The Innocent are Slaughtered


2. Evidence

 I stood there staring at my sister, horrified but relieved at what I had done. She looked peaceful in her death; I think it was the time I had liked her the most as she was not getting on my nerves. I had just one problem....... what to do with her body. I wasn't sorry but still my parents would be mortified and so I had to hide the evidence. I dragged Morene's  body towards a nearby field and grabbed a shovel on the way. 

 I waited till the sun had set, till that glowing ball of orange fire had been extinguished, and then I begun to dig. I dug a sort of coffin shaped hole in the soily earth and I made sure that it was so deep enough that no person would ever think to dig so deep. I chucked Morene in to the hole, said my farewell and then removed her from the face of the Earth forever. 

 That morning I snuck into the house early and cleaned myself up. I planned to make an appearance at around eleven in the  morning pretending like I had slept over at a friend. My mother didn't really bother that much with me so she wouldn't ask questions. When I pretended to get home my mum came running towards me screaming with joy. 

"Morene's been kidnapped! We thought we had lost you both...... Oh thank goodness!"

Deep down I knew my mum wished she had Morene instead of me and who could blame her, I did kill her favourite daughter after all.  

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