Head in the Clouds: Diary of a DayDreamer

This is just a general kind of diary. WARNING: If you are allergic to randomness, keep out of this movella.


4. A Spherical Sheep

Yo Bobster, how's it hangin'?


For me, not particularly good. I just came back from watching the Olympics (women's artistic gymnastics - shame we came 6th), and am now looking forward to having my own bed. I have been sharing with my ten-year-old brother for three nights, who has an annoying habit of bringing FIVE soft toys to bed with him. I shall list them as follows:


+Anton du Baa- A spherical fat sheep with microscopic legs who has a habit of rolling around instead of walking, and constantly making references to his 'Blubber' and how it 'Protects him'. In fact, he is believed to have invented a new martial art known as 'Blubber-fu'. He is also a professional bowling ball.

+Mally- A grey Hamley's bear with brown features. He has an alter-ego known as 'Corney Collins' who hosts his own show, entitled: 'The Corney Collins Show'. His hobbies include Late-night clubbing, acting in his own soap opera and finding ways to cross the Lake of Doom.

+Blue- A blue spotty dog with scarily large ears, who recently went through a gender change, as 'He' was once believed to be a female, during 'his' days of children's television.

+PinkPaws- A pale blue bear with, as his name suggests, pink paws. His best friend is a blue transsexual spaniel, and they do everything together. 

+Wenlock-  The well known Olympic mascot, holds a secret life. He bowls in his spare time, using a trusty spherical fat sheep, who doubles up as a professional bowling ball.


Yes, that is the menagerie I have been forced to go to sleep with every night for the past four days. I shall bid Bobster fair well, but leave you with this thought:

Have you ever tried breast milk ice cream?


Imogen x


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