Gotta Be You

Callie is a normal fifteen year old, who like many dream of meeting British/Irish boyband sensation One Direction. But when her clueless father and evil step-mother force her to come on a 'bonding' holiday in the sunny island of Fiji, Callie gets caught up in a whirlwind of excitement when she learns that the 5 members of 1D are staying in her resort. As she experiences romance, friendship, betrayal and facing the past, Callie learns that sometimes it doesn't just take One Thing to have the best summer ever, but maybe five...


13. Taken

"Oh, hi there"
Ellie looked taken aback. I wondered why, considering I'd said I'd get her stuff back to her as soon as I could.
"Here" I handed her the bag. "The tote is to make up for the lost clutch"
She smiled at the neon pink pineapple print bag.
"Cute, I didn't even know my clutch was Taken" She gestured for me to follow her into the apartment. "So, how are you doing?"
I sighed, taking a seat on the plush sofa.
"Come, tell Aunt Ellie everything"
So I told her everything, starting from when I got the boys penthouse that morning. I purposely left out the Zayn thing, mostly because I wasn't sure if it was a thing yet.
"I'm sorry" she said, smiling sadly.
"Ya, well it wasn't your fault"
"What about those pictures. Do you know who sold them to the magazine?"
"No idea. But I couldn't find my camera anywhere, so I must have..."
I stopped. I had put the camera in the clutch, to capture the memories of my first date. I had left the clutch on the table in the Chammarie...
"Oh my god!" I jumped up from the seat. "I've gotta go!"
"Wait, why?"
But I was gone. I ran down the stairs (elevator was too slow) and found myself regretting it when I was keeled over, clutching my side.
When I had regained my breath (note to self: get fit) I continued on the the Chammarie. The restaurant was quiet, with only a few late breakfast people eating. I noticed Carlos, the smiley manager, in the corner.
"Ah, Ms. Kendall, no?" His face grew a little scared at the look of determination on my face as I made my way across the room.
"Callie, yes" I pointed at the table we had been sitting at. "I left my bag here last night, I was wondering if it might still be here?"
"I'll check in back"
He wondered off to the storeroom and came back, head a-shaking.
"No, Ms. Kendall. There is no bag back there"'
I nodded, knowing whoever took the camera wouldn't have given back the clutch. On to phase 2.
"Do you have CCTV?"
"What is this...?"
"Security cameras" I said, cutting him off.
"Every good restaurant should have them, so naturally, we have five!"
He brought me back to the storeroom/ office, which had an old wooden table and chair, quite the contrast to the shiny MacBook on its surface. He sat down on the chair and turned it on. Seconds later he was loading a security software, multiple video selections coming up.
"So that's all happening right now?" I asked, impressed.
"Sí, there is table five with the lady who has a problem with her eyelashes. They always flutter crazy when I come over... And there is table three, with the baby that makes me not want to have children..."
"Sorry; but can we see footage of the past"
"Of course, What time, Miss?"
"I don't play much myself, what about you?"
Oh god.
"Ten, ten is fine"
He entered the date and swiftly skipped through to ten o' clock, after seeing me and Harry take our seats and chat and eat. I was right to be suspicious that night, he was obviously staring at Rhiannon all the time. Every second work I spoke he glanced over at her. Even watching it back infuriated me. It wasn't even Harry, it was the fact I was being screwed over right in front of my eyes.
We saw how the paparazzi showed up. How Harry fled he scene, to my embarrassment. How I got up, wondering what on earth I was supposed to do. How I picked up Harry's phone and split my dress...
"Wait!" I cried. Carlos looked startled. "Go back!"
He rewinded back the security tape. There it was. Why didn't I put it together before? Who had something against Harry? Who needed money? After all, waitressing cant pay much. Who told me Harry's phone was on the floor, giving her an open chance to grab the clutch on the table?
"Rhiannon" I whispered, snapping my fingers together.
"Ah, my waitress"
"She's the murderer!"
Carlos cried out with shock so I reassured him she didn't kill anyone.
