Things I Love and Stuff I Hate

This is going to be a log of things I love or hate. Though, you probably guessed that... Anyway, you can suggest things for me to write about in the comments below.


2. Hate No. 1: Exams

Hate No. 1:



Call me negative, but I shall start this with a hate. And who doesn't hate exams? With all the revision, then the worry you get three minutes before you start, which ultimately finishes as a nervous breakdown. But the revision; oh it is horrible. Too many mind maps and bullet points, which I tend to discard as useless (after spending at least an hour on them) before throwing it into the bin.The only exams I even vaguely enjoy are English writing ones, but even then you have to produce essays.

So, I think exams are too nerve-racking, and take far too much effort to prepare for. But, without them, we wouldn't get any jobs or be able to have a life. So, I suppose they can be okay sometimes...


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