Gotta Be You

Callie is a normal fifteen year old, who like many dream of meeting British/Irish boyband sensation One Direction. But when her clueless father and evil step-mother force her to come on a 'bonding' holiday in the sunny island of Fiji, Callie gets caught up in a whirlwind of excitement when she learns that the 5 members of 1D are staying in her resort. As she experiences romance, friendship, betrayal and facing the past, Callie learns that sometimes it doesn't just take One Thing to have the best summer ever, but maybe five...


2. Everything About You


Flight SH1D departing

The woman’s monotone voice rang through the loudspeaker. I glanced across at Dad, who was frowning down at his wallet.

“Vivienne, you don’t happen to have the passports… do you?”

Vivienne sighed, but held up three passport cases, one a practical brown leather, one a Calvin Klein, and one pink with the silver letters ‘Callie’ labelled across it. Dad had been especially nice to me recently, bribing me with gifts for the holiday. Shortly after we had our little talk, he revealed that he would be doing more work than he thought, as Henry (Dad’s boss) gave him another assignment to work on in Fiji. So that meant Vivienne and me would be spending more time then I thought.

“Come on Cal, we better head to boarding” Dad grabbed Vivienne’s Burberry suitcase as well as his own. I rolled my eyes at the size of it. I love clothes as much as the next girl, but did she stuff her whole wardrobe in that thing? Vivienne was holding a matching carry-on with one arm, holding her coffee with that hand and typing on her BlackBerry with the other.

I dragged my big purple suitcase across the airport floor. I was distracted by a bunch of screaming teenage girl when I heard a yelp.

“God Callie, are you frickin’ trying to kill me?” Vivienne exclaimed, frantically dabbing at the brown stain spreading across her white linen trousers.

“Oh sorry” I said instinctively, as you do when someone is yelling at you.

Apparently I rolled my suitcase over Vivienne’s foot, causing her to spill her Starbucks on her ‘best holiday linens’.

“Are you alright, Vivienne?” Dad said, with a concerned expression on his face.

“Yes Daniel, I’m perfectly delightful!” She replied sarcastically, flashing him a steely glare.

“Get Vivienne some more napkins, Callie”

I quickly ran to the nearest coffee shop, jumping at the chance to get away from the situation. I assumed the girl behind the counter would make me buy something to take the napkins but she seemed distracted by something else going in the far side of the airport. I heard more screams and saw flashes of cameras, and I was tempted to go check it out, but I could hear Vivienne’s impatient wails.

“Here! Here!” I said, racing back to the scene. I handed her the white paper towels, as she rubbed her pants roughly. I may not be a genius in the art of stain removal, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the wisest idea to keep attacking the problem until it sinks even more into the fabric.

Last chance to board for flight SH1D

Fortunately, Vivienne soon decided to give up on her khakis and we scampered for the boarding area. Aside from the silent treatment from Vivienne (which was more of an advantage than a disadvantage), the flight went smoothly and I kept myself entertained by listening to my iPod. Dad was deeply engrossed in his newspaper and Vivienne was reading a Nicholas Sparks novel on her kindle, so I had no one but my apple product for company.

Its Everything About You-You-You

Everything That You Do-Do-Do

From The Way That We Touch Baby

To The Way That You Kiss On Me”

I must have had One Direction playing pretty loudly out through my earphones because I felt a prodding at the back of my seat.

“What?” I said, feeling irritated at such rude interruption into my sacred tune time.

A boy with a mop of curly brown hair was grinning cheekily at me.

“Do you like that song?” He asked cheerily.

The boy next to him nodded solemnly at me, polite enough to acknowledge my presence but reserved enough to continue listening to his own iPod.

“Its good, one of the best tracks on the album”

I didn’t really know why I was making conversation around a boy band he most likely wasn’t interested in at all.

“What do you think of the album?” I shrugged.

“Its not Beethoven or anything…” He raised his eyebrows.

“Out of ten?”

I mulled it over in my head. Catchy tunes, every song has a different melody, lyrics that make you smile, beat that makes you want to jump around…

“Eight and a half” I said, decidedly. Another boy across from him laughed.

“Fair enough”

I stared at him. The accent was Irish, much like mine and Dad’s. I grew up in Clare, and we moved to London about a year ago for Dad's work.

“What time are we landing?” The boy next to the Irish one asked his friends.

“At six” I replied instantly. He looked at me surprisingly.

“I didn’t know they allowed fans on this flight?”

I looked around.

“Er, I’m pretty sure they don’t. Its air-conditioned anyway”

He laughed uncertainly. Weird.

