Daddy Won't Know

Krissy Evans is a good girl. She always has been. Until she is convinced to come to her first end of the year party. Her image soon changes when she is thrown together with Colton Flynn in 7 Minutes In Heaven. The two have never met until the party. But they meet again later in life. As a total surprise to them both, Krissy's dad and Colton's mom are engaged. How will they cope with being step-siblings? Find out in Daddy Won't Know.


17. Daniel

   Today was the day. Daniel was coming home! I was so excited but of course everyone could easily tell.

   Dad said that he was coming later on so I had plenty of time to prepare everything. I was going to cook dinner tonight, special for him. Of course Alison insisted on helping me and I actually didn't mind her company.

   It was 8:00am. Early for the time I usually woke up on summer break. Colton was still sleeping. I sneaked out of his bed, leaving him hugging a pillow half an hour ago. I wanted to get to the mall first thing.

   I was finally all dressed and ready to leave. I grabbed my purse and slung it over my shoulder, and rushed out the door.

   Colton's POV

   When I woke up I could feel Krissy still wrapped in my arms. A smile crept up on my lips from her touch. Every day when I woke up to her reminded me that I was the luckiest guy in the world.

   This girl drove me crazy. Ever time I looked at her I wanted to hold her in my arms forever and never let her go. Every time she smiled or laughed I wanted her. I needed her.

   I use to be a player but this girl had broken that. I didn't want anyone else but her. I was defiantly falling for her. But I was scared to tell her, it could ruin everything.

   “Good morning, Baby Girl,” I smiled.

    I rolled over and kissed the top of her head. That's weird. She felt softer. Squishier. My eyes then bolted open. This wasn't Krissy. I was holding a pillow. I was4ea kissing a pillow. Wow. That's embarrassing.

   I looked around the room but she was no where in sight. Where did my girl go? I looked at my bedside table where a hand written note was left.

   I smiled. I already knew it was her. It smelled like her. Damn that smell was the best in the world, it made me dizzy. The note read:


   Went out for the day. I needed to buy stuff for when Daniel gets here. Do you think you could clean up a little for me? Maybe finish my unpacking? And yes, that would require for you to get your hot ass out of bed. If Katniss and Peeta can survive the Games twice then you can get up,    Lover Boy.

   Thanks, Krissy.

   I smiled at her word choice and read the letter over a couple more times. I'm glad she thinks I have a hot ass because I defiantly think she has a hot ass. I can never stop staring at it!

   I knew she liked to read a lot. Her favorite story was The Hunger Games and I could tell by all the posters she has hanging up in her room. That's why she added the Katniss and Peeta bit in there. I don't read books but I really want to see that movie!

   An evil grin spread across my face when I realised what she had asked me. She wanted me to finish her unpacking for her. I sat there thinking of all the fun I could have with her posters.

   I hadn't been much of a brother at all to her. Not with the way we've been around each other. Maybe this was my chance to act like one.

   I pulled myself out of bed to get dressed. When I was wearing plaid shorts and a plain white t-shirt, I made my way down the hall to her room.

   I looked around ans saw all her posters staring down at me. I shivered. Jeez that was creepy!

   I pulled out the permanent marker from my back pocket and started drawing an eye patch on one of the guys. I drew a mustache on a few with uni brows even gave them evil black eyes.

   I scribbled all the guys with the black marker, saving one poster that she said was her favorite. This was mean but I wasn't a complete jerk, it was for her own good.

   I stepped back looking around at my masterpiece. I was brilliant! On the plus side this might give the parents some reassurance that Krissy and I were acting like siblings.

   Since I was done, I started to do as she asked by going through the boxes that were piled high against the walls. I found my favorite box that was marked 'under clothing'. You can guess.

   It was strange that Krissy hadn't unpacked half of her stuff yet. I know she spent more of her time in my room than her own but she stilled needed her stuff, right?

   When I was almost completely finished with her room I looked around for any extra stuff that I might have missed.

   Her bed was unmade. Not that she slept in it but she had to make it look like she did. She would want that made up for when her brother got here. I started straightening the sheets and covers on her bed. I shook her pillows to fluff them up but when I did, something hard fell from one.

   There, just sitting open in front of me, was Krissy's diary. I know it's wrong to invade someone's personal belongings just like Krissy answered my phone, but it was just sitting there for me to read. It was practically calling my name.

   I looked behind me out the hall to see if anyone was watching me. Of course no one's watching you Colton, no one's home!

   I picked up the book with caution as if it was going to burn me. I examined the cover first. It was a plain purple covered book. Inside I could see her and writing on every page.

   The first couple pages were labeled about her dad. I couldn't help myself. I merely skimmed through her writing. It seemed that the first couple of pages were about her dad verbally hurting her. When he got angry or annoyed he would take it out on her by call her names or even by trying to explain to her why her mother's death was all her fault.

   He sounded like an asshole through her perspective. Nothing to do with her mother's death was her fault! It was terrible accident. Krissy was in the car with her mom when it crashed. She survived but her mother didn't. Her dad use to blame her to make her feel bad.

