That Boy I Know and Love

This is a story about a girl who falls in love with her best friend and realises that she loves him too late. She will do anything to get him away from this other girl he is currently dating behind this girl's back


3. The Note

Dear Richard,

I want you to know what a huge pig I think you are, flaunting Andy like that, embarresing me.... However what you have done to me although hurtful has improved my life by far. I am now numb and uncaring to you. So take care as I could not care less.


Richard read these words with dread. He had pushed too far, he'd known it but that was only because N was so locked up in that ancient soul of hers that she would never tell anyone her secrets or let herself slip. She stood behind wall after wall which protected her but also blocked her out from reality. He had so badly wanted to grab her attention that he did the one thing he knew she would hate, suck up to Andy

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