“Has anyone seen my striped t-shirt?” Another boy said.

“No” The cute curly haired guy said.

“Which one? You have like fifty of them"

Then I noticed something a bit weird about them. Curly haired one with a cheeky smile on his face, Irish one with speckled blonde hair, Justin Bieber look-a-like one who seemed pretty quiet, smoldering dark haired one and a brown haired smiley one.

"Oh my god, you're One Direction"

They all stared at me.

"You only realized that now?" The blonde one, who I now understood was Niall, said.

"I did wonder why she wasn't trying to jump Zayn or get a photo with Harry..."

I stared at each one of them.

"You're all just so..." I tried to find the right word to not cause offense. "...normal" 

This was obviously not the word the boys were expecting as they all looked at me with bewildered expressions.

"Sorry" I mumbled.

"Don't be" Liam said quickly, half-smiling.

"You seem pretty cool" Harry said, flashing a flirty grin. "Whats your name?" "Callie Kendall"

"Cool name" Louis observed.

The only one who didn't say anything was Zayn, who just sat there with a surprised look on his face.

"So, Callie K, what are you doing on our private plane?"

I looked around the plane, suddenly realizing that there weren't much people on it. Just a couple of very business-like people with BlackBerrys and laptops on their knees.

"I don't know, why am I?"

Dad didn't say anything about a private plane.

"Beats me, but I don't mind if you don't" Harry said flirtatiously. Any normal teenage girl would have blushed, or said something clever back, but not me.

"Shut up Harry" I said, immediately looking over cautiously at my father.

Harry looked shocked, but the others smiled.

"Not every girl is going to fall for you, Harry"

Harry must have found this distressing news because he shook his head and quickly stuck his earphones in his ears and turned on his iPod.

"Poor Harry, he's not used to that" Niall looked across at me. "Are you going on holidays?" I nodded.

"We're staying in a resort my father is designing a website for"

"Cool" Liam said. 

"So, what is Britain's hottest boyband doing on a flight to Fiji?"

"They're having a holiday, dear, so it would be great if you could give the boys some relaxation time!"

A very well kept woman in a tight pencil skirt and a white chiffon shirt was smiling down on me. She reminded me a lot of Vivienne, which instantly made me dislike her. But I knew that wasn't fair so I decided to keep my opinion undecided until I got to know her better.

"Now, turn back to your seat and stop distracting my boys from their main focus"


"Come on, shoo shoo!" 30%.

"Don't talk to unnecessary people boys, this trip is supposed to be a complete break. No distractions and no nuisances. You all have to be fit and ready to make your second album next month!"

0%. Good, now I can officially dislike this woman.

"Look Lady, I'm not a nuisance or a distraction. I'm also not a fly, so don't shoo me"

She looked flabbergasted. 

"Excuse me?"

"I don't mean to be rude, I'm just naturally bitter"

Her eyes widened but the boys just laughed.

"I might need to have a word with your father, I was very clear that there was to be no nuisances"

"My father?"

"Didn't he tell you? Why do you think you're flying in a first class private jet? Why do you think you're staying in a five star luxury resort?" 


Erica sighed. 

"Your father is designing a website for Los Paradise de Fiji, correct?"

I nodded.

"Well, Henry Gray is an old work colleague of mine. He told me Danial was working on a web design for this resort in Fiji, and he described the setting of this 5 star luxury residence. I knew immediately this was the place for my clients to relax and mellow down before a hard year of releasing their next album. So, I made an offer to Henry that Danial and his family could use our private plane to go to Fiji, if Danial considered designing a website for One Direction, after I see his work on the resort's website of course" 

I tried to process all of this through my mind. Except, all that kept popping into it was ONE DIRECTION ARE SITTING BEHIND ME!

"So, you're all staying in the same resort as I am?" I asked eagerly.

"Hold your horses young lady, my boys are specifically going on this trip to relax and tone down before the hectic journey of making their second album. I won't allow any distractions or..."

"Nuisances, I got it"

She gritted her teeth (probably her attempt at a smile) and walked back to her seat further up the aisle.

"So, who's she?"

"Our manager, Erica" Louis said gloomily. "She's a pain"

"But she is one of the best in the business, and we're lucky to have her" Liam said faithfully.

"Anyway..." Harry began, taking out his earphones and joining in the conversation. "We're not going to leave her spoil our fun!"

"No" I said, as the plan began to descend. "We are most certainly not"

And I received five mischievous grins from the boys who I would spending my holiday with. I wonder what fun this trip would entail...  








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