   He sounded a little like my dad, minus the physical abuse which was a huge part of having my dad around.

   The content in the book got a little lighter after about six months of writing. She became on better terms with her dad once they both started to accept that she was dead. After reading all about her depressing parts in the diary, all I wanted to do was hold her tightly in my arms, tell her that I understood and never let her go.

   Reading this was like a drug to me, I couldn't stop. I needed to know everything about her. I sat down with he book on my lap to continue reading. I guess you could call this the first real book i've ever read.

   Half way through the book was all talking about her friend Rhi and high school drama. I skipped all the things she said about different guys she liked in the past. Reading a bit of that was just painful.

    Near the end were more recent entries. I could tell by the dates she kept in the top right corner of the pages.

    At first she wrote about her first party that she ever attended. That was her first party? I remembered her saying 'she didn't do parties'. I had teased her about that. She wrote about Rhi and the music and drinks. And then she wrote about me. She talked about my teasing her and I how I could make her laugh.

   Then she wrote about the shock of the big news involving my mom and I. She didn't want a new family or home. She felt as if she was leaving her mom. And she didn't know what to think of my mom.

   I found an entry from just a couple days ago. A picture of my had been glued onto the center of the page. I didn't remember taking that picture, I guess I wouldn't since I was asleep in it. I was in just my boxers with one arm in behind my head.

   Underneath the picture was a drawn heart. K.E+C.F was written in the center of it. It was obvious that those were our initials. Does that mean that she loves me? Does it mean that she's in love with me?

   God, I hoped so. Then I could tell her that I felt the same way without worrying about ruining everything we have so far.

   I quickly closed the book. This is where I stop reading. Krissy was prying because she wanted to know my past. Know that I know her past I have to stop reading before I leak into anymore personal stuff that might involve me. Even though that was the part I wanted to read the most.

   I carefully put the diary back into the pillow case where i had found it. Then I ran back to my room and slipped my wallet and phone into my back pockets. I was off to buy Krissy a birthday present. I just hopped I did't see her while I was there. That would really wreck the purpose of a surprise.


   When I got back home I ran back up to my room and shoved her present deep back into my closet. It was so messy she would never find it.

   I thanked god that I didn't run into her at the mall because I would have never been able to hide it.

   Yeah, I spent more money on her than I ever had on anyone but she was worth it. She was my everything now. I really hopped she liked it!

   It was 4:00pm and Krissy would be back anytime now to start cooking for her brother. I was sorta excited to see her reaction to the masterpiece I left in her room.

Krissy's POV

   I arrived back at the house when I was finally done getting everything. I carried large bags through the hall and onto the kitchen counter, only hitting one wall on the way.

   Colton's truck was still in the driveway so I guessed he didn't leave all day. He really need to get out a little more.

   I heard him running down the stairs to see me.

   “Need some help with those?” he said when he saw the bags.

   “A little late for that. But it's okay I only hit one wall getting them in here,” I laughed.

   “I'm sorry I didn't hear you come in,” he winced.

   “It's fine,” I said as I started to unload the groceries. “Did you get my note?”

   “Yeah I did. I thought it was really cute,” he smiled, knowingly.

   “So did you unpack for me?” I asked, hopefully.

   “Yup,” he said popping the 'p'.

   “Even added a little Colton touch,” he said with a sly grin.

   I walked out of the kitchen past him to see it he really did as I asked. When I reached my bedroom everything was all neat and tidy. All the boxes were out of sight.

   I turned around to see him behind me. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck.

   “Thank you, Lover Boy,” I purred.

   “Anytime, Baby Girl,” he smiled then bent his head, pressing his lips to mine.

   I made a moan in the back of my throat. I loved the taste of him. He never managed to disappoint me. I pulled away and starred into his deep ocean blue eyes. I had always wanted blue eyes, but I was stuck with green like my dad's.

   “I missed you,” he groaned as he started to plant little kisses up the side of my neck.

   “I missed you too,” I managed to choke out through my moans. His lips on my skin was setting me on fire. Every where he kissed, he left a tingling sensation, lingering on my skin.

   When he pulled away I choked down a whimper from losing contact.

   Then I realised something important. My room was neat and tidy. Including my bed. What if Colton had found the diary I kept in my pillow case. He hadn't mentioned anything but I started to panic! He can't see that no one can!

    I ran from his arms and jumped onto the bed, grabbing for the pillow.

   “Hey! I just made that!” he grumbled.

   I searched the pillow but nothing was there. I started to freak out. I grabbed the second pillow and started to feel around for it. I felt something hard and rectangulared shaped. My whole body calmed down.

   I fixed the pillow, making sure Colton didn't see anything as I fixed the covers as well.

   “I was just making sure you used the right pillow case. I can't sleep without a certain kind,” I lied on the spot.

   Wow. I was actually getting better at lying. Lies just came to me so easily now. Even though I knew Colton could always tell when I was lying.

   I looked at him to see that he didn't look suspicious in any way. He kinda look....guilty for some reason.

