't he? That's my boy! A good screw, eh?” he continued.

   What the hell!? Was he in implying that I was some sort of slut!?

   “Excuse me!?” I demanded into the phone. Wait did he say his boy? As in Colton's dad!?

   “Hey, no need to get all shouty, Doll. I was just looking for my son. Hand him the phone,” he ordered.

   Oh god! It was Colton's dad. This was not good.

   “He's not here,” I said.

   “Then why do you have his phone, Krissy?” he questioned.

   “He left it here at the house,” I explained.

   “The house? As in you live together?” he wondered aloud.

   “As in I'm his step-sister and not some slut you were implying I was,” I said rudly.

   “So sorry, Doll,” he said with a hint of sarcasam.

   “Sounds like it,” I rolled my eyes. “Well if that's all. Thanks for wasting my time.”

   I was about to hang up.

   “Well your the one who picked up the phone,” he said, stopping me.

   “I know. Please don't tell Colton,” I pleaded.

   “No worries, Doll,” he said.

   I sighed in relief. If don't know what Colton would do if he caught me on his phone, but I had a feeling he wouldn't be thrilled about it. Maybe he would even start ignoring me again. I couldn't go through that again. I needed him.

   “Of course I need something from you,” he sounded amused.

   I cringed at the thought. I had heard nothing but evil things about this man. Colton had showed that he's clearly didn't trust him. Why should I?

   Then on the other hand, did I want Colton to know I was on his phone? Invading his privacy again. He was upset with me the first time I had even asked about his dad, I don't want to know what he'd do if he'd known I'd spoke to him.

   “What's that exactly?” I asked in an uncertain voice.

   “Give me your adress,” he said simply.

   I couldn't do that, could I? He shouldn't know where Colton is. No I couldn't.

   “I can't. Not that,” I said confiedntly.

   I heard him groan on the other end. Moments of silence went by before he spoke again.

   “Well Krissy. I wonder how Colton will react when he hears about out little chat. Going through his phone and answering it...” he said trailing off, making his point.

   "Please don't tell Colton. He doesn't need to know,” I begged.

   “Fine, Doll. Just for you I'll make a special offer. You come to me instead,” he offerd.

   Jeez! Your so stupid Krissy! If you didn't make such a big deal about asking him not to tell Colton, he wouldn't be holding this over your head!

   “Where?” I asked, in a shaky voice.

   “Relax, I just want to meet Colton's new step-sister. That's all,” he tried to assure me. If Colton didn't trust him than neither did I.

   “Where?” I repeated.

   “I'll text you the adress,” he said. And with that he hung up the phone, not giving me anytime to agree or protest.

   I held Colton's phone in my hand waiting for the text he'd promised. What was probably minutes, felt like hours going by with the anticipation. When the text didn't come, I was planning on giveing up on waiting.

   Then, without warning, the door flew open and Colton appeared in the doorway. He was in only a towel wraped aroung his waist, water dripping from the tips of his hair. I was practically drooling over him and his perfect abs, I forgot I was holding his phone.

   “Morning, Baby Girl,” he smiled, walking over to his closet.

   I swallowed a groan in the back of my throat as I looked over him slowly.

   “Morning,” I said in an uncertian tone, plastering a smile on my face. “Why didn't you wake me up?”

   “You looked so peaceful I wanted to let you sleep,” he smiled, picking out a black t-shirt and shorts.

   I nodded. I did enjoy the extra sleep espically after the scary ass nigth I went through last night. 

  “No ghosts?” he smirked at me.

   I walked over to him and hit him playfully on the chest, making him laugh.

   “No ghosts,” I confirmed.

   “Not yet, atleast. They come out at night, not the day. Just wait for later on,” he said, trying to scare me.

   “Ou! I'm so scared,” I mocked him.

   “You should be,” he said.

   I raised an eyebrow at him. A huge grin spread across his face. My eyes went wide.

   “Oh, no!” I shook my head, backing up towards the bed. His grin didn't fade as he nodded and came closer to me, closing the space between us.

   I tried to get away but I was too late. He grabed me round the waist and pinned me to the bed and then began to tickle me. I laughed and squirmed underneath him, trying to escape his hold. I gripped my hands into fists.

   “Stop!” I pleaded, although I was still laughing.

   He shook his head and contiued to to tickle under my arms and on my sides. When he finally stopped I was brethless. My ribs hurt from laughing.

   “Scared yet?” he asked, still on top of my, pinning me down.

   “Very,” I nodded violently.

   He smiled and bent down, kissing the top of my head. Then I heard a noise. A familar one.

   Colton looked at the table next to the bed and frowned.

   “Where's my phone?” he asked.

   I didn't have to answer before his eyes spotted the small device, gripped in my hand. He looked confused and my heart sank. This is exactly what I didn't want to happen.

   It had to be the directions. I couldn't let Colton see it. How could I explain that. I wasn't fit to be an actress, forget a liar.

   “Why do you have my phone, Baby Girl?” he asked, confused.

   “Err, I was coming to bring it to you,” I said, although it sounded more like a question.

   “Your a terrible liar,” he narrowed his eyes at me.

   I couldn't tell him the truth! He'd hate me forever. And yet, I couldn't tell him a lie either, he could see right through me.

