Fame Isn't Worth It

Louise is happy to see one direction at her house.She finds each boy attractive and perfect.Is their lives as perfect as it seems and are they really nice as everyone seems.


1. Is Love in the Air


(Louise point of view)

I ran downstairs it was 8am why didn't they wake me yet. I looked and shrieked it was one direction in my house.

"And, This is my daughter Louise she loves you guys” my dad exclaimed.

"I can't believe one direction is at my house am i dreaming pinch me someone” I whispered. Suddenly I felt a pinch in my hand I shrieked and turned my head to see who had pinched me and gasped it was Zayn Malik.

"Ow,I didn't mean it you know jerk” I whispered.

"You look kind of sweet in your pyjamas but isn't hello kitty for babies"Zayn laughs.  I look at him he thing’s everyone would treat him like a celebrity and give him everything he wants.  I ran upstairs and dressed into a pencil skirt and a green top. I smiled at them.

"Hey I'm Harry” Harry whispers kissing my hand I start blushing and smile back at him he seems nice not like Zayn.

"Hi"I mumble tucking the brown strand of my hair.

"Hey I'm Liam and I think you’re beautiful” He whispers winking at me. Zayn looks at me like I'm a frog and turns away.

"Excuse me, Mr Zayn Malik but do you have a problem with me” I ask what he had against me.

"No, of course” He laughed.

"Well, If I were you I would wipe the smirk of your face” I shout back.

"Louise, that isn't the way you act to guests” my mum whispers.

"Well, he started it he's the one that hates me and all” I reply it wasn't fair just because they were one direction they have special treatment.

"Mrs Scott, it’s my fault don't blame Louise"Zayn replies.

"Hey, Louise do you want to go the cinema or anything” Liam asks.

"Sure” I reply placing my hand into Liam's and walking out.


(Zayn Point of View)

I watch as Louise walks out with Liam. I can't believe he just asked her out and she said yes. It isn't like I hate her or anything I was just acting all posh to see if she was like those other girl's who only like guys because they were famous. I thought she was beautiful her wild brown hair and those cute pyjamas. Louise parents walk to the kitchen.

"I think Zayn you shouldn't have acted like the pain in the butt you know” Harry whispers.





"Exactly, Louise is so gorgeous I wonder how she would look in bed"Niall jokes. I punch Niall in the face and watch him cough.




"I was joking and why are you getting all sweet I thought you hated her”Niall moans.



"I don’t” I reply to tell the truth I want to beat Niall for saying that about her.

"Zayn likes her and she likes Liam ooh"Louis laughs. I look at them and walk upstairs ignoring the comment


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