   “Colton?” I asked a little unsure.

   He snapped out of it as if he were trying to remember something.

   “Sorry. I was just thinking that out parents will be home soon,” he said.

   I nodded he was right. Better get cooking, Daniel will be here soon too!


   I started making my homemade mac and cheese. Daniel's favorite.

   I had just finished chopping up some vegetables to go with it and was now stirring the noodles over the stove.

   I felt arms wrap around my waist tightly. I smiled, knowingly.

   Colton rested his head on my should and started to sway my body back and forth with his, as if we were dancing, while he watched me cook.

   “Do you know how to cook, Lover Boy?” I asked.

   “Why do you call me that?”

   “Because that's what Peeta was called in the arena. And your like my Peeta,” I said casually, shrugging.

   “Why do you like it?” I asked him.

   “Defiantly not.”

   “Then Lover Boy it is.”

   I smiled, remembering those where the exact words we had used for each other when he started to call me Baby Girl.


   Dinner was made. Alison had helped me out a bit when her and Dad got home. I had just got a text from Daniel saying he was only ten minutes away.

   I was so happy to see my older brother, I could burst. I ran up to my room to get changed because my current outfit had gotten stained while cooking.

   I started to rummage through my closet until I found a simple top and skirt. I placed them on my bed while I started to get undressed, taking my top off.

   Then I noticed something. My room had been vandalised. I looked up at my picture of Chace Crawford. He had a mustache and uni brow. Beside him Liam Hemsworth had an eyes patch and a speech bubble that said 'Colton was here'. That's what he meant when he said he added 'the Colton touch'.

   Anger started to boil in my blood. I couldn't control myself. Those were my property! He can't destroy my stuff like that!

   “COLTON!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

   Moments later Colton burst through the door, looking around frantically.

   “What!? What is it!?” he said.

   When he realised nothing was wrong he looked at me. I stared him down with my best death glare.

   He wasn't looking at my face though he was staring down at my chest.

   “Well that's a sight,” he said with a painful expression.

   I had been so shocked and angry that I forgot that I was in my bra. I gasped and slipped my stained top back over my head.

   “What did you do to my posters!?” I yelled.

   “Oh you noticed finally, huh? I like them better, don't you?” he smiled teasingly.

   “No! I do not-” I was cut off by the sound of the doorbell.

   “Saved by the bell,” Colton laughed as he bolted out of my room. I grumbled, frustrated, then got changed quickly so I could go see my brother.


   I walked down the stairs and through the hall in a hurry. The anticipation of seeing Daniel was killing me.

   I heard talking from around the corner. And I recognized his voice. I turned the corner and saw him immediately. He was wearing a blue plaid shirt, unbuttoned with a white under shirt. His dirty blond hair was messy and untouched as always and his blue eyes fell instantly on mine. He was luck and got my mom's blue eyes.

   “Danny!” I squealed as I ran at him, pulling him into a big, long hug.

   “Hey, Krissy. I missed you,” he murmured into my hair.

   “I missed you too,” I said before pulling away from him.

   “This is Colton. He's going to be our step-brother. And Colton this is my brother Daniel,” I introduced, uncomfortably.

   They shook hands smiling at each other. I really hopped they'd get along.

   “And this is Alison,” I introduced.

   She gave Daniel a warm hug welcoming him into her family. Okay, so far so good.

   Then Daniel turned to Dad and they did their usual man hug with the back patting. I rolled my eyes. Men.

   “Let's all sit down for dinner so we can all catch up. Krissy made mac and cheese,” Dad informed everyone.

   “Mmm, my favorite!” Daniel said excitedly.

   “I know,” I smiled at him.


   At the dinner table we started to catch up. Daniel told us all about how great law school was going for him. He had also found a girlfriend named Elle that he lived with now. They had been together for almost a year now and I was so proud of him.

   I shared on how high school had gone for me, which was not so exciting.

   We all ate talking and laughing as if we were already one big happy family. But Colton and I still had our secrets. He sat beside me and I held his hand under the table the entire time.

   He would occasionally squeeze my hand reassuringly to let me know that everything was going well.

   After, we had apple pie for dessert that Alison had brought home special. This dinner was probably the most family time I had ever had in a long time.

   “Now about sleeping arrangements,” Alison started, “I don't have any extra beds in the spare rooms yet because we're renovating them. And I don't expect you to sleep on the couch, Dear. So you'll have to share a room with Colton, for now. You can have his bed and I'll set up an air mattress in his room for him.”

   Wait, what!? I couldn't sleep without Colton and I couldn't sleep with Colton with my brother in the room. And if Colton left the room to sleep with me, my brother would notice. He's a very light sleeper.

   “Oh no, Alison,” Daniel started.

   I started to relax a little.

   “I'm perfectly fine sleeping on the air mattress myself,” he insisted.

   Oh crap! I can't go a night without Colton anymore. What if I get nightmares!?

   “It's settled then,” Alison chirped.

   I loved having my brother here but it was already making things hard for me. I guess I'll try to survive without sleeping in the same bad as Colton.

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