Daddy Won't Know

Krissy Evans is a good girl. She always has been. Until she is convinced to come to her first end of the year party. Her image soon changes when she is thrown together with Colton Flynn in 7 Minutes In Heaven. The two have never met until the party. But they meet again later in life. As a total surprise to them both, Krissy's dad and Colton's mom are engaged. How will they cope with being step-siblings? Find out in Daddy Won't Know.


20. Birthday Crasher


   The week had gone by slowly. Daniel hadn't bothered me about Colton but he was always still concerned. But finally my birthday was here. I was turningseventeen. I had finally caught up to Colton's age.

   I loved having my birthday. Call me conceded, but I liked having a day where it was all about me for a change. And having Colton here for this one just made it even better!

   To start off my perfect day, Colton had arranged a sweet, classic, breakfast in bed. I was surprised to see he actually made it all himself. My favorite cinnamon toast with bacon and some slightly burnt eggs, but besides the eggs, it was all perfect!

   “Happy birthday, Baby Girl,” Colton smiled, kissing my forehead as I ate my food.

   “Thank you, Lover Boy. This is so sweet. Your just perfect,” I said honestly.

   I was so lucky to have this boy I couldn't explain it. I wouldn't ever want him to leave. I knew I was falling for him but he use to be a player, I couldn't tell him that. It would drive him away from me.

   “So are you, Baby Girl,” he smiled.

   My heart melted as always. He always knew exactly what to say to make my day.

   “Are you ready for your gifts?” he asked excitedly. There was a glint in his eyes.

   “You didn't have to get me anything, Colton. Really I'm just glad I have you now,” I said honestly.

   “I know you are. But I really wanted to get you something special,” he said.

   I smiled at how sweet he was and nodded, getting up and out of bed, not bothering to get dressed.

   I followed him downstairs where everyone was waiting in the living room.

   “Happy Birthday, Krissy!” they all said at once.

   Oh god! This was thoughtful but I really hated surprises.

   I spotted Alison, Dad, Daniel, Rhi and Brent all gathered around a pile of presents.

   Were those all for me!? I've only ever gotten two presents on my birthday before. One from my mom and one from my dad. And when my mom died, it was one from Rhi and the other from dad.

   Suddenly the pile ofpresents made up for the surprise that I hated. All was forgiven for!

   “Thanks guys,” I said honestly.

   I was so lucky to have so many more people in my life.

   “Here, Krissy. Open this one first,” my Dad said, handing me a a blue box with a green bow on top.

   I took it from him. The tag on it read: For Krissy. Hope you like it! Love Dad and Alison. I could tell Alison had written it, due to the neat handwriting, unlike my dad's.

   I smiled knowingly and tore at the paper. I loved unwrapping presents, it was always fun tearing the paper into shreds.

   Under the wrapping paper was a small, white, rectangular box. I opened it, curiously. I had no idea what to expect. In the box, layed an iPhone4.

   “No way! AniPhone!?” I shrieked. I had wanted one ever since Rhi gotten hers on the first day it'd been released. I had always envied her phone because mine was a crappy slide.

   “Yay! Now we're matching,” Rhi laughed, holding up her phone.

   I was so focused on the iPhone, I forgot to look at the envelope that had come with it. It had my name on it. I cut it open and slid out a $300 gift card to the outlet mall not far from here.

   “That's specifically from me. I thought you and I could have a girl's shopping day. You know, just you and I,” Alison suggested. 

   “That's perfect, Alison. Thank you,” I said to both Dad and Alison honestly.

   “Your welcome, dear,” Alison smiled.

   “Happy Birthday, Krissy,” Dad patted my head like a little girl.

   I wanted to play around on my new iPhone but Rhi placed another present on my lap.

   I picked it up and looked for a card or tag, not able to fine one.

   “Actually that one's from me for you to open on your own, Krissy,” Brent spoke up.

   Colton raised an eyebrow suspiciously at him. Brent just shrugged innocently.

   I shook the box lightly, wanting to know what was inside.

   “No don't-” Brent was cut off.

   The box was starting to vibrate but I didn't think anyone really noticed except Brent,Colton and I. I shook the box again and it was still. I put it aside and glared at Brent. I knew exactly what he's gotten me and I was so glad he'd stopped me from opening it in front of everyone.

