Dear Sofia

Arianna and Jared were high school sweethearts but as they were drifting apart the summer before their senior year, Jared broke up with Arianna. Then a year later as Ariana was packing up her things to go to college, she came across a diary she kept for her bestfriend, Sofia. She read the diary and remembered all the things that her and Jared had been through. Arianna remembered why she fell in love with Jared in the first place.


5. Jared

As I drove into the parking lot, I saw Caleb sitting on the hood of his car talking to some girl. I parked next to him and got out of my car. I walked up to Caleb. The girl shoulder length blonde hair and she was around 4'8ft. She looked like she was suposed to be going to middle school instead of college but she was still cute and even though Caleb probably is going to call dibs on her I'm still going to try and make my move. "Hey man." Caleb said as he climbed off the roof of his car. The girl turned around and started walking over to me to. "What took you so long?" He asked. Me and the girl were still staring at each other. "I woke up late."I said breaking the stare. The girl walked up closer to me and said. "Hi i'm Serena." She kept smiling at me. "Hi i'm Jared." Caleb looked back and forth from me and Serena as we looked at each other. "Yeah man, Serena's my roommate." Caleb said. I look at Caleb and smiled. I knew he would let me trade but I didn't want to mention anything while Serena was here. I grabbed my two suitcases from the trunk of my crappy car and Caleb, Serena and I started walking to the dorm building. There was lady sitting at a table. "Name?" She asked. "Jared Penner." I said. She handed me a clipboard with a piece of paper. "Make sure you fill the paper out and give it to the lady at the front desk when you pick up your schedule." She continued. I took a piece of paper and she handed me my room key. "Thank you." I said to her as I walked away. "I'll see you guys at the party tonight." Serena said walking away. Caleb said bye and waved to her. "Dude, Isn't she hot?" Caleb asked excited. I got to my room and opened the door. My roommate already set up all her stuff but she wasn't here. Her comforter was purple and had black floral on it. She has the same pillow I gave one my ex girlfriends freshamn year. "Hey man, Can we switch rooms?" I asked Caleb as he snooped around her stuff. "Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Serena is great and all but I know you guys really hit it off and I don't think I'm going to be able to get any work done if i'm with her." He said. He walked out the room and I followed him to his room. It was number 156. It was right down the hall from my room. We walked in. Some of Serena's things were unpacked but Caleb's suitcases were still zipped up. Caleb grabbed his suitcases as I put mine down. "Thanks man." I said to him as he walked out the door. "Anything for you,man" He said back. I started unpacking my suitcases and putting things away. I only brought clothes and sheets with me because me and Caleb are going to go to Target later and buy more school supplies. Serena walked in. "You guys switched rooms?" She asked as she sat on her bed. I put away my last shirt and said "Yeah, I hope you don't mind." She smiled and said. "Not at all."

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