That Boy I Know and Love

This is a story about a girl who falls in love with her best friend and realises that she loves him too late. She will do anything to get him away from this other girl he is currently dating behind this girl's back


2. The Cold Shoulder

The next day at school was awful; I wasn't speaking to Richard purposely ignoring his fruitless attempts at now trying to converse with me. Andy seemed upset that she had done something behind my back but if I'm saying the truth I couldn't care less about her! My friends had no idea about what was going on so they were confused when they saw me walking down the corridors with such hostility in my eyes.

During break embaressment struck, Richard cornered me and rather loudly said " Are you jealous? I never thought you really liked me in that way!" People were starting to stare. I couldn't think of what to do to get away so in a moment of panic I simply smacked him in the face and ran off. I don't care if people really think I'm jealous maniac, actually I don't care what people think of me. All I knew is that I had to get away.

People kept glancing at me and I had had enough. I tore a page out of my foolscaps  and wrote Richard a note. Then I quickly crept up to his locker and sliped it between the vents making sure it fell inside so know one else would reach it.

The last bell signaling the end of school rang through the building. Richard hand in hand with Andy walked over to his locker. He opened the creaky metal door and found a note with the handwriting he knew all too well.

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