Gotta Be You

Callie is a normal fifteen year old, who like many dream of meeting British/Irish boyband sensation One Direction. But when her clueless father and evil step-mother force her to come on a 'bonding' holiday in the sunny island of Fiji, Callie gets caught up in a whirlwind of excitement when she learns that the 5 members of 1D are staying in her resort. As she experiences romance, friendship, betrayal and facing the past, Callie learns that sometimes it doesn't just take One Thing to have the best summer ever, but maybe five...


18. Your Song

 "You're kinda beautiful" 

Zayn looked down at my from his biker shades.

"That's a nice thing to say, you're getting better at this"

I shoved him playfully on the arm. You could see he thought I was messing.

"I just can't believe we're going home in three days"

He nodded, looking out over the Fijian sea. We were sitting on the peer, legs dangling above the water. Its odd. At first, this place was like heaven, so serene and so calm. But now, after getting used to the resort, all I can think about is how dead it was.

"I wish there were more people here" I said, dipping my toe further into the water. "You know, just for a bit of atmosphere"

"I'm sure they'd give you a bit of atmosphere" He said, pointing to the paparazzi surrounding the penthouse. We had just escaped them, with the help of Baldy, the boys' bodyguard, who was actually in hiding the whole holiday. 

"Another reason to get away from this place"

Then something flew into my mind. That town I saw coming from the airport to the resort, the one with the clock tower in the square. Vivienne had mentioned it days ago, about the bustling crowds, the friendly locals.

"Do you know what the nearest town from here is?"

"Er...yeah. Playa De La Franciscans, I think"

"We should go there" I said, leaping up.

"What, now?"

"If its not now, its then and then it will be now" He looked confused. "So, yes"

I grabbed his hand and tore off down the pier. We were laughing madly as we ran across the stretch of sand. Zayn picked me up Prince Charming style and carried me all the way to the beach-house. I needed to tell Dad and Vivienne, so we called there.

We came up to the beach-house, Zayn out of breath from carrying me, and me from laughing. I walked in with Zayn in toe,  to see Vivienne and Dad sitting at the table. I smiled, and was about to introduce Zayn when I saw the horrified expressions on their faces.

"Callie!" And then my Dad went into a rant. "Callie, the photography fiasco was already enough to make me lose my job. What are you doing with one of those boys?"

"Dad!" I said, shocked at his lack of tact. Normally, Dad would be the most polite and diplomatic person I knew.

"My job is already hanging by a thread, Callie. And I still haven't even finished the website layout yet!"

He buried his head in hands and groaned.

"Your dad is a bit stressed right now, Callie"

"Can see that, Viv"

Instead of ticking me off again, she just rolled her eyes. I smiled at her to let her know I was joking. It was surprising how okay we were getting along now.

"Now, this is Zayn. My boyfriend" Cue mouths dropping to floor. Yes, we went exclusive straight after Zayn rocked us all out of the boat. Wow, Niall was right, that does sound kind of wrong.

It didn't exactly get the reaction I was hoping for. VIvienne groaned, looking quickly at my father in case he had another meltdown. And it struck me how she might have actually known him better than I did lately because Dad was freaking out.


I decided, for once, I wouldn't speak. I whispered to Zayn that I'd text him later, and he straight away got the message. He said goodbye to Dad and Vivienne and swiftly exited the beach-house. I turned back to Dad, who had gone from angry, over-protective father to distressed, blaming-himself father.

"Its all my fault! I wasn't keeping enough control over her! I shouldn't have moved her from everything she was familiar with! It wasn't fair!"

I decided to let Vivienne, who was rubbing my father's back in a comforting way, deal with it. I escaped to the safety of my room and jumped onto the bed. I lay my head back against the headboard and tried to clear my head. I knew that Zayn wasn't what was bugging my Dad. I mean, he never blew up at James? And the website was stressful, but not to that extent. My dad always did well under work pressure. What could be wrong with him?

At some point a must have fell asleep because I dozed into a dream that was very odd. Zayn and me were getting married on the beach. He was dressed in a swishy black suit, with his windswept brown hair blown back like Edward Cullen's in the first Twilight movie. Dad and Vivienne were at the front, dressed in casual, fun-looking clothes. I had Vivienne in a multi-coloured beach-dress, to signify her transformation to a more easy-going Viv. Dad was sitting awkwardly on his chair, half prepared to leap up and drag me back down the aisle I expect. But what was odd was this glowing space on the chair in between Dad and Vivienne. It was like I was meant to see the emptiness separating them. I shouted out to Dad what it was, but his face just fell into a depressed expression. Vivienne smiled at me and put her hand into the nothingness. But her hand touched something solid, because she picked it up and put on her lap. And she looked at it, eyes wide, like she was beaming lovingly at a...

I was woken suddenly to the sound of someone knocking on my door. I couldn't figure out what the dream was about, but I dismissed. My last dream was about a monkey that joined the Wanted because he smiled a lot. Yup, never eat cheese before bed.

So I went to the door, and Vivienne was standing there smiling, with a bowl of tomato soup on a tray.

"Thought you might be hungry" She came in and set it down on the table. She stayed in the room, obviously here to bring more than just soup. She looked at me but didn't say anything, as if she was collecting her words carefully. 

"Callie, your dad is a bit all over the place at the moment. With work and everything..." It struck me how that 'everything' was leaking with emotion. They weren't telling me something. "And this really had nothing to do with you. But all the same, your dad wants you grounded"

She must have known I was going to protest because she quickly jumped in.

"Callie, I tried to persuade him to leave it 'til we were back home but he insisted"
"That is so unfair!" 

"I know" She said, looking at me sympathetically. "But you must understand your dad isn't doing it to you because you did something wrong, prior to what he thinks. He is just trying to control something in his life, when everything else is going pear-shaped. He thinks he's doing something right"

"I can't believe this"

Vivienne went back down to Dad, and I was left in my tower, trapped. I felt so wronged. Then I heard a tap at the glass door on the balcony. I pulled it back and looked down. 

There were the five boys, all looking up at me.

"We're here to save you, Rapunzel!"

I rolled my eyes at them.

"Wait there, we'll come up and get you down" Niall called, and him and Harry stepped forward towards the piping. But I grabbed the piping and manoeuvred myself over the balcony. I slipped down, nearly catching my foot. Soon I was on the ground, and the five boys were staring at me. Oh shiz. I quickly looked behind me, expecting to see my shorts half-way back up the pipe.

"Told you she wouldn't wait" Zayn said, grinning widely. Oh, so thats what they were on about. Anyone can slip down a pipe, jeez.

"What about your Rapunzel story? The prince rescues her"
I shrugged.

"It was Rapunzel's hair, wasn't it?"

And we all walked back down the beach, me and Zayn hand in hand, ready for our next life-defining moment.

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