What You Mean to Me

For the One Direction Competiton of two very different people Anna a young maid and Niall Horan.There good friends but as their relationship come close will they ever find that they love each other.


1. Seeing You


(Anna point of View

I ran to the coffee shop and sat down ordering a coffee. I had a day off work today. I sat slowly drinking my coffee when I heard someone call my name. I flip my bright red hair and blink my eyes. I turn my head to see Niall my best friend. He walks up to me and smiles.



"So How is your life Anna"Niall asks.

"Hard work always cleaning being a maid isn't fun how's your superstar life like” I ask.

"Same old same old"Niall repeats. I look at him. I was really happy for him that he had a easy sweet life. I really was I wasn't jealous by any chance it was because of me he became famous. I put his video on you tube and got him into a band.  Couldn’t tell him that I had just gotten fired and been harassed because if I did he would get worried. Niall is like the brother I never had.I knew him when we were in nursery and would do finger painting and in high school when he had the girlfriend trouble. Now I was delighted to see him.

"I heard you broke up with Caroline” I asked.

"Yes how did you know oh I bet it's in the magazines"Niall asked. I nodded my head. Caroline and Niall had been dating for 4 years and now they break up.

"So you broke up with Kyle"Niall asks.

"Yes he was overprotective over me so I break up with him and know he's stalking me asking me to marry him” I whisper.

"So you’re single now"Niall asked.

"Yes, But the famous Niall is famous all the girls are getting ready” I whisper turning my head to see the girls watching me and Niall.

"I better go, oh there's going to be gossip that were dating” I whispered.Niall looks at me and smiles.

"Your a brilliant friend you know and I love you for it"Niall replied standing up kissing me on the cheek and running off.

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