Head in the Clouds: Diary of a DayDreamer

This is just a general kind of diary. WARNING: If you are allergic to randomness, keep out of this movella.


5. Breast Milk Ice Cream

Good day Mr. Bobbington, might I inquire for your health?


I like that one! I'm trying to find new ways to begin each entry here, and I think today's was pretty cool! I shan't continue to type like that, though. T'would be most extra ordinary! Shall I stop now? Okay, fine.

Anyway, about the breast milk ice cream thing. See, on the day we were leaving London to drive back home, we happened to pass through Old Covent Garden. There we found an ice cream shop, where one particular flavor was labeled 'Breast Milk'. HUMAN BREAST MILK! This worried me quite a lot, especially when I discovered it was a best seller. Who would eat that? Perverted pedophiles, probably. My father quickly said: "Whoops! I've got no cash I'll get some now and we'll come back." he nodded to the assistant.

We didn't go back into that shop.

Oh, and you know how I was talking about my brother's spherical fat sheep and so on? Well, there is a new addition. Mandeville, the Paralympic mascot. He is twice the size of Wenlock in this case, as well as having a peculiar hairstyle.

Got to go, then! Places to bomb, people to kill savagely and horribly, prank calls to make...wait, did I just say that?! Hehe...


Imogen x

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