Daddy Won't Know

Krissy Evans is a good girl. She always has been. Until she is convinced to come to her first end of the year party. Her image soon changes when she is thrown together with Colton Flynn in 7 Minutes In Heaven. The two have never met until the party. But they meet again later in life. As a total surprise to them both, Krissy's dad and Colton's mom are engaged. How will they cope with being step-siblings? Find out in Daddy Won't Know.


22. Finale

      This was exactly we were trying to avoid. All this trouble for nothing now. We had been caught red handed. This time there was now way out, no lie we could come up with to fix it.

            “Get you hands off my daughter this instant!” Dad outraged.

            I was frozen in place. I manage only to push Colton away . He looked at me with hurt spread across his face. His eyes, begging for me to come back to him.

            “Wait just a minute!” Alison outbursted. “This is just as much your daughter's fault!”

            “Don't give me that crap! You know how boys are at this age! Typical behavior for one,” Dad snapped back.

            “You would know! You are one!” Alison hissed.

            “It's not Krissy's fault!”  Dad insisted.

            “It's no one's fault!” Colton spoke up.

            Both Dad and Alison stopped their bickering as their heads snapped to look at Colton.

            “Look at you two. Fighting over who's fault it is,” Colton continued, “What is it exactly? The fact that Krissy and I want to be together? The fact that we love each other? How is that anyone's fault!?”

            That shut everyone up.

            I looked at Colton in shock which then lead to love and adornment. I intertwined ,

            “I'm sorry but I don't still don't see how this is going to work,” Alison piped up.

            “Your right, this was a mistake,” Dad agreed.

            Alison nodded and held out her hand to my dad. Sitting on her palm was the engagement ring he'd proposed with.

            Shock spread across my dad's face, but it dropped quickly, as he covered it up.

            “I'm sorry,” she said in barely a whisper.

            He nodded and snatched the ring from her hand.

            “Come on, Krissy, we're leaving. We'll come back for our stuff tomorrow,” he ordered.

            He began to stride down the hall to the front door, expecting that I was following.

            I sat in my place, not knowing where to go. Not knowing where I belonged. Beside Colton, or Dad.

            Dad turned around at the end of the hall, realizing I wasn't behind him.

            “I said, come on, Krissy,” he warned.

            I sighed in defeat and pulled myself up off the floor. I didn't make it very far before I a hand collapsed around my wrist. I was tightly pulled by to Colton's side.

            “You don't speak for her,” Colton growled.

            “Actually I do, I'm her father,” Dad challenged, narrowing his eyes at Colton, warningly.

            “I don't care who you are,” Colton hissed.

            “Colton, let her go. She's not worth it,” Alison pleaded.

            “You don't know what your talking about!” Colton yelled back.

            I know I've always been a good girl, a daddy's girl. But that wasn't me anymore.

            “Fine. We'll let Krissy decide,” Dad looked at me expectantly, his arms crossed over his chest.

            Colton agreed and let go of my wrist and turned to look at me.

            At this point there was no hard choice needed to be made. I had already made up my mind. No doubt I was making the right decision.

            I stepped out from behind Colton and walked towards my dad. I wrapped my arms around him giving him a huge bear hug.

            When I pulled away from him I looked back at Colton. His face had dropped.

            “Dad,” I said, looking back up at him, “I'm sorry. But I'm not leaving Colton,” I explained.

            He didn't looked very surprised, instead he shook his head in disappointment that soon turned to anger.

            He'd never been angry with me. Not seriously. It was kind of scary to look at him like this. 

            “No,” he stated.

            He gripped my shoulders and turned me around, steering me towards the door.

            “I don't care what you want. You're my daughter, I'm your legal guardian, I tell you what to do,” Dad ordered.

            I dug my heels into the carpet, trying stop him from dragging me along.

            “Dad let go!” I yelled.

            He ignored me and continued to pull me along.

            “She made up her mind. Let her go,” Colton warned.

            He'd stepped in front of my dad, challenging him once again.

            When Dad ignored him, Colton pulled me out of Dad's grip and into his arms. Then we didn't waste anytime. We ran out of sight and out the back door. The last thing I heard from the house was our parents calling our names. But that certainly didn't stop us. I was relieved when I realized that they hadn't noticed Dwayne's bloody body laying on the floor just around the corner from where we'd been arguing.

            “Where are we going?” I asked Colton as I climbed into his truck.

            “Anywhere you want,” he smiled, starting the truck.

            “We're not coming back, are we?” I asked.