    He took my chin and held my face up to his.

   “Tell me the truth,” he said. His eyes pleading into mine.

   I sighed in defeat.


   “Please don't hate me,” I begged in a whisper.

   “I could never hate you,” he said, cupping my face.

   I took a deep breath. Oh stop being a wuss, Krissy! Just tell him the truth, you owe you him that much!

   “Your phone was ringing when I woke up. So I answered it,” I confessed, looking anywhere but his face.

   “That's it? 'Oh no, Krissy, don't ever talk to me again!'” he said in a mock of horror.

   He chuckled and kissed my cheek smiling like an idiot. He still had me pinned to the bed. I wanted to smile and laugh with him but I still felt guilty.

   “Who was it?” he said against my other cheek, kissing it.

   I wanted to giggle and smile as he was planting little kisses on every inch of my face but I just couldn't. I could feel a big lump in the back of throat. I didn't want to answer the question. He pulled away, looked at me, saw my expression and frowned.

   “What's wrong?” he asked, confused.

   “It was your Dad,” I whispered so quietly, I didn't know if he'd heard me.

    “Speak up, Baby Girl,” he said, concerned.

   “I was your Dad, Colton,” I said louder this time.

   As his imediate reaction, Colton grabbed the phone out of my hand and sat up on the bed. Oh god! He hates me. He doesn't trust me!

   I could feel water start to build up in my eyes but I refused to let them fall. Not yet. I couldn't start crying now! Pull yourself together, Krissy.

   I watched him as he went through he phone, scrolling through the options.

   “It doesn't say he called,” he said, both angrily and confused.

   “The Caller ID said Unknown. If I'd knew it was him I wouldn't have answered,” I tried to explain but he didn't seem to care or listen as he shook his head with every word I said. He was stressed.

   “This doesn't make any sense! Why would he call!? Why would you answer my phone!? WHY!?” he yelled angryily starting to pace around his room.

   He was ferious. Just like he was when he was beating the crap out of the guy that had hurt me at the last party. Again, he was scaring me. He came towards me, striding forward. He looked so mad I thought he was going to hit me. I flinched back waiting for the blow but it never came.

   I opened my eyes slightly, looking up at him. Colton's face was soft now, not hard like before. He looked more upset now. He stood and stared down at me, like someone had slapped him in the face.

   “Colton, your scaring me,” I said in a very soft voice.

   “I'm sorry,” he said softly.

   He sat next to me and pulled me to onto his lap, rocking me gently.

   “I'm so sorry. I know it wasn't your fault,” he said, reasuringly.

   “No it was. I shouldn't have answered it,” I said.

    He pulled out his phone again and read the text that had been sent earlier with a puzzled expression.

   “Are these directions?” he asked.

   I nodded, not needing to see it. I already knew that's what he'd sent.

   “Why would he send them?” he asked again.

   “You want the whole truth?” I sighed.

   He nodeded and ran his fingers through my hair, twirling it in his fingers and playing with it as I started to explain.

   “And when I wouldn't give him the adress we made a deal that I would come to him instead, that's what the directions are for,” I finished explaining.

   “YOU WHAT!?” he yelled in an outburst.

   “I didn't want you angry with me...” I trailed off, not knowing what to say.

   “Baby Girl, I wouldn't be angry with you for just answering my phone. Your more important than that. But I would be angry if you went anywhere near that asshole,” he said sternly.

   I nodded and tried to smile to reassure him that I understood and wouldn't do that.

   “Do you promise me, under any circumstances, that you will not meet up with him? Anywhere. Ever,” he ordered.

   “I promise,” I said, crossing my heart.

   He smiled and let out a sigh of relief.

   “What made you want to answer anyway, Baby Girl?” he asked.

   “Well I thought it might had been...” I trailed off not wanting to attmit the truth.

   “Might have been...?” he motioned for me to finishe my sentence.

   “A girl. Looking for you,” I confessed, blushing slightly feeling stupid.

   He laughed and pulled my tight into his chest.

   “Baby Girl, you know your the only girl for me. You have no need to be jelous,” he smiled, kissing the top of my head then resting his chin on my head as I rested my face against his chest.

   “I'd say the same for you except I was thinking of leaving you for Brent,” I said teasingly, giggling.

   “Haha, very funny,” he said in a scarcastic voice. I could just hear him rolling his eyes in the tone of his voice.

   “You know, I'm so glad you can't lie,” he said, teasingly.

   I pulled away and looked at him with my hands on my hips.

   “I can lie!” I protested.

   “Sure you can, Baby Girl. Sure you can,” he said in a mocking tone.

   Before I could say anything else to him, he cupped my face again, pulling my face forward and crashing his lips against mine.

   I wrapped my hands in his hair trying to pull him closer. The kiss was soft and passionate. Colton made a moan in the back of his throat and it became my favorite sound in the world. I pulled away only for a moment.

   “Colton, your the only guy for me too,” I said honestly.

   He smiled and then I brought his face back to mine urgently.


A/N: Sorry for the delay, I want to start making my chapters longer and I want to start to slow it down a little. This is my first romance story so please bare with me. Please give me full feedback if you can on what you like, what you dislike and one thing you would want me to change.

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