Message from Above

Ok, so basically I had my whole life planned out, husband, job, the lot. But someone had to go and screw it up (this drunken idiot in a taxi if you're interested) Now, I'm stuck in this place everyone calls "Above" and basically I haven't got a clue what's going on. But one thing I still know, I WILL find a way to contact my family and nail that son of a bitch that got me here.


1. Sitting on a cloud

Okay.....admittedly this is not ideal. I think I'm sitting on a cloud, which is really weird as I'm pretty sure you can't do that. Am I drunk? Don't be stupid Eva of course you're not drunk, you're just.....sitting on a cloud. Well that makes much more sense. Oh God, ok I'm actually a bit freaked out now, where the hell am I?? Think, think Eva, what happened before.......


"Eva, babe shall we get out of here? The music is shit and Jack never showed up. We could walk down the hill and get a takeout instead?"

"Yeah sure, let me just grab my bag."  I met Casper by the door and we left the party (it was only 11pm; we're not very hardcore party people) I raced him to the chippy on the corner and we got something to eat. I wanted to go somewhere quieter and Casper said he knew somewhere nice so he took my hand and led me across the road. I remember thinking I had lost my purse,

"Babe, you had it just now, outside the chip shop didn't you?"

"Oh crap hang on, let me run and get it. Won't be a sec, wait here."

I remember seeing him smile briefly (probably mocking how disorganised I am) and then I turned and dashed back across the road. I didn't know that was the last time I'd ever get to see that smile.


I remember. I remember running and seeing the taxi swerving all over the place. I think I paused to see what the hell he was playing at and then I remember his headlights turning on. I remember because they were so bright they startled me. I remember holding my hand up to shield my eyes from the glare and stumbling backwards. I remember hearing sirens and shouting and crying. Please tell me this isn't happening. Seriously. Dodgy cars, voices in my head, tons of clouds.....

Crap, I think I might be dead.



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