Gotta Be You

Callie is a normal fifteen year old, who like many dream of meeting British/Irish boyband sensation One Direction. But when her clueless father and evil step-mother force her to come on a 'bonding' holiday in the sunny island of Fiji, Callie gets caught up in a whirlwind of excitement when she learns that the 5 members of 1D are staying in her resort. As she experiences romance, friendship, betrayal and facing the past, Callie learns that sometimes it doesn't just take One Thing to have the best summer ever, but maybe five...


4. Stole My Heart




He was sprawled across the bed fully clothed, with his mouth hanging open.


Except it sounded like ‘wha-chhhh” as my diligently polite father gave a sleepy snort half way through his reply.

“I’m heading down to the beach”


Permission from parent, check. I ran back up to my room and grabbed my beach tote. Its contents included:


My floral bikini that Vivienne helped me buy (turns out she has actually quite a good sense of style)

My pink Nikon camera (Hello, I’ll need proof that One Direction are actually staying here!)

Latest issue of KISS (bought it at the airport with a packet of Skittles)

My iPod (Think Conor Maynard, Owl City, 1D)

My tropical towel (Aren’t those birds with big beaks just so adorable!?)

Neon green sunglasses (Get you noticed)


Just as I was about to leave my (beautiful!) room, I caught site of myself in the floor length mirror made of driftwood. I was wearing denim blue shorts and a white t-shirt I had changed into in the airport bathrooms. It was pretty basic, should I be making more of an effort for them? I reached up and smoothed my hair. It was stick straight and a bland brown colour, but the humidity was kind of making it frizz. I never usually cared about this kind of stuff! Why was I getting so freaked about my appearance now? I knew I wasn’t ‘boy pretty’ and the lads at school literally took no notice of me. But I kind of suspected that that was because I scared them with my no- nonsense persona. Its not like I can’t be sensitive or caring, but I’ve learned that if you just be a hard rock, then nothing can hurt you. Yes, it was much better not to care about what anyone thinks of you. Then you can’t be disappointed. I gave myself a fierce look in the mirror and retreated downstairs.

“Hi Callie” Vivienne smiled at me as I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge. “Where are you going at half seven?”

“Just taking a walk on the beach”

She smiled again, and waved to me. The sun must be getting to her. I walked down along the beach towards the resort, where Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson were sitting in front on a bench waiting for me.

“Hey” Louis said, smiling.

“Hi” I said.

“So, Where are you from in Ireland, Callie?” Niall asked curiously.

“Co. Clare, but I live in London now”

“Big change”

My smile faltered. One of the biggest of my life.

“Anyway, we were wondering if you’d like to have dinner with One Direction” Niall grinned warmly. He was like a great big puppy, so friendly and welcoming. He was quite like the man who had greeted us from the hotel today.

“Sure” I said, walking up the steps towards the restaurant. Some girls would kill for a date with one member of One Direction, and I get two? Luce and Clarence would literally kill me.

“No, not at the resort” Niall said mischievously. “We’re the only teens around here, so we decided to make a place of our own down the beach”

“Sounds cool”

We continued on down the beach, just inhaling the refreshing Fijian air. Niall was nattering away about some football team back in Ireland. He seemed delighted to have someone from his home country, but I couldn’t listen to what he was saying. It just hurt way too much. And it reminded me of Him.

“And I used to play for my club, mid field to be exact; I was some good forward though…”

Louis looked as lost as I did. For some reason, I got the feeling he wasn’t as he should be. He looked very distant and lost in thought, and I always imagined Louis to be as cheeky and cheerful as his partner in crime, Harry. But he seemed out of sorts. I know I don’t know him that well, I basically only met him. But I’ve always been a good perceiver of feelings. I got it from my mother really. I’ve always been extra sensitive to people’s emotions and facial expressions; I have a good intuition about what they’re thinking. Its one of the reasons I’m so fascinated with photography. I love the fact I’m able to capture a person’s thoughts and feelings in a moment just by snapping a camera.

“Here we are!”

I was grabbed out of my thoughts by Niall’s announcement.

There in front of me, was a magical site. A huge, blazing, fire was planted in the middle of a circle, with round logs surrounding it. Sitting on these three logs, was Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. And my world stopped. His brown eyes melted me right on the spot. His broody smoulder made him look like a Ralph Lauren model, glowing in the light of the fire. I had to gave myself a shake just to knock myself out of this trance. I was being stupid and impulsive. I must regain all control of my emotions, or I could get hurt. I kept reminding myself of this and soon I calmed down. Is it normal to fall in love so quickly? I’m sure its possible when that person is Zayn Malik…

 Niall sat himself beside Liam and Harry joined Louis on the log. That meant the only space for me was beside Zayn. Do. Not. Hyperventilate.

I whipped out my Nikon and took one snap of the boys all laughing under the moonlight. Apparently, Niall had just broken wind.

“Guys, this is Callie from the plane!” Niall said, so the guys wouldn’t think I was paparazzi.