   Colton's going to give him hell for it. I was sure.

   Colton's present was next. He handed me a small box that was neatly wrapped. I open it to see a new Pandora bracelet.

   Oh my Josh!

   “How did you know I wanted one of these?” I asked.

   “I guessed. Did I do good?” he asked, biting his lip nervously.

   “You did perfect, thank you, Colton,” I said honestly. I had to be careful and remember that Alison and Dad we're watching.

   I gave him a hug, making sure no one would look into it.

   “The other half is for later,” he whispered in my ear before he pulled away.

   Other half? There was more? How could this day get any better. I just wished he didn't spend so much one me. I knew how expensive those kind of bracelets were.

   Daniel had gotton me some charms for the bracelet, obviously getting the idea from Colton. He never was good with gift shopping.

   Rhi had gotten me a beautiful green dress that she'd picked out herself for me. It was slim at the top and skirted out by the waist. It was really cute and had a back shimmer belt to go with it. She said she got it for me to wear tonight.

   Apparently we were all going out for dinner to celebrate tonight. Daniel, Colton, Rhi, Brent and I.

   I was so excited to have a birthday with all my friends and boyfriend. I was jumping up and down. Could this day get any better!?

   I guess I spoke to soon.


   Later on in the afternoon, I was playing around on my iPod. I had set up my facebookon it and memorized my new number. Colton had already punched his number in it with his signature heart beside it, same as my old phone, and taken a picture of us together as his contact picture.

   I was playing a new app that I'd discovered when a facebook notification popped on my screen.

   I launched facebookand waited for it to load. I had a new message.

   Dwayne Flynn has sent you a new message.

   I didn't recognized the name so I clicked on it curiously.

   Once I read the message, I regretted opening it. I have hear of that name before. The last name at least. It was Colton's last name. Dwayne must have been his dad.

   I was right about that when I read the message.

   You should really be careful about what you post online, Doll. You shouldn't let strangers view your profile. Anyway, I came to remind you about the deal we had. I sent you the directions but I haven't seen you. That's a problem. I know you don't care about the old deal so I'm here to make a new one. Either you come to me or else Colton's on my list. And your sadly mistaken if you think I wouldn't threaten my own son. You have two days to contact me. Don't make the wrong decision.

   I shuttered at the message. My first instinctive was to run and show Colton like I was suppose to. Then again he sounded convincing. What did he mean he had a list? A list for what?

   I decided not to answer and make it look like I'd never read it. I would just ignore it. Maybe he would give up on me. He wasn't a big threat to me.

   They rest of the day was a blur and soon I was getting dressed into the new green dressRhi had gotten me. I curled my hair and pinned it up. I kept my makeup minimal and found a cute pair or small heels to match my dress.

   Apparently we were going somewhere fancy but I didn't want to go over the top. I hoped they didn't either.

   “Krissy! Are you almost ready?” Colton called from the bottom of the stairs.

   “Coming!” I called down.

   I looked myself over once more before skipping down the stairs to see Colton. He grabbed me by the waist and lightly pushed me up against the wall.

   “Finally some time to myself,” he mumbled.

   “What do you mean?”I smiled, “We have to go for dinner.”

   “I called you down ten minuted early,” he shrugged.

   “Oh, so your saying we have some spare time?” I grinned suggestively.

   He nodded and waggled his eyes at me. I giggled as he brought his head down and placed his lips on mine. I moaned in the back of my throat and he did the same. I loved hearing that noise from him.

   He smiled against my lips making my heart melt.

   “What?” I asked against his lips.

   He pulled away and looked me over head to toe.

   “You look beautiful, Krissy. Your just perfect,” he said, cupping my face.

   “Funny, I've been saying the same about you,” I added.

   He smiled and kissed me again. This one was long and more careful than the urgent one from before.

   After he pulled away, he looked at my longingly and I did the same.

   “Come on, Baby Girl, time for dinner,” he said and guided me down the hall.

   Outside, Daniel was waiting on us. He was going to drive himself and follow behind us, as he had no idea where he was going.

   We found Rhi and Brent in the parking lot when we arrived. All five of us were laughing and fooling around. Daniel was really starting to get along with Brent for some reason, but I think he had other opinions on Colton.

   The restaurant was really fancy. It was Italian, my favorite. It had a double doorentrance and inside was a high ceiling with beautiful hangingchandeliers.

