That Boy I Know and Love

This is a story about a girl who falls in love with her best friend and realises that she loves him too late. She will do anything to get him away from this other girl he is currently dating behind this girl's back


1. First Encounters

 I never really had a best friend that was a boy, until I met Richard. When we were younger we had been boyfriend and girlfriend but that was kid's stuff.

 Richard and I began doing all the romance stuff; walking together to class, head resting on each other's shoulderand hugging. I never thought of him in a romantic way, I just enjoyed the attention - two friends having fun together.

 One day we decided to walk off together and I happened to glance back at his friends. I saw this girl's face, Andy. She looked annoyed like I had betrayed her, we had been close friends when we were younger. Rich put his hand around my waist and pulled me away. He hadn't seen Andy. Over the week I started noticing that Rich was ignoring me and that I felt jealous and annoyed when he spent time with Andy, so I cold shouldered him.

 Monday afternoon I walked into an abbondened classroom only to stop short at the door. Inside were Andy and Rich kissing. I saw the way his lips brushed her's softly and the way their faces fitted together perfectly. At that point I realised I loved him too but he clearly didn't love me! He looked up at just the right time to see somone fleeing from the doorway. He ran out and heard a sob...... he knew it was me.

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