One step too far

She just a girl, a cutter, hates herself, is bullied, is abused, but all the same she is a girl


2. Saved



Ocean's POV


"Let me go! Please leave me be!" I screamed at a couple of boys from my grade. They were helping Sydney hurt me.

"Please let me go, just today, please!"

"Let me go, Let me go!" A boy named Jimmy mimicked mockingly.

The boys threw me onto the ground in a dark alley. School had just ended and I needed to get home, or else my father would be really mad.

A scream left my lips as someone slapped me. Another hand shot out of no where and punched me. Had I not already been on the ground I would have fallen. I was being kicked and hit. It hurt so much. Suddenly someone yelled. "What are you doing?!"

"Shit! Run!" and just like that they ran, leaving me lying on the ground, bleeding.

I whimpered in pain. I was beginning to feel numb. I tried getting up, but as soon as I managed to get on my feet I stumbled and almost fell. Strong arms wrapped around my waist. I looked up to see the most exotic eyes I've ever seen. They were a stormy gray. It was only then I realized he was talking.

"Hey, are you okay? Let's get you to a hospital. Whatever you do don't fall asleep okay? You have to stay with me."

Only then did I realize how tired I really was. My eyelids were so heavy, but I fought. I don't even know why. I had nothing to live for, but this boy with beautiful eyes told me to fight and so, I was. I wasn't long before the ambulance came,but for me, it seemed like an eternity. Who was this stranger who had saved me? Then suddenly my thoughts strayed to my father. He was going to kill me. Oh hell. I'm already late as it is, and now he has to come to the hospital to find me. I'm screwd, I'm screwd, I'm screwd. While I was lost in my thoughts we had arrived at the hospital. I was beginning to fade away, my energy gone.

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