Ocean Girl

When Toby meets a mysterious girl on a trip to the beach, he is facinated by her. Years later he has almost forgotten about this girl until he gets a chance to meet her once more . . .


2. Rain

Toby wondered why he had even bothered to get up that morning.

It was a Monday – which wasn’t a good day anyway, but was made worse by the fact that it was also the first day back after the Christmas holidays. Just yesterday, he was at home and could do whatever he wanted. But now he had to go to stupid school.

Just then, he felt a splash as something wet hit the top of his head. More of these cold droplets fell on him, getting heavier each time. Great, it’s raining – that’s just what I need, Toby thought bitterly.

He flipped the hood of his coat over his head and hurried along the familiar road towards his school. The rain had quickly turned into what felt like hard wet balls crashing down on him. It didn’t take long until Toby was completely soaked.

Someone bashed into him hard as they scurried along the pavement, almost sending him sprawling across the ground. ‘Watch it!’ he shouted angrily after regaining his balance. He was about to yell at her again, but the words got lost somewhere on the way to his mouth.

For a moment he had thought she was –

But no, that was stupid. The girl running along the pavement in front of him – the one who had almost knocked him over – couldn’t be that girl from the beach all those years ago. Definitely not, he must have been mistaken.

So maybe she did have the same dark hair, but so did a lot of other girls – it was hardly uncommon. Her skin, although very pale, was unmistakeably not green. She also had feet, which he didn’t remember the girl on the beach having. And where was the old-fashioned dress? Or the twinkling gentleness not likely to be found in someone who seemed to like walking into people on a very roomy pavement?

He shook his head irritably and told himself not to be stupid. The girl skidded around a corner and out of sight just as he decided not to think of her again.

Toby hadn’t spared a thought to the girl he saw on the beach for a long time. Seven years had passed since then and he could now hardly remember it. He knew that the experience had left a mark on him for several years after, though. He could remember that every time he went back to that beach he would spend all his time there looking for the Ocean Girl (as he liked to refer to her), instead of building sandcastles and splashing in the waves like he used to. Again and again, he was disappointed when he never found her and eventually he gave up hope of ever seeing her.

Toby liked knowing how and why things happened and had come up with two theories as to who and what the Ocean Girl was.

One: he had seen some sort of mythological or supernatural being.

As Toby never had and never would believe in such nonsense, he had never really considered this. But he didn’t like ruling out an option without clear evidence . . .

Two: he had made her all up.

It was possible, but the girl had seemed so real to him. He had so many questions about her, so if he really had just imagined her, wouldn’t he have filled in the blanks?

He had never come to any real conclusion so Toby had done what he did to anything that he couldn’t explain: forgotten about it.

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