Gotta Be You

Callie is a normal fifteen year old, who like many dream of meeting British/Irish boyband sensation One Direction. But when her clueless father and evil step-mother force her to come on a 'bonding' holiday in the sunny island of Fiji, Callie gets caught up in a whirlwind of excitement when she learns that the 5 members of 1D are staying in her resort. As she experiences romance, friendship, betrayal and facing the past, Callie learns that sometimes it doesn't just take One Thing to have the best summer ever, but maybe five...


5. Same Mistakes


“Hello, sleepy head”

Vivienne was grinning down at me as I ate my cubed fruit at the breakfast bar.

“Er, hi…” She sure was acting strange since we arrived. I mean, I have never really had a civil conversation with Vivienne. We both make snappy comments, or Vivienne is stuck to her blackberry. I better explain what Vivienne does for a living. Vivienne Kendall, formerly Grey, is Dad’s boss’s sister. Dad always had a dream of owning his own bar, being his own boss. Before he met Vivienne, he was even looking at buying this cute little tavern in Clare, back in Ireland. But his pipe dream flew out the window when Vivienne came into the picture. Everything just spiralled from there, us moving to London, Dad starting his new job, Dad marrying Vivienne. Vivienne is a successful business-woman, who owns a publishing company called ‘Chapters Press’. She lives on her blackberry and sometimes I think she would have married that device if she could. I wish marrying an object was legal, I would sign that petition in a heartbeat if that meant it was just us again.

“So, how is school?”

“Its summer”

Vivienne ruffled my hair and sat down beside me.

“I meant how’s it going in general” I shrugged. “Its fine” Which was true. But that’s all it was. Fine. Clarence and Luce were the only good things about school. I’m not doing badly, in fact, I’m 100% completely average in everything but French and maths. I get all As in French and struggle to get Cs in maths. Its not like I’m stupid or anything, its just languages make more sense to me than numbers. Its easier to learn something you already know in a different way, than to do something completely new. Like with maths, where I feel there’s always something new you have to grasp.

“Daniel says you were very popular back in Ireland, do you miss your friends?”

I shrugged again. But the answer was without a doubt yes. Emily was my best friend, and we hung out with two others, Lisa and Kellie. Em was quite an introvert, and I was quite worried for her when we moved. But I suppose she got a new best friend, or became a threesome with Lisa and Kellie. She was sensitive and shy, and was a great listener. She also gave helpful advice, like when she told me to give Vivienne a chance. Well, that may have been one of her off days, she normally gives good advice.

“Don’t shrug” Vivienne said tapping my shoulders with her blackberry.

“Don’t nag” I retorted, clearing up my bowl and putting it in the sink. I left the house before she could pester me more. I walked all along the beach to the resort, wondering what would happen at this meeting with Louis. What would I say? Would I be forceful and determined? Or sneaky and squeeze it all out of him? And most importantly, would Zayn be there?


Luce: You saw one… what?


It took me a minute to understand what she was talking about. Then it came to me, the unfinished text I had sent her. I rolled my eyes. It was just like Luce to reply to a text about a century later. But I couldn’t tell her I had met One Direction, at least, not until I got home…


Me: One hell of a cute boy!

Luce: Send me details ltr, hav to go to ballet pract.


Good, now I would have time to come up with some load of waffle about a mystery boy. Just then my phone gave another beep.


Em: Hey stranger, how are you? I’ve texted and emailed a couple of times, but you haven’t really been replying recently. You’re probably really busy with your new London life! Well, I guess it’s not new if you’ve been living it for a year… How’s your Dad? How’s Vivienne? I know you said that your school is fantastic, and you love it there, but don’t forget about us here! Everyone misses you, especially James. And me, obviously. But James really does. Okay, I better go. Please contact me soon. Salutations, Em.


Oh no. I was doing so well, blocking out all my old life. James. His name rings through my ears, reincarnating old memories long buried down into the darkest part of my brain. Em seems so nice, and so sincere. Why can’t I bring myself to talk to her? When I moved to London a year ago, when Dad got his new job, I was excited. Excited for a new sophisticated life with Dad, in our posh London townhouse. But an ache filled in side of me. I missed my house, a modest dormer in Lahinch. I missed the little surfing seaside village. I missed my friends, all of my class, our caring neighbours. I missed my school, it was local and only a walk down the road. I missed Ireland, and its green hills and grey waves. And most of all I missed James. I missed the way he laughed at everything, made light of anything. I missed the way his eyes would fill with concern when ever he saw me hurt or fearful. I missed his way of making everyone smile, especially me. He looked out for me when my mother passed away, he even covered up when I couldn’t bring myself to go to school. James was everyone’s friend. Except, to me, he was more.

I was about to delete the message when I heard someone call my name.

“Callie!” I turned around to see Louis Tomlinson looking up at me with biker sunglasses, from sitting under the shade of a neon green canopy.

“Hi Louis”

I joined him at the table, after which a waitress promptly came over and took my order.

“So, you’re my new therapist” Louis said, with a chuckle.

“No” I smiled. “I’m just an ear”

There was simply no other way to put it, Louis Tomlinson looked a wreck. He was thin and pale, and when he took off his shades I got see dark circles underlining his eyes. Something was indeed wrong.

“Louis, just please tell me something…” I took a deep breath. “You’re not…you know…doing…”

God, this was hard. I was normally good at going straight to the point, cutting all the corners. But ever since I got to Fiji I’ve become more…careful? Thankfully, Louis got the point.

“No” He said, smiling a little. “I’m not on drugs”

I left out a sigh of relief. I may not have known these lads long, but I didn’t want to see one of them being shipped off to rehab.