“Hey Callie”



I perched on the log, close enough to get a whiff of Zayn’s wood smoke smell. He was gorgeous up close.

“Callie?” I snapped back to Niall’s attention.


“Do you want some crisps?”

I reached into the bag and pulled out a crisp. I made a pact that if this was cheese and onion then I wouldn’t become as weak as get involved with a boy here. It doesn’t even matter if it’s someone as gorgeous as Zayn Malik, like he’d ever go for me anyway. The relationship would only last for the holiday, and I would end up going home with my heart broken. And I wouldn’t stoop to that. I was smarter than that, I knew what would happen. I popped the crisp into my mouth. And salt and vinegar sensations filled my senses. Oh no.

“So, I hear you’re from Ireland?” Zayn said in a deep, husky voice.

I nearly choked on my crisp. But of course, it wasn’t Zayn, it was Harry grinning at me from across the fire.

“Um, yeah” I swallowed my ‘pact’ crisp and turned to face him. “I live in a surfing town, called Lahinch”

Niall nodded enthusiastically.

“Best waves ever, me and the lads used to go there on mini holidays”

“You must take me there some time” Harry said to Niall, but I kind of felt the request was directed at me. He smiled. He did have such a nice smile, one that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

So Niall started talking about surfing to Harry, who was staring quite intently at me. I looked away to stop myself from blushing. Liam looked a bit uncomfortable, which I guessed was because they were under strict laws not to see me, or any other ‘nuisances’. He seemed the most mature and focused of the lot, but he had a twinkle in his eye every time the lads said something funny. Louis was very quiet, and I noticed the lads sensed this too. Liam kept looking over at him with wonder, and I knew once I was gone someone would ask him about his troubles. Zayn stared mysteriously into the fire, laughing occasionally at something the lads had said.

“What about a song?” Niall said, taking his guitar from behind his log.

“Yeah!” Harry said enthusiastically. “What will we sing?”

“Well, what does our guest think?”

The boys all looked at me.

“What about Stole My Heart?” I said, remembering the most recently played song on my iPod.

“Come on Liam, start us off, Erica won’t know…”

Liam rolled his eyes and laughed.

“Okay, okay”

Niall played the few opening chords and Liam began to sing.

Under the lights tonight,

Turned around, and you stole my heart

With just one look

When I saw your face

I fell in love

Took a minute girl, to steal my heart tonight

Liam’s voice filled the cool, breezy air as the fire flickered with shades of amber and gold. Everything was just perfect. Harry was singing now, his eyes set on me. I decided to hide behind my camera instead, to avoid further embarrassment on my part. Harry Styles was looking at me. Harry Styles was looking at me. I clicked a couple of times until I got a perfect one, the five boys smiling and singing, while Niall was strumming away on the guitar. I really could not have thought of a better moment. The song ended and I clapped like a good one person audience.

“That was great, so you can actually sing in real life!”

The boys laughed.

“So, I hear there’s a really hot waitress working at the smoothie bar” Niall said cheerfully. “Think she might go for me?”

Harry snorted.

“Niall, we’re supposed to be focusing on having a calming holiday with no stress, including girl drama”

Liam’s words came straight out of his manager’s mouth.

“Lighten up, Liam” I said, not wanting him to spoil the carefree mood surrounding my perfect night. “If you’re here to relax, why are you going around like you have a carrot shoved up your nose?”

Harry started clapping and Niall high-fived me. Louis had a smile on his face, more which I surprisingly haven’t seen much. Liam looked up at me for the first time tonight. I thought he was going to protest or retort back but he just grinned.

“You’re right, hey, maybe the waitress will go for me?” And after that, Liam loosened up. 

“Not a chance” Niall scoffed. “What about you, Louis?”

Louis looked like he couldn’t think of anything worse.

“Don’t think so”

“Why not?” Niall laughed. “Free ‘Berry Twist’s”

Louis groaned.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“I’m going to bed” He mumbled, getting up and slumping back to the resort.

“Anyone know what’s going on with Louis?”

They all shake their heads.

“He’s been weird ever since our last concert in Sydney” Harry said.

“Yeah, but nothing out of the ordinary happened on stage that night”

“I thought that concert went really well to be honest”

The boys were stumped at to what could have shaken their friend so badly.

“Look, maybe I can talk to him” I said slowly. “You know, he might talk to a girl”

The band agreed that I should try.

“Meet us at the smoothie bar tomorrow at 11, okay?”

I bid goodbye to the boys, getting one last glimpse of Zayn, and returned to the comfort of my blue and white bed. I snuck up the stairs (I knew Dad and Vivienne wouldn’t approve of me being out so late, although Vivienne was acting awfully funny…) and jumped into my pyjamas. Since the air was so hot here, I basically just wore light shorts and a string t-shirt. I turned on 1D on my iPod, and played Stole My Heart, as I enveloped myself in the crisp, fresh sheets. The song had a whole different meaning to me now, and as I drifted into the land of slumber, the guy whole ‘stole my heart’ kept popping into my head…

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