Head in the Clouds: Diary of a DayDreamer

This is just a general kind of diary. WARNING: If you are allergic to randomness, keep out of this movella.


1. So, umm...Hi?

Dear Diary,


Should I say 'Dear Diary'? It sounds so formal, like a letter. But, then I'd need an address. Let's see...



Movellas website,

My laptop,

My room,

My house


That just sounds silly. And do you want a name, Diary? How about Bob? I like that, let's stick with Bob. I'll start again  then.

Dear Bob,


This is my online diary-type-thing. A bit like 'My Life in Chapters' (Which if you haven't read please do - it's not that good but read it anyway, OR SUFFER.), only this is a bit more, well, random is really the only way to describe it. So, shall I be random?


Pencil case.

Ice cream tub.


Random enough? Well, it's weird, because all those things are on my desk. A penguin (pencil pot), my school pencil case, and a (sadly empty) ice cream tub. I was planning on using that tub as a base for little brother's birthday present. but I didn't for two fairly rubbish reasons. One, I couldn't find any PVA glue, and two, I'm too much of a procrastinator. Instead, I sat on this lovely website known as Movellas and ruined it with my atrocious writing. I'm doing that now, actually. 

I'll go then.

Well, at least today reminded me to clean my desk a bit.

Sorry you gained nothing from reading this.

Bye then.


Imogen x

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