Gotta Be You

Callie is a normal fifteen year old, who like many dream of meeting British/Irish boyband sensation One Direction. But when her clueless father and evil step-mother force her to come on a 'bonding' holiday in the sunny island of Fiji, Callie gets caught up in a whirlwind of excitement when she learns that the 5 members of 1D are staying in her resort. As she experiences romance, friendship, betrayal and facing the past, Callie learns that sometimes it doesn't just take One Thing to have the best summer ever, but maybe five...


12. More Than This

My head ached when I woke up that morning, but I didn't understand why immediately. Then it all came flooding in. Paparazzi showing up, Harry abandoning me, Finding out Harry was cheating with that awful waitress. I groaned. I would have to face it all today. Just the thought of facing Harry made me angry. Angry... Just angry. Maybe annoyed, irritated, miffed. From all the cheesy rom-coms I've seen, the emotion 'depressed' or 'suicidal' should be in there. 'Sad' even. But I wasn't. If anything else was present, it was relief. I was relieved that this charade or game we were playing was over. I was angry at the way it had ended, though. Then I touched my lips. Zayn. Pool. Kiss. My heart fluttered and stomach did a flip. It was like a traveling circus had pitched a tent in my stomach. Trapeze artists were somersaulting over my lungs. Elephants were stomping around my intestine. Horse pranced in my liver. Oh my god. That is, by far, the cheesiest, most grotesque metaphor for love I have ever heard. Just delete that from your minds, please. We won't ever mention that again. Just shudder, and move on. I am truly sorry.
I jumped into the shower and washed my hair thoroughly. I pulled a fresh t-shirt over my head and put on my frayed denim shirts. I felt more ready now. I was about to go downstairs when I saw Ellie's LBD hanging limply on the dresser. I had also worn out her expensive black heels, and I hadn't a clue where the clutch was. After all she had done to help me, both the makeover (which was a waste in the end) and getting me away unnoticed last night, I had gone and wrecked/lost her outfit. Uh. I picked the them up and stuffed them into my tote. No point being careful now. I'd drop them off to Ellie's after I met the boys, which I was planning to get over with bright and early. I clambered downstairs. Vivienne and Dad were having breakfast at the table.
"Hi Cal, you want food?"
"Nah, I'll head out. Stuff I need to do"
"Okay, me and Viv are going checking out the spa. Must get shots of it's best angles!"
I instantly felt guilty. I had been so caught up in everything going on with my life, I had completely forgotten the whole reason we were hear in the first place.
"How is that going?" I asked, peeling back a banana.
"Great! I got really nice snaps of the beach at sunset, and you should see the ones of the pier!"
"Pier?" I asked, wondering why I hadn't seen such a thing.
"Oh Callie, there is the most gorgeous pier further down the beach. You should check it out!"
"Thanks Vivienne, I will" I smiled. We were getting along okay these days.
I waved goodbye and headed out the door. Sooner this was done, the better. I jogged across the beach to the resort. There was a crowd of hungry reporters hanging around the square, some waiting outside the apartment block. How was I going to get in? I certainly didn't want to go back into that chaos, I was still dizzy from yesternight. Isn't 'yesternight' the most romantic name for a time of day you've ever heard? Sorry, that was out of context. I shuffled around to the back of the restaurant, where I spotted a back door to the apartment block. I buzzed their room and Liam answered.
"Buzz me up or I will throw rocks through the window"
I waited and nothing happened so I hurled my Vaseline tube at the window. It wouldn't break a sheet of paper (which I realize is probably a really stupid example, how do you break paper with Vaseline?) but I gave the lads the jolt they needed. I heard a buzz and I flew to the door, opened it and dashed to the elevator. More Than This played over the speaker. I was starting to think they actually had the elevator music tailored to the boys. Ding! Floor 9, I was there.
"Just heat up the pizza from last night, Niall!" Liam yelled over his shoulder as he opened the door. "Oh! Callie"
The boys were messing and shouting in the background, but now they went silent.
"Where is he?" I asked fiercely. The anger had returned.
"Look, this isn't really a good..." I pushed past him and into the apartment. The boys were all half naked, with only boxers to preserve their dignity. I held my hand over my eyes. They all laughed.
I peered between my fingers to see Harry, standing in a dressing gown eating leftover pizza.
"Callie" He said, guilt all over his face.
"Look, Harry. I'm not here to lecture you, or win you back. You're an eejet, but that's not really a surprise because I knew that since the start. You don't even like the girls you date, probably because they're actually younger than your mother this time round"
Liam 'oohed' and Niall went 'burn!'.
"You just go out with them because you like the feeling of being worshipped. Which Rhiannon probably gave you, unlike me who couldn't give a rat's ass if you were in superstar heartthrob or a hobo" I lowered my voice a bit. "Actually, if you were a hobo I'd probably avoid eye contact with you and if you tried to hug me, I'd scream and/or pee. But that's beside the point"
The lads were laughing now (except Zayn) which just made me more annoyed. Harry was grinning, the little-
"I think the only reason you kept me in the picture because you didn't have the guts to get rid of me. To be honest, I never liked you. No, I did, still do. But not as a boyfriend. I already liked someone else-"
I stopped myself too late. The boys were all gazing curiously at me. I was avoiding Zayn's eye. After the kiss last night he said he had to go and rushed off. Which was more than a little confusing for moi.
"Who do you like, Cal?"
"Callie's got a boyfriend!"
I laughed at the ridiculous way my rant ended.
"I'm sorry" Harry said, still smiling. But he seemed genuine. 
"Good" I said, smiling back. That was one thing cleared up anyway. They say it's therapeutic to talk about your feelings in a civil manner, I say just have a go at the person.
"Wanna play some table tennis?" Niall asked, throwing the ping pong batten in the air and failing to catch it. 
"No thanks, I need to go deliver these to a friend" I said, holding up the bag. 
"About the dress, You may not want to check the Internet for a couple of months"
I narrowed my eyes at Niall.
He gulped at my crazed expression.
"Well done, Horan! Props for subtlety!" Liam said, rolling his eyes.
"Show me"
They exchanged a glance.
"Lou, will you show her?"
Louis looked slightly better than he did the last time I had seen him. He looked happier in himself. He smiled at me and led me to the laptop. He googles 'Harry Styles' and all the top searches had my picture attached. Needless to say it was not my most flattering angle. Why didn't this occur to me? Of course the press would have a field day, Harry Styles' new squeeze flashes paparazzi.
"I feel like such an idiot" I groaned. Louis and Liam looked at me sympathetically. Niall peered at the image.
"You know, I don't think it's that bad"
I grimaced.
"No, he's right" Zayn put in unexpectedly. "You can't see your face because of your hair"
Thank you, volume.
I glanced at him. He looked away. I waited to see if he'd say anything. Nothing. I hate men.
"It'll have blown over by the time you go back to school" Liam said, typing something else into google. We all peered over his shoulder to look. A million searches popped up. 'One Direction: Secret Island Getaway Revealed!' 'Fiji: 1D, Sand and Sea'  
'One Direction Go To Fiji!'
"Stop!" I said quickly. "Click that one" 
"It's just some Irish magazine's website" One Direction Go To Fiji!
Our source can exclusively reveal that the 1D boys are staying at the amazing resort of Los Paradise de Fiji, holiday destination to the most elite socialites and celebrities. Carlos Santini, Manager, pleads with devoted fans and paparazzi to give the boys their privacy. But our source says that the boys have already been seen canoodling with a mystery girl, who reportedly has been seen with both cheeky Harry Styles, brooding Zayn Malik and even Louis Tomlinson! Will she go on to conquer Niall and Liam too? Watch out boys! Heres some pics of the boys holiday moments! - Alissa Dunne, Editor And Chief