            He shook his head after taking a moment to think about it.

            “Then I think we should get some money. I have an emergency bank account we can withdrawal from,” I told him.

            “As do I,” he said.

            I ran all this through my mind. We're actually doing this. We're actually running away together.

            “You're sure about this?” Colton asked.

            “Yeah. I am,” I confirmed.

            A huge smile spread across his face.

            “Are you?” I asked.

            With no warning he took my face in his hands and covered his lips with mine. I responded immediately, his warm lips pressed against mine. The kiss was urgent but lingering. I savored his taste and hoped my life would stay like this, I hoped there would be no more problems.

            He pulled away slowly and rested his forehead against mine.

            “Of course. I'm ready to spend the rest of my life with you,” he answered.

            His eyes sank into mine. My heart did a flip and butterflies filled my stomach.

            I gave him another quick peck on the lips before he pulled out of the driveway and headed to the bank.

            I didn't know what we were going to do from there, and I didn't mean to sound corny but I didn't care, as long as it was with Colton. We would run off to somewhere far away. Find a home, jobs and just be together.

            Colton pulled into the parking lot and turned to me before getting out.

            “I love you, Krissy Evans,” he said, caressing my cheek.

            “And I love you, Colton Flynn,” I said honestly.

            We both had a huge smile on our faces. He kissed my forehead lightly before stepping out of the car, insisting I wait there.

            While I waited for him to come back, my phone vibrated. It was a text from Rhi.

            Rhi: Where r u?

            I didn't know if I should tell her or not. I knew she would try and talk me out of it. But she was my best friend. I'd always told her everything. Was this the first exception?

            With Colton. I responded.

            I wasn't telling her anymore than that. Once all this blew over I would find her. I would explain everything to her.

            I waited around for Colton some more. Rhi didn't text me back which was very suprising.

            What was taking him so long? I was staring to get worried. What if he ditched. What if he backed down and ran off on me? I wouldn't be able to handle that. Why did I always assume the worst? That was something I hated about myself.

            Relief washed over me when he turned the corner, walking over to the car.

            He just made it in front of the vehicle before I heard the noise.

            A gun shot.

            I whimpered loudly and covered my face with my arms in instinct. I'd heard that noise more times today than I'd ever thought I'd heard it in my life.

            After a few seconds when I realized I hadn't been hit, I removed my arms from face and looked out the window.

            I screamed. There on the other side of the windshield, on the ground was Colton's lifeless body.

            It couldn't be happening again! I knew he wasn't pretending this time. Blood poured from his side, staining his white shirt.

            I couldn't breathe. I couldn't live in a world where Colton didin't exist.

            I was about to run out of the car and to his side when I heard another noise. It wasn't loud. It came from beside me. A tapping noise. I looked to my right and a scream caught in the back of my throat. Just like my dream, on the other side of the window was the guy from the party.

            A wicked grin plastered on his lips.

            He tried to get in the truck. Thank god I'd remembered to lock the doors.

            I pulled out my cell phone and dialed 911 and demanded for an ambulance for Colton.

            When I looked up from my call, the guy was gone.

            I didn't question it. I ran out of the truck and ran to Colton.

            I looked closely and saw him breathing. I let out a breath, not knowing I was holding one in.

            “Colton!? Can you hear me!?” I asked, frantically for an answer.

            I didn't get a response. He couldn't hear me. Or he could and couldn't answer me.

            By this time people were watching. A couple people approached me, asking if they should call the police. I waved them off and told them I already have.

            Someone else gave me some advice to stop the bleeding.

            Through my tears and sobs, I tore off a piece of my shirt and carefully pressed it against Colton's side.

            It wasn't long when I heard the sirens and lights coming through the storm. I had almost forgot it was still storming. I could care less about the rain pouring down, soaking my clothes. Colton was the only thing that mattered in my little world anymore.

            I remembered when I first saw him. I had the wrong first impression of him. At first he was cocky, arrogant, conceded. But now I see him as loving, hot and mine. All mine.

            I don't know what was going to happen from here. All that I wanted was for him to be alive and well. Because I loved him even if

            Daddy found out.


            End Of Book One


A/N: So sequal? It's up to you guys. And if so, what should I call it?

I know I left some questions in this book so if you have a question that didn't get quite answered, comment it and I will have an author's note page later on, answering all of them.

Well, this is then end of my first book. Please let me know overall, what you think. I love hearing from all of you!

      Love everyone of you for leaving your supportive comments and staying with me the entire way of my writing.

      XOXO, Jayla!<3

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