Head in the Clouds: Diary of a DayDreamer

This is just a general kind of diary. WARNING: If you are allergic to randomness, keep out of this movella.


2. Feeling Guilty

N.B. All Harry Potter related comments are copyright to Joanne Rowling. I am not trying to steal that right off her, I swear!


Hey Bob, how's life?


I don't know why I write this like a letter, as if I'll get a reply. I just sit here, wasting my time, chatting to the number of people who read this that I collectively named Bob. Let's see, what's happened in my uneventful life since Tuesday....was it Tuesday I last wrote? Even if it wasn't it was now.

Oh yes, I received a letter from my (currently nameless) best friend, who I sadly had to move away from last year to the lovely county of [Insert name of lovely county here]. She told me about her exam results, as well as how is she getting put into her school house next year. See, the last school I was at had a pre-prep, prep, and seniors. We are all going into year eight now, so while I stay at prep school, that lot are leaving school house and joining separate houses (a bit like Harry Potter, I suppose).

So, house A (lets call it Gryffindor), contains all of her friends. And my friends, too. But since I'm not there anymore, that isn't particularly important. Then the house we shall call Hufflepuff, contains another one of her friends. Again, she is my friend too. The third house we now call Ravenclaw, has ANOTHER one of our friends in it. But the house she is in, Slytherin in this case, has all the people she DOESN'T like in it, and none of these people are my friends, since I've never met them. It also has her in it.

That, my good friend Bob, is why this entry is entitled 'Feeling Guilty' because if I had been there too, I could have gone into Slytherin with her, so she would have at least had one friend. You get why I'm upset now.

Sorry, was this too mature? Shall I make it silly?


There, silly enough?


Imogen x

P.S. The 'bum' thing from last entry, well, there isn't a bum on my desk. But my bum is on my chair, which is kind of on my desk, so...Oh, I give up.

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