That Boy I Know and Love

This is a story about a girl who falls in love with her best friend and realises that she loves him too late. She will do anything to get him away from this other girl he is currently dating behind this girl's back


4. Past Relations

   A long time ago Andy and N used to be best friends. Nothing dramatic had happened to alter that, they just drifted apart. Six years later, Andy found herself back with N and they were ok; friends. Andy was best friends with Rich and N had moved on to more poular friends. N didn't care about these things; her friends had simply changed. It happened that over a school trip N and Rich bonded and began to hang out casually. This is what Andy didn't like. Secretly, she was jealous of N beacause she had moved on.

   Andy was always kept up at night by the thoughts of N ruining her life. She knew she was being dramatic but she couldn't help it. She plotted against her and try to hinder her but N was a careful girl. She knew what Andy was capable of and she didn't want Rich to get mixed up in it.

   So when Rich decided that he was going to make N jealous with Andy, N assumed that Rich knew that Andy was a psycho and she couldn't stand that he had fell for that. However, Rich was as dumb as a dodo to this news.


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