The Bookbinders

Thousands of years ago, when the mighty gods Starseers walked the small planet earth, all was perfect. There was food, water, homes and entertainment. Nowadays, it's not so good. Only four of us, The Bookbinders, can unravel the mystery of our ancient gods and restore the earth to it's former peace and tranquility. Because we have the power of the four seasons and the secrets of the universe trapped inside the four books we protect. But when we finally find the answers we are looking for, the truth is so nasty that it's a whole lot better living on a world like this...


2. Who am I?

The crazy girl, as I had accordingly named her, strutted right up to me; past Batboy and his crew. Which is NOT clever. You DON't want to ignore Batboy, especially if you're walking like you own the whole flipping town. As she reached me, a delighted smile crept along her face, making a shiver of happiness creep down my spine. The grey night sky, filled with exuast fumes and factory smoke, turned a little lighter and the cold, foreboding wind ceased a little with that smile.

SMASH! A half-empty beer bottle cracked against the crazy girl's back; the vile, sluggish liquid seeping through her clothes and down her legs. "Oi! Pretty girl! Over 'ere!" yelled a drunk voice I knew only too well. Batboy struggled up, swaying violently left and right, as if he was on a boat. He staggered over to Crazy Girl, almost falling over several times even though it was a short walk. "Come 'ere so I's can see you better!" he snarled, saliva dripping onto his stubbly chin. I knew with a sinking feeling what would happen next.

Batboy said nothing as the girl nervously made her way towards him. She stood in front of him, looking with a mild expression of horror at the small, piggy eyes, the bad crewcut, the tattoos along his arms and the muscles all over his body. Those muscles had killed many people over the years. He didn't hesitate now; he just punched her straight in the nose, sending her flying to the ground with blood gushing from her nostrils. But he wasn't done yet. I watched, frozen in horror, as he stamped on her ankle. It made a sickening crack. I had never helped anyone that Batboy had beat up before, but now I suddenly felt I needed to protect her. I stood up, my knees shaking but my voice strangely steady, and walked over to Batboy. "Leave. Her. Alone." I said quietly yet clearly.
"Pardon? I's didn't hear that! Maybes you's could speak up, eh?" he snarled, turning on me. The stink from his mouth was overpowering, but I held out. "I said, LEAVE HER ALONE!" I yelled, automatically flinging my arm out to protect me. But instead of protecting me, stream of cracked ice flew from my hand (if my eyes weren't deceiving me) and skewered Batboy as it shot through his heart. I looked at myself in disbelief. Who was I?

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