Things I Love and Stuff I Hate

This is going to be a log of things I love or hate. Though, you probably guessed that... Anyway, you can suggest things for me to write about in the comments below.


3. Love No. 2: Animals


Love No. 2:



Big ones, small ones, even creepy-crawly ones! I love any kind of animal, from the biggest Great Dane to the prickliest Porcupine! Call me weird, but when my brother was nervous of his friend's Alsatian the other day, I was happy to come over and give the big lug a cuddle! The dog, not my brother, that is.

The thing I'm not too keen on though is horses. Don't get me wrong, they're lovely, I just don't really enjoy riding. That can be a problem when the other three girls in my year all LOVE to ride, and two of them actually own horses. I just don't take riding seriously. It's fun as a pass time, just not a main event in my life.

So then, I love animals, just not riding horses. Random I know, but that's me for you. Till next time!

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