Random Poems

Just loads of random poems :D


3. BFF Poem


Me without you is like a sneaker without laces

a geek without braces



Me without you is like salt without pepper

steppin’ without a stepper


Me without you is like a microphone without a singer

a bee without a stinger

churchbells without a ringer


Me without you is like Old Dan without Little Ann

a wolf without its clan

a stove without a pan


Because Me and you are like Lilo and Stitch

Abercrombie and Fitch

mac and cheese

thank you and please

bees and honey

Easter and bunnies

sleeping and dreams

cookies and cream

scones and jam

green eggs and ham

PB & J


I'll never go away

no matter what you say

I'm here to stay


You and me are best friends forever

we'll always stick together

and never say never

forever and ever <3

**This isn't my poem!! I found it on a different website: all rights 2 the person who wrote this!**

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