Gotta Be You

Callie is a normal fifteen year old, who like many dream of meeting British/Irish boyband sensation One Direction. But when her clueless father and evil step-mother force her to come on a 'bonding' holiday in the sunny island of Fiji, Callie gets caught up in a whirlwind of excitement when she learns that the 5 members of 1D are staying in her resort. As she experiences romance, friendship, betrayal and facing the past, Callie learns that sometimes it doesn't just take One Thing to have the best summer ever, but maybe five...


15. Isn't She Lovely?

"I don't get it, what has Louis got to do with all of this?"
Zayn stared at the screen, looking as confused as I felt.
"I don't know" He answered truthfully, scrolling down again. The websites were all surround Louis, some as personal as 'Louis Tomlinson's Heartbreak' to something as useless as 'Louis's Obsession with Stripes!'.
"Wait" I pointed to one, which wasn't about Louis. 'Zayn: "We're Not Too Clean-Cut"' was the title. The one below that read: 'Zayn: "I treat girls right"'
Zayn breathed in, glancing at me for my reaction.
"So, this person has an obsession with Louis, and a personal liking for you. Doesn't really help though does it?"
Zayn shook his head. Although, I couldn't figure out if he was saying: You're right, it doesn't help or he was disagreeing with me, it does help.
"I've gotta talk to Louis" He said, getting up from the seat abruptly. "I'll, er, call you later"
"You don't have my number" I said quietly, but he was already gone. I was yet again abandoned by a member of One Direction.
I popped a two euro coin in the machine beside the computer, and it made a 'ping'. Great, ten minutes searching time. I looked up and a picture of the school came up. The school wasn't particularly spectacular, it was just an old Georgian house used for both teaching classes and housing boarders. With its rocky, in the middle of nowhere scenery and its proximity to the sea, it was all kinds of beautiful to me. I logged on to the school chat page, where there was a picture of the latest school sports day. I scanned the comments below the picture.
Saoirse234: Look at the state of me, I look like I've just swallowed a fish!
DanTheMan9: You look gorge Saoirse :p
Kells12: Ooh, Dan 4 Saoirse maybe?? :/
LisaButler2: How about Em and James, power couple much?

I froze. Em? She must mean Emily. And James? Like, my James? I shuddered. Em wouldn't do that to me of course. I was just being paranoid. They must mean Emma Burke in 5th year... But no. Wasn't Em all weird when I asked her about that boy in her room? I could've swore that was that familiar care-free voice I recognised. Oh my god.
I reached into my pocket for my mobile. I punched in Em's number, you knew I wasn't playing when I didn't go to contacts.
"Hi Cal!"
"Are you going out with James?"
There was a silence.
"No, the weather is bad. How about Fiji?"
"You know what I said Emily!"
I could hear her taking deep breaths on the other side of the phone.
"You wouldn't answer my calls or texts or anything. How could I have told you?"
"That's not an excuse. What about James?"
"You completely blocked him out!"
It hurt. It hurt to know that my best friend couldn't tell me something like this. I was also angry. What was she playing at? Surely there's some girl code about these things? Like a claim to the person?
"So, when the three of us would play when we were younger, you too were actually secretly dating?"
"Don't be ridiculous" She said, sounding exasperated.
"I can't believe this" I hung up. My two best friends, one who I hadn't seen in so long it killed me, we're actually in their own little club. I felt excluded.
I decided to clear my head, so I went for a walk along the shore. I had this little game when I was younger, that I would count the things I was lucky for. Well, firstly there's Dad. And Vivienne, maybe. I was lucky to have a home, where I would be returning to soon hopefully. I was lucky for my friends, even if Em had just completely and utterly betrayed me. I had James, even if I couldn't get over what they'd done. It was like they'd moved on without even giving me a second thought. I was lucky for Zayn and Niall and Harry and Louis and Liam. I think.
I reached the beach house soon, feeling a lot better. I went to the fridge, felt disappointed with its contents, and went to sit on the beach with an orange.
I sighed. How did so much drama unfold on this no-stress holiday? I secretly cursed the person who did this, let the paparazzi know. And their intentions didn't even make sense. Get me and Harry bombarded by paparazzi, what did that help? I shook my head. It just didn't make any sense...
Oh my god.
He was nearly ill he was so lovesick. He wasn't himself since Sydney. He was distant and cold and looked like he always wanted to be somewhere else, with someone else.
She needed a job desperately, even though it was blatantly obvious she was rich. Maybe the job wasn't for money, but a position. She needed to get closer to something, or someone. She helped me, but not out of the good of her heart. She helped me to find out the details of the date. She wanted a commotion, not money, because she need to get past people to see him. To see Louis.
I dashed across the beach, sand flying everywhere at the speed of my sprint. I raced across the square, past the pools and straight past a pack of bored looking paparazzi.
"Who is that?" Someone called out, noticing this flash of white and denim.
"Gotham's reckoning" I yelled back, knowing this would baffle them long enough for me to get to Ellie's unnoticed. I had to confront her about everything I had put together. I was amazing, I should have my own movie. They shall call me One-Di Woman, protector of the innocent and friend to all. They could cast Christian Bale as my buff assistant, who happens to fall madly in love with me. Watch the space...
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