Gotta Be You

Callie is a normal fifteen year old, who like many dream of meeting British/Irish boyband sensation One Direction. But when her clueless father and evil step-mother force her to come on a 'bonding' holiday in the sunny island of Fiji, Callie gets caught up in a whirlwind of excitement when she learns that the 5 members of 1D are staying in her resort. As she experiences romance, friendship, betrayal and facing the past, Callie learns that sometimes it doesn't just take One Thing to have the best summer ever, but maybe five...


7. Tell Me A Lie


I dreaded the conversation awaiting me at breakfast. It would be... Awkward.

Wow, that's more of an understatement than calling Kristin Stewart 'not very smiley'.
So expecting the worst, I traipsed down the stairs to the first floor. I had decided to get this over with as soon as possible.
But just before I went down the second flight of stairs going to the hall, I heard muffled words from Vivienne and Dad's room. Usually they were always up before me so I knocked on the door to see if there was actually someone in there.
"Come on"
I saw Vivienne sitting on the chair by the vanity table, brushing her long golden hair. If she wasn't so uptight all the time, and let her hair down once in a while (literally and metaphorically), then she would look quite like a princess. Dad was sitting up against the headboard of the bed, reading an English paper he bought at the airport and sipping tea from a mug.
"Hi Cal, up already?"
I glanced at the clock on the wall, realising it read 7:45. I guess I was in such a hurry to get the tense conversation out of the way, I didn't check what time it was. Ah well, no time like the morning. Wait, is that the right phrase?
"We need to talk" Both me and Vivienne said together. Even Dad’s chuckle didn’t ease my nerves.

"Okay, let's all go downstairs and talk it out before breakfast"
So the three of us sat down at the dining table, Vivienne dishing out croissants and humming along to an ancient Abba song playing from Dad’s iPod speaker.

“Why are you looking so worried, Cal?” Dad said, looking up from his newspaper to see me fiddling with my thumbs on the table.

“I need to say something” I took a breath. “Now you know how I’m feeling at school, how much I miss home, I think we need to look at another option”

Vivienne and Dad glanced at each other.

“Actually…” Vivienne said slowly. “We have been thinking along the same lines”

“You see Callie, we talked it over last night” Dad said slowly. God, was he announcing the results of the X Factor? Hurry up, old man!

“How do you feel about living at Kilshannon for the school year?”
“Boarding?” I asked, my fingers crossed.

“Yes, boarding”

“Like what James is doing?”

“Yes, we can talk to Mrs. Shay once we get back to London”

They waited for my opinion on the idea. It took me five minutes to process this through my mind. I can go back to my old school. I can live there, with my old friends. With James, who I missed so much it hurt. Once this registered in my brain, I completely freaked out.

I squealed with delight, flinging myself into Dad’s arms, knocking over his juice.

“Oh sorry!” But I was too happy to be remorseful about yet another liquid spillage I had made. I’d see Em, Kellie and Lisa again. I’d see Ali Carson, the most popular girl in the year, but even her name could not dampen my spirits! I’d see all my teachers, cranky, mean old Mr. Ellis, dramatic, emotional wreck Mrs. Matthews. I’d even like to see Mrs. Shay, our principle, who scares me more than those flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz. Wow, they were freaky. I must tell Em!

“Dad, can I ring Em and tell her the news?”

Vivienne sighed and reached for the cloth, starting to wipe my orange spill.

“Go ahead love” He said, and even Vivienne smiled encouragingly. I rushed up to my bedroom, grabbed my mobile off the bed, and quickly found Em’s number in my contact list. It rang a couple of times before Em, who actually disapproves of constant phone use, picked up.


“Hey Em, its me. Callie”

There was a silence and a few muffled murmurs in the background.

“Er, Callie?”
My stomach dropped. She’s forgotten me. Well, why wouldn’t she? I’ve been gone almost a year, the girl isn’t going to put her life on hold for me. She’s probably glad I’m gone. She probably has amazing new friends, ones who recognise One Direction, ones who don’t spill any drink in site…

“Am, I’ll you call back…” (Lie)

“No, wait!”

Another series of shuffles in the background. Then I heard a voice. Wait, was that a…boy? I heard Em telling the person she’d see them later.

“Cal, you still there?”

“Emily Susan Francine Ryan, what that a boy I just heard?”
I heard Em’s familiar laugh. It sent a wave of calmness over me, reminding me of everything good back home. It gave me a sense of security, Em and me were still friends.

“So, how’s the big London hotshot?” It wasn’t said with malice or mockery in the tone, it was just Em’s cheerful persona. But still the words made me ashamed.

“Wouldn’t know” I replied, walking out onto the balcony. “I’m still a Clare girl at heart”

I could nearly hear Em smiling through the phone.

“So, any news from Kilshannon?”
“Well, before school ended for summer, Lisa got chickenpox. She’s still going on about how it has affected her complexion. Kellie changed her hair about seven times, thankfully she’s decided on a blunt cut, jet black bob. Dan Summers in our year asked me out. I was hyperventilating with nerves about our first date, until I found out he asked two other girls out that night before me. One of them being Lisa. Not much has happened, what about you?”

Where to begin. So, I decided to start with my big news.

“Em, you’ll never guess”

I paused for effect.


“I’m moving back to Kilshannon!”

Em was silent.

“Your Telling Me A Lie”

“Scouts honour”

FYI, I’ve never done scouts in my life. I always wanted one of those blue outfits with the tie thingies though…
Em screamed on the other end of the line.

“Oh my god!”

“I know!”

“You’re coming back!”

“I know!”
“We can be BFF’s again!”
“I know!”

Me and Em spent the next hour talking rapidly, both catching up on the past and making plans for the future. Em is also a boarder, so we might even be assigned the same room! Em told me all about Lisa’s aspirations to be a model (Lisa always did have a liking for mirrors, but then they were good to her so…) and Kellie’s ever-changing image (she can go from hippie-chic to gothic punk-rock in a second).

“Are you going to miss your Dad and Vivienne?”

I stopped short. Immediately I felt guilty. Honestly the thought never entered my head. Of course I would miss my Dad, his constant snoring, his one word sentences. I would miss Vivienne, even though we’re still not best buddies. I realise now that because I was longing so much to go back, I wasn’t looking forward. Now hopefully, going back will bring me forward. Yup, I can be deep. Must write that down…

“I will miss them, a lot” I paused. “But if you and James can do it…”
“Do what?” She said in a really high voice, her panic voice.

“Er, be away from your families...” That was weird. “Are you okay?”

“Ha, sorry, I’m a little pepped up on coffee”


Note to self: Get Em drinking tea. But something was weird besides her caffeine intake, and I was going to find out what that was…

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