Head in the Clouds: Diary of a DayDreamer

This is just a general kind of diary. WARNING: If you are allergic to randomness, keep out of this movella.


11. Why?


There is a most pressing matter I wish to discuss with you. God, I sound like something out of Dickens, or Hardy, or Austen, or Bronte, or, or...

Sorry, I'm getting carried away. Anywho, I need to say something. For the last four chapters I've been leaving then returning, then levying then returning again, then leaving then returning, then leaving, again, until my whole life turns into a cycle of leave-and-return-againness. I don't know if I'm going to return, but whether I do or don't, allow the world to resume twittering, and being random, and strange, and taking over from the Directioners who once stole our land. We will fight them on the forums, we will fight them on the comments, and we will continue to write about all sorts of unnecessaries!

*All references to "We will fight them on the beaches'' are perfectly legal and should not be taken to court. If taking-to-court actions are made, bribery may be used to prevent court taking further steps.

From, the slightly deranged creep,

Imogen x

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