“Then what is it, Louis?” I pressed on. “The others are seriously worried”

He glanced down quickly at his hands beneath the table. This was obviously something of a hard topic for him.

“Oh my god” I said, recognising the look in his eyes as one I had myself. “You’re in love”

Louis’ eyes widened, obviously not expecting me to make this accurate assumption.

“I guess I am”

I waited patiently, not wanting to back him into a corner.

“Or I was” He added quietly. The waitress brought our drinks to our table and winked at Louis. Her accent gave way she was British, so she obviously knew who he was. But Louis didn’t even glance at her, even though she was making a very good attempt at drawing his attention.

“Something happened?” I said, well known for stating the obvious.

“No, that’s the problem”

I decided not to persist more; the poor fellow already looked like he was going to cry. Anyway, we had gotten somewhere. *********************************************************************


“He’s in love?” Niall asked exasperatedly.

“Pathetic” Harry spat, in a disgusted tone.

“Poor lad”

As usual, Zayn said nothing.

“He has that look of being in love” I explained. “How do you know what that looks like?” I stared at the boy who spoke, or should I say never spoke, surprised that it wasn’t out of Harry’s cheeky mouth.

“I’ve seen it before” I explained, blushing at the fact Zayn thought I had experienced love first hand myself. “On my father’s face…”

“Do you know who she is?” Liam asked.

“No” I said firmly. “I’m hoping he’ll come to me with the rest”

Niall shook his head.

“Louis hasn’t spoken a word before now, why would he suddenly want to talk about it?”

“He’s got over the worst part now, he’s told me the problem, now he just has to confide the details” I paused to think about this. “But because he wants to, not because he has to”

The five of us were all lounging on sun-beds by one of the outdoor pools. Louis chose to spend the day in his room, which made it easier for me to report the latest finding to the boys.

“Do you want me to put sun-screen on your back?” Harry asked innocently. Liam groaned and Niall laughed. But the reaction that interested me was Zayn’s, who was looking a bit miffed at the idea. Or did he look like he didn’t care. Uh, why was this boy so hard to read?

“No” I said, distractedly. What was Zayn’s problem? Why was he being so…cold with me? I glanced in time to see Harry’s face fall into a hurt expression.

“Er, I’m…uh…going to get a smoothie”

He slumped off to the smoothie bar, leaving me with a small ripple of guilt inside me.

“You know you don’t have to love him, why don’t ye just be friends?” Niall suggested.

“Just be normal to him” Liam said, waving at Harry sitting at a high stool by the smoothie bar.

I was about to explain that I really didn’t have a problem with Harry, but it didn’t matter. No one would get that it wasn’t Harry that was the problem, but his brooding band-mate. “I’ll go talk to him”

The smoothie bar was nearly empty, except for a European couple in the corner who obviously have never heard of PDA overload. Avicii’s Levels was playing over the sound system, and Harry was tapping his spotless converse to the beat as he waited for the drinks to be served.



There was an awkward silence before I started humming along to the song, singing at the vocal bits.

Oh, oh, sometimes…I get a good feeling…yeah”

Harry couldn’t stay silent for long, he burst into laughter at the sound of my tone deaf voice. “Oh my god, is that your real voice?” A comment like that would have offended me a couple of years ago, but I fully understood I couldn’t sing a note now.

Oh, oh, sometimes…I get a good feeling…yeah. I get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before”

Soon enough we were doing crazy dance moves and belting out to Levels, making the European couple stop trying to eat each other and laugh at our teenage silliness. The waitress raised her eyebrows at us, but turned up the music a little louder anyway.

Harry grabbed my hand and twirled me into his arms. He smelt nice, like peppermint and Hugo Boss aftershave. He smiled down at me. It struck me for the second time what an amazing smile he had. It just brimmed with cheerfulness and warmth. A nice change from Zayn’s moody smoulder. He leaned into kiss me, when I broke free from his grasp and ran out of the bar, beckoning for him to come chase me. I ran to the pool area we had just left, just glancing behind me to make sure Harry was still there, laughing as his hair flew manically in the wind. He caught me just as we reached the boys, wrapping his arms around me. This was bliss. This gorgeous boy who actually seemed to like me was dazzling me with his bright smile underneath the glowing Fijian sun. I looked up, expecting everyone to be as happy as we were. But glaring back at us was three very different expressions. Liam looked uncomfortable, his eyes darting between us and the pool and us again. Zayn looked disappointed. I don’t know why he was, or which of us with, but he had a look of discontent on his tanned face. But Niall’s look was the one that thwarted my thoughts the most. It was one of irritation and warning, cautioning Harry off me. But when I looked at Niall Horan’s disapproving expression, all I saw was the familiar face of James. And I did what comes naturally to someone when they think they’re going to cry. I shrugged out of Harry’s comforting embrace, and ran as fast as I could to our beach house, where I finally stopped at the porch to grab the deck chair’s armrest, and dissolve into tears. Memories too painful to think of resurfaced, memories of my old life. My friends, my home, my mother, James. I missed all of them to the extent it was unbearable. Here I was, on the sandy beach of Fiji, under the golden rays blessing my skin with a bronze tan, with five gorgeous boys who just happened to be One Direction. And all I wanted was to be at home, in the west of Ireland, in my old house, with my old friends, looking forward to September, where I would return to my old school. With Em. With Lisa and Kellie. With James. I knew there would be a day when the barrier came crashing down, my protective guard would falter. I just didn’t expect rock bottom to be so hard. I should have confronted my problems head on, faced my Dad and explained my situation. I should have done this back when he married Vivienne too, told him it was too soon. Why do I keep making the same mistakes?       

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