   “This is it?” I asked, shocked.

   I've never even seen this restaurant before.

   “This is it, Baby Girl,” Colton confirmed.

   I smiled. I really did have the best boyfriend in the entire world. I was so lucky to haveColton in my life.

   “You know your the best boyfriend a girl could ask for, right?” I said to him.

   “I know,” he smiled confidently.

   I giggled and walked with him, hand in hand, to the hostess who awaited us.

   “Reservation for Flynn,” Colton informed her.

   “Five, correct?”she smiled.

   “Yes,” he confirmed.

   She nodded, “Right this way.”

   When we were seated, I sat beside Colton and across from Rho who sat next to Brent. Daniel sat on the end on the other side of me.

   “Can I start you off with drinks?” the waitress offered.

   “I'll have an iced tea, please,” I asked.

   Colton and Brent both ordered a Coke, Daniel a water.

   “I'll take a Pepsi,”Rhi smiled and winked at me.

   I rolled my eyes at her, remembering the last time she got me to drink a 'pepsi'. My life was never the same after that.

   We were all caught up in conversation, laughing and having a great time. Daniel was sharing stories about me when I was younger, doing stupid, embarrassing things. And Rhi had shared some of her own as well. She told the story about when the two of us had been in kindergarten and were learning about fire safety. Daniel and I had just gotten our first pet, a new puppy. We read a Clifford The Big Red Dog story in class that if there was a fire, you should never go back to the fire to save your pet. I cried through the rest of the story because I was scared for my puppy and had to sit on the teacher's lap.

   Colton laughed at that story. He said it was cute and wished he was there to see it.

   Everyone had just ordered and while Rhi was about to share another embarrassing story, my phone vibrated. It had to be Dad everyone, everyone else was here.

   I answered the text. It was from an unknown number. I frowned and read it:

   Like I said Princess, be careful, what you post online. For example, anyone can find out your cell phone number. By the way, green it defiantly your colour. Nice dress.

   I stared at my phone in shock. Why the hell is this happening to me!? Why won't he just leave me alone!

   Wait a minute, did he just say he liked my dress? As in he can see me!?

   I looked around therestaurant in every direction frantically. I had no idea what Colton's dad looked like. But I had a feeling I could tell.

   I nudged Colton and passed him my phone, to read the message. He read it silently then his head jerked up.

   “Stay here,” he said seriously.

   I nodded and watched him as he got out of his seat and stormed off to look around for him.

   “What is it!?”Brent asked immediately.

   “Colton's dad's here,” I said softly.

   “Shit!” Brent swore and got up as well to follow Colton.

   “What's the problem?” Daniel asked.

   Him and Rhi both looked at me quizzing.

   I explained to them that Colton and his mother had a restraining order against him and then  showed them the text I received.

   Daniel got up as well.

   “They might need help,” he said quickly, “Don't move.”

   I nodded again and then Rhi and I looked over on the other side of the restaurant. They were looking everywhere. Obviously Daniel had no idea who to look for but Brent and Colton let him tag along.

   My phone buzzed again.

   “Is that him!?”Rhi asked.

   I nodded slowly and carefully answered the text. I didn't want to read it but I felt obligated.

   It read:

   Bad choice. No need to involve others. Now I can add a few other people to my little list. Maybe two best friends and a brother? Look up.

   My body was shaking again. He was threatening all of them now. This was getting out of hand. He'd told me to look up. Was her here.

   I looked up at theceiling and all that was there were the chandeliers. My eyes travelled to the top floor of the restaurant and sitting alone at the table was Dwayne Flynn. It had to be.

   He was looking down at my with an index finger over his lips indicating for me to be silent.

   Then he opened out his jacket for me to see inside. On the inside of his coat was a gun.

   I gasped as my body went into panic mode. I looked across to Colton and was about to scream his name when I looked back to see Dwayne gone. It was like he's vanished.

   That was the end of my perfect, happy birthday.


A/N: So does that long chapter make up for the long wait? I hope so. What did you think? Question: What was your favorite gift that Krissy got? Leave a comment!

One of my best friends have a story that I'm reading on here. Can you check it out? I'd love for everyone to read her amaing work! I know it'd mean a lot to her and I'd really appreciate it. Her name is frownyface! Here's a link to her story!

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