The Bookbinders

Thousands of years ago, when the mighty gods Starseers walked the small planet earth, all was perfect. There was food, water, homes and entertainment. Nowadays, it's not so good. Only four of us, The Bookbinders, can unravel the mystery of our ancient gods and restore the earth to it's former peace and tranquility. Because we have the power of the four seasons and the secrets of the universe trapped inside the four books we protect. But when we finally find the answers we are looking for, the truth is so nasty that it's a whole lot better living on a world like this...


3. The Telling

I dragged the girl, who was lying unconsious on the grimy cobblestones, back to my hobbyhole without looking at any of the other people who had just witnessed my extrodinary ability. Panting hard, I knelt beside the girl and shook her roughly. "Hello? Can you hear me? Hello?" I whispered hoarsly into her ear. For a moment, I felt the paralysing wave of panic and misery that you feel when a loved one has just died. That moment passed, though, as I saw the girl's eyelids flicker gently. I smiled in relief, my head feeling light and dizzy with happiness. "Uhhh...Winter? Winter Parish?" muttered the girl wanly. I frowned for a moment, thinking, How does she know my name? But then I realised: the same way she could survive an attack from Batboy and make the sky a little lighter. So I answered.

"Yeah? You okay there, crazy girl?" I whispered with a smile. Her eyes fluttered open, a smile dancing on her sweet red lips.

"Crazy girl? I'm called Summer Meadows, and I have something to tell you."


So here's the deal. I'm one of four sisters who has a special name and even more astounding powers. Powers of the four Seasons, as Summer calls it. She has, as the name implies, the powers of summer; no wonder she could make the world a little softer and more beautiful just by flipping existing! I have the Dark Powers, just as she has the Light Powers. I am the winter; a cruel, arrogant girl who likes everything HER WAY, RIGHT NOW. I would never be like that, but hey. Things change. A silver lining to my worryingly large thunder cloud is that I also bag the Shadow Powers, a curious type of magic which enables me to manipulate anything which has a shadow. Now, THAT will be fun. However, Summer says I have to get back to the Seasons Oak, the official hiding place of the Seasons Sisters, as I have nicknamed us, where I can meet the other two. If I get on with them like I do with Summer, then we're gonna have a whole lot of fun. 


The Seasons Oak is a vast, towering oak in the middle of a field seperated into four quarters; one quarter summer, one quarter spring, one autumn and one winter. I instantly was drawn to the winter section; my eyes could tear from the drifting snow and delicate trees.  

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