The Innocent are Slaughtered


1. The Death of Morene

I have always had trouble with my anger, sometimes it boils up inside me, a burning rage and there's nothing I can do to stop it. My little sister tends to get on my nerves; this was one day like no other.

Morene was singing this annoying song, I told her to stop it, she continued...... that was her first mistake. My blood went hot, my heart throbbed and my hands clutched the air. My jaw was tightly clenhed and I took long shallow breaths.

I lunged towards my sister who was still singing and grabbed her by her hair, "Are you going to stop it" I yelled at her, shaking her hard. she screamed yes at her because I was really hurting her but I enjoyed her pain, the agony in her eyes and that strain in her voice. My hands reached her throat; that was my mistake.

She was gone

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