We all stared at each other.
"Canoodling?" Me and Niall said together, me in disbelief and Niall in a mock suggestive tone. 
"I bet you anything that this 'source' is the same person who tipped off the paparazzi that we were here"
I nodded, agreeing. Liam was right. But how were we supposed to figure out who the spy was?
"Did you guys talk to anyone odd? Anyone who looked a bit funny?"
Nobody said anything. No one knew who they had talked to, no one had been on their guard.
"I guess that pool cleaner was staring at me a little weird..."
"There was that one couple in the restaurant who seemed really interested in what I was ordering"
"Enough" Liam said firmly. "It could have been anyone, of course people were going to talk"
Then, when things just seemed to be calming down, we heard a shriek.
"I am going to kill!" Erica screamed, barging into the penthouse and slamming a magazine down on the table.
"Woah, Erica. Calm down..."
"I will not calm down, Horan! Have you seen these??!" 
Liam picked up the magazine and his face fell. I peered over his shoulder. There were pictures. Personal ones. The boys in their penthouse. The boys in their rooms. The boys at the bar. The boys at the pool. Some looked like they had been taken paparazzi style, from far away zoomed in on their windows. But the others were more up close. Shots of them on the beach laughing. Niall with ice-cream down his face. Zayn with his earphones in. It was creepy, almost like the person had been right there with them the whole time. Like they had been part of the moment themselves. Liam flicked to the next page, and we all gasped in shock. It was the picture of the five of them, sitting around a bonfire, singing a song. Stole My Heart. Oh my god. They were my pictures.
All five boys were staring at me, shocked. Niall looked confused, trying to understand the situation. Liam and Louis glared at me, furious at their trust being betrayed. Harry's face, for once, was expressionless. Zayn just looked at me. Erica was still fuming, although unaware of the revelation that just hit the others.
"Er, didn't I ban you from seeing my boys?" She asked, only just realizing I was there.
"I didn't do this" I said firmly. I had to look past the shock of what I just saw and be strong. They had to see I didn't have anything to do with it. 
"The pictures... The Irish website... You're the source aren't you? I thought you'd be more than this"
I stared Liam straight in the eyes.
"I don't know how my pictures got-"
"Your pictures?" Erica shrieked, her eyes red with fury. "You little-"
"Hold on now" Niall said, surprisingly calm. "Don't jump to conclusions. I've known Callie for a while now and I seriously don't think she'd do this"
"Ya" I said desperately. "I'm really thick, I wouldn't know how to do all that!"
Liam and Louis still looked disgusted with me. Harry looked like he was trying to decide his opinion on it all.
"Get out!" Erica snarled. "Before I sue you and your father back to that little shack you came from in Scotland"
I looked at the boys for guidance. Niall smiled, reassuring me he was on my side. Liam and Louis both were still looking at me like I was a piece of dirt. Harry looked indecisive. But Zayn. Zayn grabbed my arm and brought me to the door. 
"We all thought you were better than that" he said, not looking at me straight in the eye. Before slamming the door in my face, he leaned in and whispered something in my ear. 
"Find your camera"
I nodded, and he shut it with a bang. I would have to do some serious detective work. Someone got their hands on my camera and sold them to the press. Chances are they gave One Direction's location away too. I would have to interview suspects, find the criminal and prove my innocence to One Direction. Oh my god, Sherlock Holmes so suits me. Trés Nancy Drew. Surely the boys will have to make a song about this...
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