"I mean, she stole my camera"
"Camera? I though it was a bag..."
"It's complicated. But thanks for the help!"
I dashed out of the room, nearly bumping into the main girl herself.
"Watch where you're..."
"Rhiannon" I growled.
"Soz, loads to do!" She said, making a dash for it. Carlos grabbed her arm, warning her not of try anything funny.
"You will answer Ms. Kendall's questions until she have what she wants"
So Rhiannon was brought back into the storeroom and sat down on a stool in the corner.
"Go ahead, Ms. Kendall"
"Thank you, Carlos" He smiled, and left the room promptly.
"Give me my camera"
She rolled her eyes.
"I haven't got it"
"We saw you take it!"
She looked down at her feet.
"I did it to get back at him. How could he hide me away and display you as his girlfriend, in the restaurant I worked at?"
I cringed at how unfair it sounded coming out of her mouth. Maybe we were both screwed over.
"So you sold the pictures to hurt him?"
She shook her head.
"I didn't sell the pictures. Someone else did"
"I didn't sell your pictures"
I was getting impatient.
"Well, who did?"
Rhiannon shrugged.
"I'm not saying" she folded her arms defensively.
"Will you say when I tell Carlos his best waitress stole a customer's camera?"
"Somehow I don't think he'll fire me"
She looked almost smug. What was going on here? She laughed at my baffled expression.
"Not as clever as you think, are you? Think Nancy Drew. Who would have gained the most out of pictures of the resort splashed across magazines? Who would benefit from One Direction being associated with the resort?"
I gasped.
She stared at me like I was mad.
"I really don't know who you're talking about, and I thought I might have a chance if I said the most common name I know"
She rolled her eyes.
"Carlos! The hotel sold your pictures as a ploy to get publicity!"
What? But... Well, okay that made sense.
"But surely there's some confidentiality agreement between the resort and the band. The trip being so top-secret and everything"
She grinned.
"Apparently, the agreement was that the hotel could not let the public know that One Direction were staying at their resort"
I raised my eyebrows at her.
"Wow, they did a great job" I said sarcastically.
"Actually they did" she smirked. "We didn't tell the paparazzi One Direction were here"
I was lost.
"Oh ya, I believe that"
"It's true. Someone let the public know before the photos got out, that way we weren't violating any rules"
"Stealing a guest's camera and exposing personal photos of that said guest isn't against some rule?"
She shrugged.
"Are you gonna sue?"
Case dismissed. So, I knew what happened to my camera (which I would be getting back...right?) and I was proven innocent. But who spilled the peas to the paparazzi? That better be right. I swear, if someone wrote a book on 'basic phrases' I would so buy it.
"So I've hit a wall again" I said aloud.
"Not entirely" Rhiannon reached in to her skit pocket and handed me a piece of paper. " I was on the computer over in the Arcade. Someone had sent this to and forgotten to close the window, so I printed it off because it looked interesting"
"Why are you giving it to me?" I asked suspiciously. Surely she couldn't be...helping?
"Please, I have enough to be doing" And with that, she got up from the seat and stalked out. I sighed, turning my attention to the paper in my hand. I unfolded it. It said at the top in purple spiral letters, and it seemed like the email was rushed because it was short and the spelling wasn't very good. This is what I could make out:

I know for a fact One Direction are staying at Los Paradise de Fiji, a resort on the coast of Fiji. About two hours from Hayla Airport. Big scoop at The Chammarie at 7:30. Bring cameras.

There was no name signing off, but maybe there didn't need to be. This person knew the place and time of our date, and made sure the paparazzi would be around. What Rhiannon hadn't noticed was that the email had been forwarded to more than twelve other magazine sites and gossip blogs. Whatever the reason was, this person wanted there to be a commotion. But the question was, why? That was such a good ending line. Oh my god I've ruined it now, haven't I? I just couldn't let it hang there. Excuse me, I'm going to go have a little cry...
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